Strengthening Community linkages through Extension Project In-House Review

Cebu Normal University endeavors and commits to improving the social well-being of its
partnered community through a program called E-HELP (Education, Health, Livelihood, and
Peace). The University knows no boundaries in extending its support to the community even
though it has driven a global shift in meetings and events, switching from face-to-face gatherings
to a more virtual approach.
Priming towards sustainable results, the 2-day program started with the presentation of the
Barangay Development Plan of the Barangay Captains of Gaas, Sunog, and Nangka Balamban,
Caputatan Norte, Medellin, and Pulpugan, Consolacion.
With a strong initiative to strengthen the impact of the partnered community, the program was
graced by the presence of the significant evaluators, to wit. The Education Supervisor Program
Specialist of CHED Region VII, Dr. Josefino Ronquillo. The Director of Extension Services of
Cebu Technological University, Dr. Jorelyn Concepcion. The Director of Extension Division of
the University of Southern Philippines, Dr. Mervin G. Gascon. And Dr. Elias G. Tecson, a
Project Development Officer.
The pilot session focused on the salient objective of providing for the needs of the community
through participatory planning and creating a development plan.

The fruitful collaboration continues on the 2nd day of the program as the CNU Balamban and Medellin Campus, College of Nursing and Medicine, School of Arts, School of Sciences, and College of Teacher Education presented their Extension Projects and were deliberately reviewed.

The program ended propitiously to transform society through relevant initiatives of the Research and Extension Services in coordination with the esteemed practitioners, partnered community, and in-line agencies. 

Words by: Florelie Mae Datulayta, EIAL Staff

4th International Conference for the Arts and Sciences

The Cebu Normal University College of Arts and Sciences will conduct a Free Online Research Conference at the 4th International Conference for the Arts and Sciences (4th ICAS) with the theme: “Strengthening the Innovative Culture of the Arts and Sciences.”
This conference aims to provide opportunities for the researchers to upgrade their capabilities by sharing best practices and to meet with other international advocates on research for the possibility of forging linkages and partnerships. This will be held on September 21 & 22, 2022, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and will be hosted by Cebu Normal University Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000 via Zoom.
The following are the details of the conference:
-Language, Literature & Communication
-Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science
-Natural Sciences & Mathematics
-Psychology and Social Sciences
-Public Governance and Tourism
-Philosophy and Religion
The conference is open to all primary and secondary education faculty, researchers, research directors, and graduate students worldwide. Abstracts of no more than 250 words must be emailed to with “abstract for I-CAS” in the subject line.
The deadline for abstract submission is on the 15th of September 2022. This free webinar can only accommodate 300 participants and presenters. If their papers are accepted, presenters are given priority for a slot at the conference.
For questions and concerns please contact Ms. Arreza at 09224075707

HEdConnect 7 imparts knowledge on food technology and physical education

Educators imparted knowledge on the innovations in food preservation, safety, and technology as well as on the challenges in teaching and learning physical education and sports pedagogy during the 7th session of Higher Education Connect (HEdConnect).

The two-part series of HEdConnect 7 organized by Cebu Normal University-College of Teacher Education (CNU-CTE) faculty members took place last November 6 and 13, 2020 respectively via the Zoom platform. 

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The first part talked about Adapting Food Technology and Innovation in the New Normal and the second part was about Physical Education and Sports Pedagogy in the New Normal. 

CNU-CTE Dean Dr. Ethel Abao said that the webinar ushers all towards becoming healthy and productive civil servants that contribute to nation-building considering that a healthy citizenry makes a progressive society.

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CNU Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Dr. Daisy Palompon said that it is also the intent of HEdConnect 7 to present varied strategies, tools, and knowledge in sports and physical education needed to adjust to the new normal.  

The webinar was participated in by different educational institutions all over the Philippines with combined speakers from Cebu Normal University (CNU), Cebu Technological University (CTU), and Magna Anima Teachers College in Laguna.  

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The speakers of the first series of HEdConnect 7 included Charess Goles and Jannet Bondad, CTE faculty members who discussed Food Preservation-Guide to Food Safety and Food Waste Reduction respectively; and Dr. Renissa Sario-Quiñones, CTU faculty who talked about Food Innovation and Technology Transfer. 

The resource persons of the second part of the series included Marlon Bojos, CNU-CTE faculty who shared about Creating a Positive Online PE Classroom Environment; Jem Cloyd Tanucan, CNU Integrated Laboratory School (ILS) Sports and Wellness Coordinator who talked on Physical Education as a Family Event; Dr. Wilson Ibañez, CNU BPED, BCAED, and BTLED Chair who discussed on Quaranteaching in PE and Sports; and Sebastian Ripoll, Magna Anima Sports and Physical Education Development Head who facilitated on Integrating Sports Clubs and PE for Greater Sports Participation.

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HEdConnect is a webinar series intended to gather educators from different institutions for knowledge transfer and gain insights from each other’s experiences. 

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The HEdConnect also aims to expand educators’ perspectives, broaden their expertise, and enhance the passion to teach in a greater global academic community. (JDF)   

CNU opens its online student portal

Cebu Normal University (CNU) undergraduate and graduate students can now view their grades online through the CNU Student Portal.

The CNU Student Portal can be accessed by the undergraduate and graduate school students.

It can also be found under the Registrar tab of the CNU website

“I’m so happy that CNU finally got its own online student portal. It’s now convenient to view my grades and the list of subjects I’ve taken. This is very helpful especially when the enrollment season approaches,” Lorraine Mitzi Ambrad, CNU MA Communication student said.

“Before, we had to queue up for about half an hour just to use the kiosk at the TAC building. Now, I can do it quickly on my mobile phone. Kudos, CNU! In the future, I hope to see added features like being able to view my outstanding balance,” she added.

According to Mr. Omar Roma, CNU Data Protection Officer, the CNU Student Portal was conceptualized before the pandemic.

He said that the student portal was fully functional last September this year but still sought the approval of the University Administrative Council to make it online. 

Undergraduate and graduate students who were able to enroll in the first or current semester of SY 2020-2021 can sign-in to the CNU Student Portal.

Students who have are enrolled this semester may still sign-in as long as they have already registered in the Student Kiosk before the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) health crisis.    

Roma said that the student portal is still similar to the student kiosk but can be accessed online. 

The student portal only features online viewing of grades.

He said that the online enrollment is still in the works and hopefully will be incorporated in the student portal next year. 

The faculty evaluation will also be included in the system soon which will be made compulsory before the students can view their grades online.

Roma said that the student portal is easy to use and students can reset their pin code easily. The new pin code will be emailed to their personal or CNU email account. (JDF)

CNU educators show care through psychosocial support webinar

Cebu Normal University (CNU) educators conducted a webinar series to promote psychosocial awareness and to alleviate the University stakeholders in light of the current health crisis brought by Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

A webinar on Psychosocial Support Sessions for College Faculty was held on August 19, 2020. The same webinar was also given to CNU Integrated Laboratory School (ILS) mentors and parents on August 26, 2020. 

The speakers of the webinar are the experts in the field of children, adolescent, and adult behavior from the CNU Psychology Department.

Psychological first aid, coping mechanism, therapeutic communication, and support resiliency were among the topics discussed in the webinar. 

“The pandemic has had an effect on one’s well-being, so the Psychology Department is taking an initiative to give faculty, ILS mentors and parents a holistic psychosocial webinar,” CNU Psychology Department Faculty and CNU ILS/College of Nursing Guidance Counselor Bernadette Bigcas said.

She said that the purpose of the webinar was to educate the participants on the basic principles of psychosocial support and mental health concepts. She also said the webinar aims to reinforce participants’ well-being, dignity, and resiliency.

Dr. Chery Bercede, College of Teacher Education (CTE) Guidance Counselor and teaching faculty also said that the webinar aims to build support to CNU stakeholders to cope with adversity, promote well-being, prevent distress and suffering, and for the stakeholders to be able to function in this time called ‘new normal’.

The webinar was proposed by Dr. Emmanuel Hernani, CNU Psychology Department Faculty, and a Board Member of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP). He said that he has been invited to numerous speaking engagements in different schools and institutions and has thought of conducting the webinar in CNU as well.

Together with Bigcas, Bercede, and Hernani as speakers of the webinar are Dr. Gwendelina Villarante, Office of Student Affairs (OSA) Dean and Guidance and Counseling Chair; Dr. Eva Marie Gacasan, Psychology Department Chair; and Dr. Ma. Rosita Ampoyas-Hernani, Kinesthetics Department Chair, and Quality Assurance Officer.

Hernani said that the Psychosocial Support Session provided a holistic approach that included intervention and prevention for teachers, children, and adults.

He expressed how grateful the Normalite community should be to have experts and resources to share their knowledge.

He said that the same webinar is being planned for the administrative personnel under the Mental Health in the Workplace program of the University. An outreach program in the form of the said webinar is also planned for teachers and students outside the University to aid them during this health crisis. (JDF)

CTE regroups extension projects

College of Teacher Education (CTE) regrouped the faculty members in their community extension projects combining both Integrated Laboratory School (ILS) and the college department focusing on the faculty’s area of specialization.

According to College Extension Chair Dr. Tizza Marie Navarro, CTE Dean Dr. Ethel Abao is innovating something this year to have one unified project in CTE called TEAMS which stands for Teacher Education Action Mentoring Sport.

The project would group together all CTE educators with the same competencies or specialization. There are 15 areas that were classified namely: Early Childhood Education; School-based Parenting Education; EnSciMa (English, Science, Math); Special Education; English; Math; Science; Social Studies; Technology and Livelihood Education; Physical Education; Information Communication Technology; Leadership, Supervision, and Management; Values; and Research and Evaluation.

The beneficiaries of the said community extension project will be from Barangay Nangka, Balamban where an existing Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) has already been established.

CTE conducted a capacity building for teachers last Thursday, November 28, 2019 at the Teaching Arts Centrum (TAC) Auditorium in collaboration with the External Affairs and International Linkages (EAIL) Office to provide a common understanding about TEAMS among the extensionists from CTE thus enabling them to write a proposal in their assigned project based on their field of expertise.

“I was more than happy,” ILS Extension Chair Mrs. Rosita Lacea said as she shared her views with the regrouping.

“This would mean a strong force coming from the faculty – in the College and ILS. I can only see improved lives of our engaged partners where   the expertise is shared with a heart,” she said.

“This new undertaking is very laudable knowing that in unity there is strength,” she added.

Other existing community extension projects have culminated with the emergence of TEAMS. An impact study would also have to be conducted by teachers for monitoring purposes of the previous projects.

Navarro said that an in-house review of the proposals will be conducted in January next year. EAIL Office Director Naila Beltran would still have to submit the recommended projects to the President’s office for funding. (JDF)

CNU-ILS Intramurals 2019: Shaping Champions, Inspiring Changes

The glamorous golden dragon. The resilient red phoenix. The wild white stallion.

Mythical creatures have graced the premises to embody the three houses of the Cebu Normal University (CNU) Integrated Laboratory School (ILS) during the opening ceremony of the ILS Intramurals 2019.

Loud cheers filled the ILS stage this morning, as both elementary and high school students merged to uphold their respective houses in various contests meant to showcase their talents and competencies.

Dance Competition

Size was not a hindrance for the elementary students to unleash their sharp moves for the hip-hop category while high school’s pop jazz competition highlighted girl power as the all-girl contestants danced to upbeat music.

At the end of the intense showdown, the White Stallion (Elementary Level) champed the Hip-hop Dance Contest and the Red Phoenix (High School Level) bagged the trophy for the Pop Jazz Competition.

“The Hip-hop competition of the elementary level is intense, mora’g galisod mi kay maayo sila tanan pero nakakita mi og kinsa’y champion,” said Michelet Sagetarios, head judge for the Dance Competition in an interview with Ang Suga.

However, Chris Salazar Asignar, the other judge for the Dance Competition emphasized the importance of educating the students of the difference between the pop jazz and hip-hop dance steps to ensure a performance that is appropriate to the given genre.

For the elementary dance contest, Red Phoenix grabbed the second place, while Golden Dragon placed third. Meanwhile, for the high school pop jazz contest, Golden Dragon and White Stallion placed second and third, respectively.

Mr. and Ms. CNU-ILS 2019

Selected ILS Students pulled off an impressive show of wit and grace as they strut the runway wearing stylish sportswear to vie for the title.

White Stallion showed dominance as it snagged the crown for the elementary level of the pageant as Jon Romuel Montecillo (Grade 5) and Dayzie Mae Ponce (Grade 5) won Mr. and Ms. CNU-ILS Elementary 2019, respectively.

In addition, crowd favorite Jenny Reyn Menor (Grade 9) from Golden Dragons claimed the title as Ms. CNU-ILS High School 2019 with Ian Lawrence Flores (Grade 9) of White Stallion pairing her as the Mr. CNU-ILS High School 2019.

In an interview with Ang Suga, Menor shared her sentiments for sweeping all the minor awards and the crown for the high school division despite a sprained ankle saying, “I’m very happy and I’m very thankful to God for giving me these blessings.”

“Three houses”

To promote unity and fairness, ILS Coordinator on Sports and Scouting, Jem Cloyd Tanucan, described how this year’s ILS Intramurals 2019 was different from the previous years by integrating the students from different levels into three houses.

“It’s a response to innovation 4.0 or iCNU sab nato. Amo man sab makita nga kon kato atong i-follow sab na first year, second year, third year, fourth year, naa gyo’y bias in terms of physical development,” Tanucan explained.

The nursery, kindergarten, multi-grade, and grades one to three were exempted from the opening ceremony for safety reasons.


Major Awards Elementary Level (Male)

1st Runner Up – Evan Manuel Astrologo (Grade 5 White Stallion)

2nd Runner Up – Alexander Gabriel Cabbarubias (Grade 5 Red Phoenix)

Elementary Level (Female)

1st Runner up – Sofia Isabel Bacalso (Grade 5 Red Phoenix)

2nd Runner up – Janly Grace Demol (Grade 5 Red Phoenix)

High school Level (Male)

1st Runner Up – Charles Alvarez (Grade 10 Red Phoenix)

2nd Runner Up – Jomar Sunpayco (Grade 10 Golden Dragons)

High School Level (Female)

1st Runner up – Bea Mae Batarilan (Grade 9 Red Phoenix)

2nd Runner up – Megan Cabardo (Grade 9 Golden Dragons)


Mr. Photogenic Elementary Level Male – Seth Johan Santino Misa (Red Phoenix)

Ms. Photogenic Elementary Level Female – Dayzie Mae Ponce (Golden Dragons)

Mr. Photogenic High School Level Male – Lleyton Lantaca (Red Phoenix)

Ms. Photogenic High School Level Female – Jenny Reyn Menor (Golden Dragons)

Best in Production Number Elementary Level Male – Evan Manuel Astrologo (Golden Dragons)

Best in Production Number Elementary Level Female – Dayzie Mae Ponce (Golden Dragons)

Best in Production Number High School Level Male – Lleyton Lantaca (Red Phoenix)

Best in Production Number High School Level Female – Jenny Ren Menor (Golden Dragons)

Best in Sportswear Elementary Level Male – Evan Manuel Astrologo (Golden Dragons)

Best in Sportswear Elementary Level Female – Janly Grace Demol (Red Phoenix)

Best in Sportswear High School Level Male – Charles Alvarez (Red Phoenix)

Best in Sportswear High School Level Female – Jenny Reyn Menor (Golden Dragons)

Other Awards

Most Lively House – Golden Dragon

Most Colorful House –Golden Dragons

Most Disciplined House – Red Phoenix

Words by Claire Gelbolingo and Mika Filipino

Photos by Retlyn Ceballos