CTE regroups extension projects

College of Teacher Education (CTE) regrouped the faculty members in their community extension projects combining both Integrated Laboratory School (ILS) and the college department focusing on the faculty’s area of specialization.

According to College Extension Chair Dr. Tizza Marie Navarro, CTE Dean Dr. Ethel Abao is innovating something this year to have one unified project in CTE called TEAMS which stands for Teacher Education Action Mentoring Sport.

The project would group together all CTE educators with the same competencies or specialization. There are 15 areas that were classified namely: Early Childhood Education; School-based Parenting Education; EnSciMa (English, Science, Math); Special Education; English; Math; Science; Social Studies; Technology and Livelihood Education; Physical Education; Information Communication Technology; Leadership, Supervision, and Management; Values; and Research and Evaluation.

The beneficiaries of the said community extension project will be from Barangay Nangka, Balamban where an existing Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has already been established.

CTE conducted a capacity building for teachers last Thursday, November 28, 2019 at the Teaching Arts Centrum (TAC) Auditorium in collaboration with the External Affairs and International Linkages (EAIL) Office to provide a common understanding about TEAMS among the extensionists from CTE thus enabling them to write a proposal in their assigned project based on their field of expertise.

“I was more than happy,” ILS Extension Chair Mrs. Rosita Lacea said as she shared her views with the regrouping.

“This would mean a strong force coming from the faculty – in the College and ILS. I can only see improved lives of our engaged partners where   the expertise is shared with a heart,” she said.

“This new undertaking is very laudable knowing that in unity there is strength,” she added.

Other existing community extension projects have culminated with the emergence of TEAMS. An impact study would also have to be conducted by teachers for monitoring purposes of the previous projects.

Navarro said that an in-house review of the proposals will be conducted in January next year. EAIL Office Director Naila Beltran would still have to submit the recommended projects to the President’s office for funding. (JDF)

CNU-ILS Intramurals 2019: Shaping Champions, Inspiring Changes

The glamorous golden dragon. The resilient red phoenix. The wild white stallion.

Mythical creatures have graced the premises to embody the three houses of the Cebu Normal University (CNU) Integrated Laboratory School (ILS) during the opening ceremony of the ILS Intramurals 2019.

Loud cheers filled the ILS stage this morning, as both elementary and high school students merged to uphold their respective houses in various contests meant to showcase their talents and competencies.

Dance Competition

Size was not a hindrance for the elementary students to unleash their sharp moves for the hip-hop category while high school’s pop jazz competition highlighted girl power as the all-girl contestants danced to upbeat music.

At the end of the intense showdown, the White Stallion (Elementary Level) champed the Hip-hop Dance Contest and the Red Phoenix (High School Level) bagged the trophy for the Pop Jazz Competition.

“The Hip-hop competition of the elementary level is intense, mora’g galisod mi kay maayo sila tanan pero nakakita mi og kinsa’y champion,” said Michelet Sagetarios, head judge for the Dance Competition in an interview with Ang Suga.

However, Chris Salazar Asignar, the other judge for the Dance Competition emphasized the importance of educating the students of the difference between the pop jazz and hip-hop dance steps to ensure a performance that is appropriate to the given genre.

For the elementary dance contest, Red Phoenix grabbed the second place, while Golden Dragon placed third. Meanwhile, for the high school pop jazz contest, Golden Dragon and White Stallion placed second and third, respectively.

Mr. and Ms. CNU-ILS 2019

Selected ILS Students pulled off an impressive show of wit and grace as they strut the runway wearing stylish sportswear to vie for the title.

White Stallion showed dominance as it snagged the crown for the elementary level of the pageant as Jon Romuel Montecillo (Grade 5) and Dayzie Mae Ponce (Grade 5) won Mr. and Ms. CNU-ILS Elementary 2019, respectively.

In addition, crowd favorite Jenny Reyn Menor (Grade 9) from Golden Dragons claimed the title as Ms. CNU-ILS High School 2019 with Ian Lawrence Flores (Grade 9) of White Stallion pairing her as the Mr. CNU-ILS High School 2019.

In an interview with Ang Suga, Menor shared her sentiments for sweeping all the minor awards and the crown for the high school division despite a sprained ankle saying, “I’m very happy and I’m very thankful to God for giving me these blessings.”

“Three houses”

To promote unity and fairness, ILS Coordinator on Sports and Scouting, Jem Cloyd Tanucan, described how this year’s ILS Intramurals 2019 was different from the previous years by integrating the students from different levels into three houses.

“It’s a response to innovation 4.0 or iCNU sab nato. Amo man sab makita nga kon kato atong i-follow sab na first year, second year, third year, fourth year, naa gyo’y bias in terms of physical development,” Tanucan explained.

The nursery, kindergarten, multi-grade, and grades one to three were exempted from the opening ceremony for safety reasons.


Major Awards Elementary Level (Male)

1st Runner Up – Evan Manuel Astrologo (Grade 5 White Stallion)

2nd Runner Up – Alexander Gabriel Cabbarubias (Grade 5 Red Phoenix)

Elementary Level (Female)

1st Runner up – Sofia Isabel Bacalso (Grade 5 Red Phoenix)

2nd Runner up – Janly Grace Demol (Grade 5 Red Phoenix)

High school Level (Male)

1st Runner Up – Charles Alvarez (Grade 10 Red Phoenix)

2nd Runner Up – Jomar Sunpayco (Grade 10 Golden Dragons)

High School Level (Female)

1st Runner up – Bea Mae Batarilan (Grade 9 Red Phoenix)

2nd Runner up – Megan Cabardo (Grade 9 Golden Dragons)


Mr. Photogenic Elementary Level Male – Seth Johan Santino Misa (Red Phoenix)

Ms. Photogenic Elementary Level Female – Dayzie Mae Ponce (Golden Dragons)

Mr. Photogenic High School Level Male – Lleyton Lantaca (Red Phoenix)

Ms. Photogenic High School Level Female – Jenny Reyn Menor (Golden Dragons)

Best in Production Number Elementary Level Male – Evan Manuel Astrologo (Golden Dragons)

Best in Production Number Elementary Level Female – Dayzie Mae Ponce (Golden Dragons)

Best in Production Number High School Level Male – Lleyton Lantaca (Red Phoenix)

Best in Production Number High School Level Female – Jenny Ren Menor (Golden Dragons)

Best in Sportswear Elementary Level Male – Evan Manuel Astrologo (Golden Dragons)

Best in Sportswear Elementary Level Female – Janly Grace Demol (Red Phoenix)

Best in Sportswear High School Level Male – Charles Alvarez (Red Phoenix)

Best in Sportswear High School Level Female – Jenny Reyn Menor (Golden Dragons)

Other Awards

Most Lively House – Golden Dragon

Most Colorful House –Golden Dragons

Most Disciplined House – Red Phoenix

Words by Claire Gelbolingo and Mika Filipino

Photos by Retlyn Ceballos


Golden years of public service

Gold ring awarded to CNU public servants who spent 35 to 40 years working in the University. / Photo by Kim Francis Rodriguez

Cebu Normal University (CNU) honored three of its public servants who spent 35 to 40 years of their lives in the University. Everyone has their own take in choosing the number of years in serving the Normalite community.

Diolito Cortes, Security Guard I / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

Diolito Cortes started working in CNU since 1983 and for 35 years (and counting) as a regular employee has still continued to serve after recovering from stroke in 2010. He started as a watchman and eventually became Security Guard I. Cortes is one of the gold ring awardees who were acknowledged by the CNU administration for their number of years in public service during the closing of Civil Service Commission (CSC) month on September 26, 2019.

Naningkamot gyud ko sa akong performance nga ang administrasyon makauyon (I have really taken good care of my job so that the administration will approve),” he said.

 “Dako ko’g pasalamat sa CNU – sa administration – nga ila kong gidawat (I am very much thankful to the CNU administration for accepting me),” he said after recuperating for four months. He said it was his ambition to work in the government in his lifetime.

Ayaw lang ko padagana (Just do not let me run),” he said after sharing he is having a hard time walking after his stroke, but he still gives the same service as before.

Cortes said he wants to end where he started as a reason why he has stayed for years working in the institution. He plans to serve as a lay minister in a church as a way of continually thanking God for his second life after he mandatorily retires five years from now when he reaches 65.

Eleazar Ledamo, Security Guard I / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

Eleazar Ledamo who also served the University for 35 years also started as a watchman in 1984 and rose to Security Guard I. He said that a lot of his significant life events happened since he got employed in CNU including the time he got a girlfriend, married, and had children.

Ledamo said his job as security personnel cannot be underestimated. He is proud that because of it he was able to buy a lot, build a home, and provide the needs of his family.

Bilang sa security makabuhi ko’g pamilya ug nakapalit ko’g gamay’ng luna (As a security, I have earned a living for my family and bought a small parcel of land),” he said.

Two of his children finished their college education in CNU and are now practicing professionals. He was also able to help his relative and a vendor finish school.

Atty. Dominiciana Bandala, Vice President for Administration and
Chief Administrative Officer – Administration / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

Atty. Dominiciana Bandala has served CNU for 40 years. She started in 1979 as an accountant. She said she used to be the youngest employee at that time at 22 years old. She is the first gold ring awardee after reaching 35 years of service during the last recognition of loyalty awardees in 2014. She has already received two gold rings.

She said that she looks back with gratitude whenever she encounters past presidents when they visit the University.

“I always look back to the people that had helped me where I am now,” she said.

She said she has considered working in government foreseeing retirement conditions and security of tenure in work. She also prefers school because of its lively atmosphere with students. She said she feels safe with its environment.

Bandala is currently teaching in the graduate school. She has also taught in college but has stopped in 2017 after assuming the role as Vice President for Administration.

“Ganahan gyud ko’g teaching (I love teaching),” she said.

She likes to impart knowledge, discipline, and motivate students to do well, she added.

All of the three current gold ring awardees have lived to see and serve the seven CNU presidents from Dr. Camilo Aliño until the present Dr. Filomena Dayagbil. (JDF)

Grateful students pay tribute to their awesome teachers

(Photo by Ang Suga)

Cebu Normal University (CNU) students paid tribute to all Normalite educators as the World Teachers’ Day is celebrated.

All teachers from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Teacher Education (CTE) and Integrated Laboratory School (ILS), and College of Nursing (CN) were gathered at the Samuel McClintock (SM) Hall on October 3 together with the Administrative Council and students. CNU Balamban and Medellin students also showed appreciation to their teachers as they celebrated Teachers’ Day at their respective campuses.

The event was spearheaded by CNU Supreme Student Council (SSC) with the other mandated student organizations, namely Council of Liberal Arts and Sciences Students (CLASS), Educators’ Council (EC), and Nightingale Student Council (NSC). Student representatives from different organizations performed songs and dances to delight all educators. A series of performances came from Pop Jazz Dance Company, NSC, ILS, CLASS and EC, and the CNU Chorale.

Dr. Filomina Dayagbil, SUC President III gives her message to all the teachers present in celebration for the World Teachers’ Day. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

Dr. Filomena Dayagbil, CNU President, acknowledged the teachers and other stakeholders, and thanked the SSC and the rest of the student organizations who made the event possible with their love and affection. She shared that Teachers’ Day is one of her favorite celebrations in school because “it puts premium on the importance of educators and faculty members in the delivery of quality service in the University.”

Dayagbil said that the learner is the center of education process, but the teacher makes the learner. She said, “The teacher builds or breaks the future of our learners.” She mentioned that it is her long term dream and aspiration to have a pool of faculty members who nurture learners and bring out the best in them. Dayagbil then gave emphasis on teachers’ character and competence to do it.

She then announced that the National Budget Circular (NBC) No. 461 has been approved and endorsed by the CNU Board of Regents. She said that approval of the board shows how supportive they are of the different ranks that the teachers have gained through perseverance, effort, and hard work. The documents will still be submitted to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and Civil Service Commission (CSC) for evaluation.

“For me, that’s the best announcement and gift that I could give to all of us on Teachers’ Day as far as our efforts are concerned,” she said.

CNU Pop Jazz Dance Company is dancing through the theme of Mental Health Awareness. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy
Nightingale Student Council Officers are holding pictures of their professors as they sing “Glowing Inside”. / Photo by Ang Suga
Janly Grace Demol, ILS Student sings to the song “Rise Up” earnestly for the teachers. / Photo by Ang Suga
Mr. Jorjie Nepangue intently reads his messages from his students. / Photo by Ang Suga

Teachers enjoyed their day as they witnessed the performances of the different student organizations. Educators also actively joined the community dance led by the CLASS and EC.

CNU Balamban Campus celebrated the day through an impromptu pageant prepared by SSC which was joined by the teachers. After which, a tribute from the students was done. A volleyball exhibition game also followed between the faculty and students.

CNU Medellin Campus also celebrated theirs through a message relay game with a twist which was participated in by both faculty and students. Performances and messages from the students then followed with the giving of tokens to the teachers. (JDF)

CNU Celebrates 119th Civil Service Anniversary

CEBU NORMAL UNIVERSITY (CNU) is in one with Civil Service Commission (CSC) as it opened the 119th Philippine Civil Service anniversary celebration this September.

CNU as both an academic and government institution commemorates CSC’s anniversary to be reminded on how to uphold the practices of a good public servant and to honor those who have contributed to nation building.

CSC celebrates its anniversary every September 19. This year’s CSC theme is Civil Service at 119: Upholding Integrity and Building a High-trust Society.

Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, CNU President speaks about honesty and integrity in public service as part of her message before she declares the opening of CSC month in CNU. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

Dr. Filomena Dayagbil, CNU President, mentioned that CSC anniversary is celebrated because “We want to recognize milestones. We want to remember very memorable events and we want to appreciate things that happen to our lives.” She also added that it is a milestone for government servants because of the many challenges in public service.

She also encourages all workers to have “the responsibility to make sure that as janitor, as faculty member, as clerk, or in everything that we do in the University, we make sure that we uphold the best interest of public service. We make sure that we do our responsibilities with utmost honesty and integrity.”

Dr. Dayagbil also reminded both faculty and non-teaching staff the perks of being a public servant in the university which is to have the chance to participate in the changing landscape of education in CNU and to be part of nation building.

“That’s precisely the reason why it is an honor to be a public servant,” she said.

Mrs. Mary Margaret Cornejo, CNU Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) Head shared the same views which she got from one of her HR mentors that she looks up to. She said that it is important to celebrate CSC month to recall the opportunity to serve the people, something not everybody is given the chance. As an HR practitioner, it is also an opportunity to send gentle reminders to her fellow workers about values, virtues, and what a true public servant is, she added.

Normalite community dances Zumba being conducted by the teachers from P.E. department. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

With the activities CSC has prepared for the entire month, CNU has also prepared and incorporated events for the CNU community including Sports fest (Table Tennis, Badminton Doubles for Men and Women, Volleyball for Men and Women, four Group Games), Arts and Cultural Competition (Solo Singing, Duet, and Folk Dance), Family Day (Playground Demonstration, Coronation of CNU King Earth and Queen Earth), and the awarding of loyalty awardees. (JDF)

College Librarian II

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Header Job Intro” _builder_version=”3.0.71″ background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” border_style=”solid”]

Position Title: College Librarian II

Item Number: CNUB-CL2-10-2011
Salary Grade | Annual Salary: SG 15 (Php 29,010) | Php 348,120
Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Library Science or Information Science or Bachelor of Science in Education/Arts major in Library Science
Experience: 1 year of relevant experience
Training: 8 hours of relevant training
Eligibility: RA 1080

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_divider _builder_version=”3.0.71″ show_divider=”on” divider_style=”solid” divider_position=”top” hide_on_mobile=”on” /][et_pb_accordion _builder_version=”3.0.71″ border_style=”solid”]

[et_pb_accordion_item title=”Skills | Competencies”]

  1. Ability to use technology and to use it to enhance the overall effectiveness of a library, including web based methods of improving technological access to information.
  2. Good overall knowledge of archiving and filing information as well as maintaining database and reference information.
  3. Strong level of customer service skills.
  4. Ability to quickly and professionally search database, internet resource and catalogs to find needed information.
  5. Ability to promote reading.


[/et_pb_accordion][et_pb_divider _builder_version=”3.0.71″ show_divider=”on” divider_style=”solid” divider_position=”top” hide_on_mobile=”on” /][et_pb_text admin_label=”Documents Required” _builder_version=”3.0.71″ background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” border_style=”solid”]

Interested and qualified applicants should signify their interest in writing. Attach the following documents to the application letter an send to the address below not later than June 7, 2018

  1. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (CS Form 212 Revised 2017) which can be downloaded at www.csc.gove.ph
  2. Performance rating in the present position for one(1) year (if applicacble).
  3. Photocopy of certificate of eligibility/rating/license.
  4. Photocopy of Transcript of Records.

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS are advised to hand in or send through courier/email their application to:

Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil
SUC President III
Cebu Normal University
Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City
pres@cnu.edu.ph | cnupresidentoffice@gmail.com



Your Guide: December 4-8, 2017

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This week’s updates.

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Your Guide: October 02-06, 2017

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This week’s updates.

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University Directory

Republic of the Philippines


Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City

Telephone Number: 032-254-0067



University Directory 









CNU Trunk line Numbers

(032) 253-7915/

(032) 254-1452

Office of the President

(032 ) 253 – 9611

                  Direct Line

(032) 253 – 6211


Accounting Office

(032) 253 – 8072


Administration / Gen. Services / VPAA

(032) 254 – 0067


Alumni Office

(032) 253 – 1101


CNU Board Secretary’s Office

(032) 236 – 9795


Executive Asst./ PA – Planning Office


(032) 255 – 9711

Guard House

(032) 253 – 7915

HRM Office


(032) 253 – 6223

Library ( Graduate/3rd Floor )

(032) 412 – 9083


Library ( Undergraduate/2nd Floor )

(032) 253 – 4018


IGP/ U-Store

(032) 253 – 4018


Medical/Dental Clinics

(032) 254 – 6814



(032) 254 – 1452



(032) 253 – 6223


Office of the Student Affairs/ Testing Center / SSG

(032) 253 – 8156


Registrar’s Office

(032) 254 – 0067


Records Office / Center for Research & Dev’t

(032) 254 – 1130


Supply Office


(032) 254 – 6813


(032) 254 – 0067



College of Teacher Education


(032) 254 – 0081

College of Arts & Sciences


(032) 253 – 0347

College of  Nursing


(032) 254 – 4837

Integrated Laboratory School

(032) 254 – 6816



(032) 254 – 6814




(032) 254 – 0589




CAS Accreditation Room


CAS Guidance Office



(032) 416 – 4625


(032) 254 – 6818


CNU Multi-Purpose Coop Office

(032) 413 – 2225


CTE Accreditation Room


Educator’s Club


FAI Office

(032) 254 – 3851


Grasso Office


Guidance Office




Institute of Governance



Medellin Campus

(032) 436 – 2030/ (032) 436 – 2029

Pangrehiyong Sentro ng Wikang Filipino




 Resident Ombudsman




(032) 254 – 1452


CTE Faculty Room




Filipino Faculty Room

(032) 253 – 1670




Math and Science Faculty Room


Nursing Faculty Room


P.E and Humanities



Biology Lab


Chemistry Lab




KDC  Lab




Speech Lab