CNU Nursing Topnotchers in PNLE: ‘We owe it to them’

Illuminating Cebu Normal University’s (CNU) excellence, six Nightingales’ uncaged their uncertainties as they retained their feat in the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination 2023 (PNLE) on Saturday, December 3.

Bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic, CNU Nightingales sealed a spot in the top 10 of PNLE 2023.

These include, Christel Jirah Dajao Codilla 6th placer with an average score of 90.00%, Katrina Marie Sumicad Arbon and Rhainne Baring Pejante both secured the 8th spot with an average score of 89.60%, while Patrice Danielle Lee Lim and Alyssa Joyce Pelotenia Sandueta score 89.40% placing 9th, and Julia Elloise Cassandra Cabonada Borbajo with an average score of 89.20% in the 10th place.

 “Personally, what I lost during the pandemic was motivation. But it came back during the review season, when we were attending review classes,” said Lim.

Lim added that her other classmates in the review center have motivated her in making CNU proud.

With a perfect passing percentage, the 68 NLE passers of batch Luscinia have proven their grit in maximizing resources in their four years at CNU amid the circumstances brought by the pandemic.

The six empowering female topnotchers have shared their quality-training as soon as they stepped foot into the university’s premises bringing its tradition to exemplary learning.

“Our Clinical Instructors told us that the college produces topnotchers, so everyone goes through programs that make topnotchers,” said Codilla.

The Ormocanon also added that the quizzes, application, and the standards are high that every nursing student in CNU should go through a needle’s hole.

Further, Sandueta said that CNU plays a huge role in what they have achieved as they were expected to become “achievers” in the university.

“I think it’s natural for us to aim as high as possible. I think this was the drive to do our best, for ourselves specifically in studying,” the top 9 from Cebu City said.

Meanwhile, Arbon from Talisay City asserted that their university professors sharpened their minds with “high-heeled questions” similar to the previous board examinations.

“Of course, we can never predict what comes out during the board exams but at least, in terms of difficulty we are equipped on how to answer items that were conducively taught to us in a span of four years, which were helpful,” said Arbon.

 Aside from academic preparations, the topnotchers also expressed their beliefs which helped them land a spot in the licensure exam.

 “In terms of rituals, what I did was the traditional beliefs when taking an examination like to wear something red and put a peso coin on the shoe. Also, when entering the examination room, stepping on the right foot first means good luck,” said the top 10 from Mandaue City.

Nightingale passers also underscored their faith in God and good sleep to have a well-rested mind before taking an extensive examination, enunciating that what they are going through is “a battle of the mind”.

“Truth be told, two to three weeks before the exams, you will realize that you will never learn everything all at once. So when I got into the realization, I entrusted the results to God and so prayer became the main instrument,” shared Arbon.


Following a quake that hit the province a magnitude of overwhelming emotions were also felt after the results of PNLE with almost 32,000 examinees.

In the lens of CNU board passers, they have anxiously waited for the results to come out but to a surprise has arrived unexpectedly.

“No one was expecting it (the results) since it was a rest day. Around 10:00 p.m, a notification from the official Facebook page of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) arrived. While I tried to access the link,  I suddenly felt the ground shake but everyone was beyond happy as they found out I topped the board exams,” said Sandueta.

The six topnotchers have also expressed their gratitude to their CIs and mentors of the College of Nursing, especially in pouring out their knowledge in their batch.

“From the preparation on how they escalate the exams to how homework is done, it was tough, but it prepared us to top the board exam. We owe this to you,” said Lim on behalf of the topnotchers.

Meanwhile, the topnotchers also congratulated the current nursing students who have gotten far studying in Cebu Normal University. They also reminded their fellow Nightingales that as much as everyone wants to focus on their studies, they said to not push themselves too hard, always take breaks, and never compromise well-being.

“If we did it, I’m sure that they would too and we are all rooting for you,” said Sandueta on their behalf.

 Meanwhile, Dr. Emiliano Ian B. Suson II, Dean of the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, sees the result as “the best Christmas gift of the year” for them.

The CNU topnotchers have a shared predicament on taking National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) unto their next journey as medical practitioners.

Written by: Denise Mae Codis, Kristin de Dios, and Jonnavie Villa BA Communication IV – Journalism

CNU Communicators Clinch First Place in Philippine Fact-Checking Summit 2023

Manila, June 30, 2023—Students from the Department of Communication and Media Studies at Cebu Normal University clinched the first-place in the Pak! Check Video Making Contest. The sub-competition took place under the Philippine Fact-Checking Summit 2023, held at the esteemed Dr. George S.K. Ty Hall on the 4th floor of the Blessed Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building, University of Santo Tomas, Manila.

The awarding ceremony, held on June 30, 2023, aimed to bring awareness to the pressing issue of information disorder and the importance of fact-checking in combating it. It was organized by organizations such as Media Civics Lab Fact Checking Academy, Break the Fake Movement, Internews, Rappler, Facts First PH, and Rappler Move PH.

The victorious team, known as “Fact Warriors,” comprised three students: Carl John Griño, Hoehnferdz Gonzaga, and Lourdes Isabella Corpuz. Their winning video explored the critical issue of information disorder, specifically focusing on misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation. The team carefully selected these types of information disorders based on the guidelines and criteria provided by the event organizers, ensuring the content remained relevant and informative.

Despite facing time constraints due to their busy schedules, the team demonstrated unwavering determination. They produced their entry on the day of the submission while two team members simultaneously worked on internship requirements. The scriptwriting took place the night before the deadline, and the materials were meticulously edited on the night of the submission. Prior to producing the content, the team conducted thorough research, gathering different factual information to strengthen their video.

“We realized the significance of fact-checking and the responsibility of communicators in helping people become more discerning consumers of information, especially in today’s vast media landscape,” Gonzaga stated.

Their video highlighted effective fact-checking strategies in a simple and direct manner, emphasizing the basics of fact-checking as a vital foundation for assessing information on social media platforms. The content focused on debunking false information, providing essential tips for assessing information, and promoting media information literacy. Additionally, the video
suggested various reliable websites and pages that viewers could utilize to determine the reliability of information, empowering individuals to combat information disorder and avoid falling victim to misleading content.

With their skills as researchers and writers, the team stressed the significance of relying on credible sources to ensure the accuracy of the information in their video entry. The key to their entry was the emphasis on strengthening Media and Information Literacy. The team firmly believed that integrating this subject into educational curricula would equip students with the critical skills needed to identify false information and make them less susceptible to sharing misleading content.

“We believe that by integrating this subject [Media and Information Literacy] into educational curricula, students will develop the critical skills necessary to identify false information and become less susceptible to sharing misleading content,” Griño stated with conviction.

Other winners in the contest included the second-place “Happy Pride” from St. Louis University Baguio, the third-place “JEDMIG” from Mary Immaculate Parish Special School, and “Explained PH” from Polytechnic University of the Philippines Sta. Mesa.

The Pak! Check Video Making Contest showcased the talents and dedication of the students, furthering the fight against information disorder and promoting the crucial practice of fact-checking.The Fact Warriors’ fact-checking skills and commitment to promoting media literacy have earned them well-deserved recognition. Their work stands as a testament to the
power of communication in disseminating reliable information and combating the spread of misinformation in the digital age.

Written by: Marie Therese S. Pacaña
Photo grabbed: Media Civics Club

Three-peat victory for CNU communicators in 2023 PUP radio festival

For three years in a row, the truth-telling voices of students from Cebu Normal University’s Department of Communication and Media Studies remain unbothered after sealing various acknowledgements in the recent edition of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Radio Festival 2023.

Eyeing to denounce information-trickery affecting communities, this year’s theme is “MANIOBRA: Unveiling the Illusion Behind Public Deception” which is lionized across Philippine regions.

Composed of three categories: 5-minute Radio News Production, Radio Podcasting, and Radio-Jingle Making, it is designed to harness the student’s potency in observing equilibrium when it comes to truth-bias. Relatively, it caters to both the secondary and
collegiate divisions.

Announced as the most-participated year, 223 entries were recorded overall, but only a few were able to rise amidst the heat of the competition.

As the only qualifier from Central Visayas, the representatives from CNU under the banner of CNU – Junior Broadcasters’ Alliance’s Sibya Production persisted in bearing honor to the institution.

“Radyo Tatak Totoo” was hailed as the 2nd Best News Production, earning a three-peat victory of the department in the said category. It was anchored by Mary Ann Rose Malaya and Carl John Griño along with Hoehnferdz Gonzaga, Krystal Joy Pepito, Khim Raices Khan Rusiana, Yeza Karyl Mayol, and Charwen Mayor.

The team’s script writer, Mayor, expressed the secret behind achieving the winning streak of the production in the said category for consecutive years.

“I believe the team still won because we are composed of individuals who do well in our respective roles…most of us have proven so much in this field, everyone was still receptive to constructive criticism.”

Radyo Tatak Totoo also bagged minor recognitions, with Malaya being awarded as the Best Female Anchor, Gonzaga as the Best Male News Presenter, and Mayor as Best Editor.

Moreover, Sibya Production’s “Aling, Mari, Chong!” performed by graduating communicators Lourenze Pareja, Armandave Ochia, John Mark Getes, and Kristian Jacob Logarta placed 5th in the Radio-Jingle Making category, conquering more than 40 entries from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Pareja, one of the composers, revealed what he felt after winning a national competition.

“The thought that we made it to the final cut, it’s just a dream come true, for first-timers like us…[We are] beyond thankful to the Great Author of our talents, and that is God.”

The student musicians also received the DZMC – Young Communicators Guild Choice award from the PUP.

Meanwhile, the department’s entry for the Radio Podcasting competition, entitled “T’yak, Comm-i Yan!” comprised of the fairly-caliber communicators Denielle Anne Abatayo, Angelica Lumongsud, Angelie Silabay, Louie Jay Vildosola, and Kent Grant Ylanan were called one of the qualifiers—an indication of the production’s fruitful finish.

Dr. Joseph Elvir C. Tubilan, also the CNU-DCMS Chairman, upheld his service as the representative’s ever-dynamic mentor.

Based on the upshot, CNU – Junior Broadcasters’ Alliance, a student-run organization that provides avenues to practice free press, continues to prove its might in the field of broadcasting and leadership both inside and outside the university’s gates.

These recognitions are a testimony that the potential and ability of the communication students transcend various disciplines in bringing meaningful contributions to the university as a transformed Normalite. / Hoehnferdz Z. Gonzaga and Bryan G.
Fernandez II, BA Communication Broadcast Journalism

CNU Communicators breaths triumph in the 2022 PUP Radio Festival

Accurate and resolute voices from the Department of Communication and Media Studies of Cebu Normal University were amplified and snatched a bucketful of recognition at the recently concluded Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Radio Festival 2022.

Focused on spilling nothing but giving premium to candor and precision, this year’s theme is “Revamp: The Media Blueprint in Reclaiming the Republic.”

It speaks of sketching into light the relevance of defeating misinformation and discussing societal issues that have severely impacted the people of this country.

With over 29 schools hailing from across the country vying for the win, the competition was in a blazing heat.

The festival featured three categories all aiming to brim with the contenders’ inventiveness and ability to deliver the truth without a pinch of bias: Radio-Jingle Making, Radio Podcasting and 5-minute Radio News Production.

Fueled with passion, the delegates from Cebu Normal University were able to qualify for the finals in all categories, clinching a fruitful finish.

“Radyo Tatak Totoo” anchored by Carl John Griño and Mary Ann Rose Malaya teamed with Francheska Roble, Hannabelle Quiño, Khim Raices Khan Satuita, Yeza Karyl Mayol, and Charwen Mayor seized the second place in the Radio News Production, defending the department’s reign in the category.

With the consistent standing of the team, Carl John Griño, who was also part of the assemblage last year, revealed the formula for their stable placement in the said bracket.

“Mental discipline is the main formula for this year’s team. We avoid putting too much pressure on ourselves and instead concentrate on setting achievable goals… Because of the team’s positive attitude and clear vision, we were able to make it to the final cut and bagged the second place for the second time. Indeed, positive thinking coupled with prayer produces positive results” Griño disclosed.

The team also received other minor awards, such as Best Male Anchor, Best Female Anchor, and Best Script in the Collegiate Division.

Moreover, the department’s entry for the Radio Podcasting category, dubbed “I SEE IN U” and structured by Mary Shantal Maupoy, Angelie Silabay, Louie Jay Vildosola, Catherine Ochia, and Kent Grant Ylanan, was called the third best among other entries.

Louie Jay Vildosolo, the scriptwriter of the group, expressed how grateful he was for the results as well as for the dedication of his team for being able to not only complete a worth-the-prize podcast entry but also for having to compete in a competition as grand as the PUP Radio Festival.

“I am confident in the skills of my team and all we do was to continuously trust our abilities as individuals and accumulate those strengthens within us to use it as our edge against other competing schools… Albeit, we are all first timers in the mentioned category, we never used it as discouragement. Bringing the name of CNU to a grand competition is both an honor and a challenge, however, our team is still thankful to all who are part of department because we never felt like we were forced,” according to Vildosolo who’s beyond ecstatic for their prideful achievement.

Meanwhile, Hoenhferdz Gonzaga, with his Radio Jingle entry entitled “Dapat Alam Mo!”, placed sixth overall.

Dr. Joseph Elvir Tubilan, the chairperson of the department, served as the core mentor to all the delegates.

Furthermore, all the entries were produced under the banner of Sibya Production by the CNU – Junior Broadcasters’ Alliance, a student-run organization that aims to provide a safe space for students to exercise free press.

These victories highlight the students’ enduring and formidable talent from Cebu Normal University, an institution adorned in crimson and gold. / Bryan G. Fernandez II, BA Communication Broadcast Journalism

CNU bags awards in PUP Radio Festival 2021

Normalites greeted the week with much pride as the Department of Communication and Media Studies (DCMS) of the Cebu Normal University(CNU) snatched recognitions and awards from the recently-concluded Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Radio Festival 2021, Sunday night, March 14, 2021.

Entries from over 27 participating schools both Senior High and College levels hailed from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and all have pitched to the massive success of the maiden virtual edition.

The week-long competition featured three distinct categories: Radio Jingle, Radio News Production, and Podcasting.

Dubbed “Epiko: Radio in the Eye of the Truth-tellers,” this year’s PUP Radio Festival has embraced full-virtual format for the first time, due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Kicking off was a virtual forum that featured practitioners to inspire and motivate aspiring media practitioners from all over the country and ended with a bang via the virtual awarding of the winning entries for the three categories.

Brimming with passion, Cebu Normal University was the only university from Cebu to have made it to the final cut, and eventually named Best Radio Jingle and second Best Radio News Production (RNP), plus special awards as RNP Best Sound Design and RNP Best Infomercial.

Among the 95 qualified entries, only five to six advanced to the final round, following the pre-judging deliberation.

The winning Radio Jingle entry of the department entitled “Piliin ang Totoo” was composed and performed by trio Yv Anya Abugan, Virlie Christine Alfar, and Brigida Gerzon.

Abugan attended the virtual awarding that was livestreamed via Facebook, and delivered the speech after being announced the Best Radio Jingle. “Being appreciated by you guys and even just the opportunity, even if we would have not won, we are much grateful for this and honored,” Abuga said in her speech.

She also emphasized the struggle that the team went through in maximizing available online tools to remotely create a well-mastered piece.

“We did our best though we don’t have enough resources. So everything was quite raw, but the fact that we have able to put things and music together, we (were) still able to (make it).”

Furthermore, the Radio News Production’s “Radyo Cuarenta,” composed of anchors Carl John Griño and Harrel Jade Porrio, alongside news presenters Hoehnferdz Gonzaga and Rhea Ambrad, scriptwriter Melissa Arbuis, Infomercial Specialist Grace Noynay, as well as Technical and Sound Director Kyle Sarona, placed second Best Radio News Production.

Meanwhile, the department’s Podcast entry “Ohhs and Ahhs,” created by Erica Abella, Hannah Cabibil, Trifone Lopez, Maebel Cabañog and Shantall Jane Librando, successfully made it as a qualifier.

Jessa Agua-Ylanan, part-time instructor at CNU and broadcast media practitioner at dyMR Radyo Pilipinas Cebu, and Dr. Joseph Elvir Tubilan, chairperson of the department served as mentors for the participating teams.

These achievements further cement how Cebu Normal University molds its talented gems: academically-excellent and well-rounded students. /Harold Regodos and Mary Giralyne Manolo, BA Comm Broadcast Journalism

CNU flexible learning to get boost, thanks to CHED grants

Cebu Normal University is set to receive P7 million worth of grants from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) that would enable the university to implement three projects.

Two of these projects focus on improving flexible learning — the Flexible Learning Modality Training for Teacher Educators (FLMTTEd) with an allocation of over P2.5 million and the Flexible Instructional Materials Development for Teacher Educators (FIMDTEd) which has been earmarked P1.8 million.

The third project, Developing Global Filipino Teachers (DGFT), has been allocated a budget of P2.6 million. It aims to equip teachers with the needed pedagogical and socio-cultural competencies as global educators.

Flexible learning

Amid the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, CNU has been actively pursuing projects meant to help convert threats and challenges to opportunities.

In a survey conducted by the university, educators expressed the need to reshape their lessons to include provisions for flexible learning modalities to meet the changing educational landscape brought about by COVID-19.

Thus, FLMTTEd aims to train faculty members of teacher education institutions on effective implementation of flexible learning modalities in the teaching learning processes in the new normal. 

To achieve this, CNU has forged partnerships with Cebu Technological University-Tuburan Campus and Leyte Normal University.

On the other hand, FIMDTEd aims to develop research-based flexible instructional materials such as modules for the professional education courses in teacher education.

These will be utilized by educators, specifically those who are teaching in local colleges within Central Visayas.

The flexible instructional package for a professional education course includes lectures, readings, worktext, problem-based activities, and other resources that can be used in both face-to-face and online classrooms.

Going global

Meanwhile, the DGFT program of the CNU College of Teacher Education seeks to help Filipino educators in Cambodia increase their cultural awareness to address global change. This, as schools have increasingly become more culturally diverse.

It also aims to help the educators develop their teaching skills to create a learning setting wherein students respect each other, value diversity, and collaborate effectively.

The program is set to conduct intensive review classes, hands-on trainings on varied learning modalities and practice exercises to be done in Cambodia and in the Philippines.

With this program, teachers are expected to acquire the needed competencies as global educators, and pass the licensure examination at the same time. –/Chiel Martina Y. Condor/JMD

CNU dominates inter-school publication, talent tilts

Despite the physical barriers and connectivity issues, communication students from Cebu Normal University bagged the top awards in the digital publication and Campus Got Talent contests held in connection with the celebration of Cebu Press Freedom Week this year.

“Behalf” magazine, the school’s entry, earned the collective nod of the judges to cop the award for Best Overall Publication, besting the entries from the University of San Carlos (The Trailblazers) and Cebu Technological University (The Vanguard).

Behalf was also adjudged Best in Editorial for “The Light in a Terrifying Reality” and “Arvin and John Dale,” which tackle the need for the media to be more active in pursuing the truth for readers in this time of health crisis and the pandemic’s impacts on students and pupils going through blended and online learning. The accompanying editorial cartoon was also hailed the best among the entries.

The magazine also won Best Feature for “The Day Edita Contracted COVID-19,” which narrates the experiences of veteran nurse Edita Sanchez when she got the virus, and Best in Creative Writing for “The Foreigner,” a story about a mysterious woman from China who kills an entire family in just months, only to be killed by her supposed last victim in the end.

It also emerged as the Best in Graphic Design and won second and fifth places in news writing for “Go digital, media outfits urged” and “Priest to journos: Press freedom is freedom to do good.”

Behalf’s staff was composed of Devey Joy Gaviola, editor-in-chief; Kyle Sarona, associate editor; Danica Ulbata and Loreine Kyra Lebumfacil, news writers; Rhina Mae Tabada and Arcel Macan, feature writers; Jonas Raymond Tatoy and Leonel Quillo, creative writers; Harold Regodos and Hannah Mae Paler, layout artists; Patrisha Cabahug, illustrator and cartoonist; and John Destacamento, publication adviser.

Gaviola said she was happy that despite it being the first time for the team to come up with a magazine in about five days, all the hardwork still paid off in the end.

“I’m elated and still kind of surprised with the outcome. I’m happy that I was able to produce results despite being a newbie with editorials. I’ve only written them twice for a subject requirement, which was why I was really nervous that I might disappoint everyone and tarnish CNU’s straight-A records when it came to journalistic contests,” she said.

Gaviola said the team was thankful to Destacamento, a faculty of the department, for guiding the team all throughout the competition.

Destacamento, who also works as assistant news editor in The Freeman newspaper, attributed the victory to teamwork.

“From the very beginning, our goals were clear. One was to make CNU proud and the other was to make people realize that Cebu is still teeming with young, aspiring journalists who are ready to defend press freedom,” he said.

The contest was judged by Rappler journalist Ryan Macasero, UP Cebu professor Januar Yap, and Cebu Literary Fest organizer Hendri Go.


Meanwhile, the collaboration between VCLEF and Offbeat bands, composed of CNU communication students, together with fellow Normalite Brigida Gerzon, resulted to the original song “COMMbati,” which won first place in the Campus Got Talent.

Gerzon said they wanted a song that would make the people understand the crucial role of the media during these tough times.

“At a time where transparency is needed the most, duty na nato mga journalist to seek and provide information for the people,” she said.

Another Normalite, Hoehnferdz Gonzaga, also finished second with his original composition and interpretation of “Diyaryo.”


Dr. Joseph Elvir Tubilan, chairman of the CNU Department of Communication and Media Studies, said the recent feats once again showed the competence of CNU students.

“For the last two years, we were the back-to-back champion in broadcasting competition and this time we are the over-all winners in Digital Publication and CFJCS Got Talent. This proves that our students are doing well and competent not just in one specialization, but also in other aspects in the field of journalism plus we have multi-talented students,” Dr. Tubilan said.

“I am so proud and honored for this feat that gives pride and prestige to CNU as one of the State Universities and Colleges. I hope that this will eventually pave the way for CNU BA Communication to become one of the leading journalism and communication programs in the country,” he added. (Leonel B. Quillo, BA Comm. – Journalism – 3)

CNU wins ABS-CBN Bayan Mo, I-patrol Mo’s Digitales

First-year film media students from Cebu Normal University (CNU) brought home the victory as they won 2nd place of Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo (BMPM) Digitales: A Mobile Documentary Contest on October 25, 2019, at ABS-CBN Broadcast Center’s Dolphy Theater in Diliman, Quezon City. 

Among the 50 entries from the different universities all over the Philippines, their mobile documentary entitled “Kamatuoran Na Sab Ang Dungga” made it to the top finalists, and the only entry coming from Visayas and Mindanao. With the tagline of “Tuklasin, Alamin, Mamulat at Maging Alerto!”, these film students wanted to deliver the truth that will serve as a light for others and combat the disinformation that is timely and relevant to our modern society. 

“This mobile documentary contest is part of ABS-CBN’s effort to promote news literacy. It is Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo’s contribution to the war against disinformation. The truth is being attacked especially on social media that is why we must protect it,” Rowena Paraan, Head of Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo said.

Digitales is a mobile documentary contest that aims to combat disinformation online which was created by ABS-CBN’s Integrated News and Current Affairs and in partnership with UNESCO and the Asian Institute of Journalism. 

With the theme “Gusto Ko Tama: Fighting Disinformation in Social Media,” the competition aimed to showcase the skills of college students and other universities nationwide in producing a 5-minute documentary with the use of mobile phones only from the pre-production up to the editing. 

The produced documentaries would be used for BMPM’s campaign to fight the spread of fakes news and disinformation and promote media literacy among Filipinos. (Lyngil Olivar, BA Comm Film Media 1

CNU goes international for YMAC 2019

The University, which has been known for being a powerhouse of talents, has been all over the Philippines for academic and extra-curricular activities alike. But this time, it has exceeded expectations and broken barriers – it brought the prestige on a worldwide scale.

The Youth Models Asian Conference (YMAC) is a tertiary conference that emulates an ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Summit which is participated by China and four ASEAN countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines – with Singapore Polytechnic as this year’s host from September 30 to October 2.

Over the three days, the participants were expected to take on the role of ASEAN delegates to discuss economic, security, social, and cultural issues that affect their respective countries and the world as a whole.

Phoebe Godinez, a second year BA Communication major in Film Media student from Cebu Normal University (CNU), was one of the representatives of the Philippines and she said to have looked forward to the event as early as her coronation for Miss Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) in 2018.

“It was already announced that the winners of Mr. and Ms. PASUC 2018 would get a chance to participate in YMAC prior to the national competition and I was definitely excited for all the opportunities given to me especially the conference since it would be my first time out of the country”, she explained.

During her experience, she recalled that her team, Captain Planet and His Crew, was assigned to expound more on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 which was Responsible Consumption and Production.

SDGs are 17 global goals designed to answer pressing problems and create a sustainable future for the world.

Godinez said that their SDG mainly focuses on resource and energy efficiency, to which they pitched the solution of creating a Plastic for Food centers where people can come exchange their plastic wastes for food and their group planned to turn over their collected plastics to waste management facilities and recycling plants.

 She said she didn’t mind being the only Filipino in her group who were full of Singaporeans and Indonesians.

“I love seeing my new international friends and learning about their cultures knowing that I am also growing as a person”, Godinez said.

Towards the end of the conference, she said that all the participants, including her group, presented their projects in an exhibit and they had a mock ASEAN Summit then a closing ceremony.

“The most important thing that I learned from the conference is cultural intelligence – that learning and adapting to differences in tradition and culture enrich communication and action towards world problems”, Godinez stated as her overall impression of the event.

YMAC was a huge step for the university to get out and be in the international spotlight and this opens up another gateway of opportunities for students which can hone their capabilities and raise their awareness on various issues facing the world today and what are the possible sustainable solutions for these. (Rhina Tabada, BA Communication Film Media 2)

CNU Alumni win Jury Prize at Nabifilmex 7

Cebu Normal University Bachelor of Arts in Communication graduates bagged the Jury Prize award for their film “Naro 626” in the Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition 7 at Cinematheque Centre Nabunturan, Compostela Valley last September 29, 2019.

Nabifilmex is an annual film festival that is geared towards producing new and fresh cinematic works that will depict the culture of its local folks and uncover the talents of local filmmakers not only in Nabunturan but the whole Davao Region. This year, they extended its avenue to other filmmakers nationwide.

For over 200 submitted entries, only 29 films made it to the final cut. There were three chosen films from Cebu: “Usa Ka Libo” by Eli Razo (Santa Fe, Bantayan Island) won Best in Screenplay and Best in Music;“Kwerdas” by Chloe Anne Veloso (Cebu City) nominee of Best in Editing, Best in Production Design and Best Actress;“Naro 626” by Rena Mae Gocotano (Lapu-Lapu City) grabbed Jury Prize and also a nominee of Best in Screenplay.

“Naro 626” was first submitted in the Short Filmmaking Contest organized by Cebu City Office Substance Abuse Prevention (COSAP) as part of Drug Awareness Month in December 2018  that finished in second place. In February 2019, it was also screened during the Oroquieta Film Festival. The film won second place for Best Picture and Best in Screenplay while Trixie Galaura who played as Rona was hailed as Best Actress.

Gocotano’s team named 50k Productions who were behind the making of ‘Naro 626’ is Clark Jude Suhot (played as Nelson), Trixie Galaura (played as Rona), Lester Kyle Paes (Editor), Nova Leah Carbon (Cinematographer), Joyce Ann Gabutan (Cinematographer) Sheena Faith Muñez (Production Design), Carlo Cantago and Leonel Quillo (played Nelson’s friends). Galaura, Cantago, and Quillo are still enrolled as second year students in Cebu Normal University BA Communication program.