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Shortly after Dr. Daniel A. Ariaso, Sr. assumed office as the 6th University President of CNU in August of 2023, a new set of administrative officials were designated. Dr. Alex Y. Tiempo, a professor from the Social Sciences Department became the new dean of CAS. A month later, the CNU Organizational Structure was revised under the new administration.
The university adopted the Revised Organizational Structure of 2023 as approved by Board Resolution No. 123, Series of 2023. As a result, three new colleges which were formerly from CAS were created:
1) College of Culture, Arts, and Sports (CCAS),
2) College of Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Science (CCAIS),
3) College of Law, Public Governance, and Safety (CLPGS). Following such reorganization, CAS ceased to exist and Dr. Tiempo was designated the first Dean of CCAS.


The integral development of the individual toward fullness as a human being in a physical, intellectual, scientific, social, emotional, cultural, moral, and spiritual universality.


The development of competence in the major fields of specialization for culture, arts and sports degree programs (BA) in

  1. English and Filipino through effective oral and written communication critical understanding and appreciation of how human beings give expression to their experiences in the world through literary theory, history, and criticism as well as creative and journalistic linguistic reporting.
  1. Social Sciences through objective investigation of general social, political, economic, psychological problems and issues confronting people and society analyses of culture, social change, history and the rise and fall of world civilizations
  1. Cultural Studies through appreciation and general understanding of Philippine cultural practices and artifacts as unique expressions of the Filipino’s past as well as his contacts with other societies in the world
  1. Sports Science through precision in kinesthetic expression, logical thinking, and problem solving computation and analytical competence

a. Major in Film Media
b. Major in Journalism
c. Major in Integrated Marketing Communication and Press Relations
d. Major in Media and Information Literacy Education
e. Major in Broadcast Journalism

CAS Faculty Designation for AY 2023-2024

Dr. Alex Y. Tiemp
Dean, CAS
Ms. Erma Janne S. Cayas
Chair, Department of Public Governance
Dr. Rowena A. Largo
Chair, Filipino Department
Dr. Niña Jen R. Canayong
Chair, Department of Languages and Literature
Dr. Opalyn Jill P. Reyes
Chair, Department of Communication and Media Studies
Dr. Jucel A. Jaluage
Chair, Kinesthetic Department
Mr. Genesis C. Dejan
Chair, Psychology Department
Ms. Clareziel D. Ladringan
Chair, Tourism Management Department
Mrs. Erced E. Urbano
Chair, Chemistry and Physics Department
Mrs. Joezen D.. Corrales
Chair, Biology Department
Dr. Edward M. Kiunisala
Chair, Mathematics Department
Dr. Randy E. Pederi
Chair, Social Science Department
Mrs. Bernadette U. Bigcas
Chair, Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling
Mrs. Ma. Divina D. Torrejos
Chair, Master of Library and Information Science
Dr. Jeson A. Bustamante
QA Chair, School of Arts & Focal Person for International Linkages
Mr. Seagal P. Asjali
QA Chair, School of Sciences
Mrs. Katherine A. Pacquiao & Mr. Jovanni F. Villacora
Extension Chair, School of Arts
Mrs. Mary Grace G. Villaflor
Extension Chair, School of Sciences
Dr. Mariae Khrisna B. Arreza
Research Chair, School of Arts
Mr. Jake Joshua C. Garces
Research Chair, School of Sciences
Mr. Gibson T. Maglasang
Laboratory Manager, Physics Laboratory
Mr. Landmark M. Estopa
Laboratory Manager, Chemistry Laboratory
Ms. Mylene P. Sadagnot
Laboratory Manager, Biology Laboratory
Mr. Ronald P. Alambra
Laboratory Manager, Mathematics Laboratory
Mrs. Flora Mae L. Rivera
Laboratory Manager, Computer Laboratory
Mrs. Evelyn T. Gimarino
Guidance Counselor
Dr. Jollibee A. Aharul
Focal Person for International Linkages


School of the Arts

  • BA Communication

    a. Broadcast Journalism
    b. Journalism
    c. Film Media
    d. Online Media
    e. Media and Information Literacy Education
    f. Integrated Marketing Communication & Press Relation

  • BA English-Language

  • BA Literature

  • BA Filipino

  • BA Political Science

  • BA Public Administration

School of the Sciences

  • BS Tourism Management

    a. Travel & Hospitality Management
    b. Sustainable Tourism Management

  • BS Biology

    a. Zoology
    b. Environmental Biology

  • BS Chemistry

  • BS Physics

  • BS Mathematics

  • BS Psychology

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Online Admission Requirements


Application period: November 8, 2023 – January 24, 2024 for AY 2024-2025

Please take note of the following:

  • An undergraduate applicant can take an admission/entrance test, only once whether in Main Campus or any External Campuses. Violation of such instruction is a forfeiture of all his/her admission/entrance test results.
  • Those who are outside Cebu may opt for online application.
  • Acceptance of applications is from Monday to Friday until 4:00 PM only. (except holidays)

Requirements for the Online Application and Testing for College Applicants

The applicant should prepare the following documents to be uploaded on the Google Form:

  1. Senior High School Report Card (Grade 12 – 1st quarter or 2nd quarter grading) or Certified true copy of it showing a GPA of 85, LRN, and Senior High Track and Strand (scanned or picture copy)
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character (scanned or picture copy)
  3. PSA issued Birth Certificate (scanned or picture copy)
  4. Scanned or picture copy of a valid Identification Card (front and back images)
  5. Accomplished College Applicant Profile Sheet (pdf downloadable form)
  6. Testing Admission Form/Slip

f.1) College of Arts and Sciences

f.2) College of Teacher Education

f.3) College of Nursing

  1. One (1) selfie close-up picture (recent and decent) for the College Online Testing Admission Form
  2. 2×2 colored picture with name and signature (scanned or picture copy)
  3. One active email address to prevent missed emails/information/instructions

Reminder: Only those with complete requirements will be accepted for evaluation

Click here to redirect to the google form links

For your guidance of the online application, please click this Online Process Flow



Senior High School Report Card or Certified true copy of it, showing a GPA of 85, LRN and Strand (Grade 12 – 1st quarter or 2nd quarter grading)

Certificate of Good Moral Character (Original)

Photocopy of PSA issued Birth Certificate (present Orig.)

3 pcs. 2×2 colored ID picture with name tag

1 pc long brown envelope with plastic cover (not applicable for CAS applicants)

1 pc long folder with plastic cover (not applicable for CAS applicants)

Reminder: Only those with complete requirements will be accepted for evaluation

For your guidance of the face-to-face application, please click this Face-to-Face Process Flow



Graduate Studies Admission Requirements

Application is on September 29, 2023 – November 24, 2023 for 2nd semester AY 2023-2024

Start of Class: January 2024

The applicant should prepare the following documents to be uploaded:
a. Graduate Studies Applicant Profile Sheet (from the College) (pdf downloadable form)
b. Scanned or Picture Copy of 2×2 colored picture with name and signature
c. Transcript of Records (scanned or picture copy)
d. GS Testing Admission Form with 2×2 colored picture with name and signature pasted/embedded on the form (pdf downloadable form)