CNU transpires 1st congress in dengue awareness

To raise awareness of dengue intervention, Cebu Normal University (CNU) with the participation of Cebu City Government and City Health Office launched its first assembly on dengue awareness and mosquito control held at Teaching Arts Centrum Auditorium last Friday, with the theme, “Dengue Awareness and Mosquito Control: Enabling Innovations for Sustainable Development”.

The event started with a welcoming remark by University President Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, stating that the university is honored to be chosen as a host of the said congress.

“As a state university funded by the government, it is our responsiblity to make sure to partner with the agencies in the government and make the government’s projects and activities successful as they cascade down to our stake holders and collegues,” Dayagbil explained.

Hon. Michael Rama, the Vice Mayor of Cebu City and Chairman Committee on Health Hospital Services and Sanitation, served as the keynote speaker, saying that each individual in the government, health sector, and barangay, needs to be vigilant in maintaining cleanliness and responsibility to eradicate the causes of dengue in the community that they belong.

He added emphhasis on enhancing the 4S (search and destroy, see early consultation, self protection measures, and say yes to fogging only during outbreaks) strategy measures to guide the people on what they should do in protecting themselves against the virus.

Plenary speakers who tackled related topics were Dr. Milagros Grief, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, who shared about the life cycle of mosquito and about mosquito control; Dr. Ronald Jarvik Buscato, Regional Program Manager of National Aedes-Born Viral Diseases Prevention and Control Program, who discussed about current dengue situation in the Philippines; and Dr. Daisy Villa, Cebu City Health officer, who added insights about Cebu City’s current dengue situation.

The event was attended by faculty members of CNU, Barangay Health Workers, and Barangay Representatives from the different barangays around the city.

Meanwhile, Vilma Cuyos, a barangay health worker in Barangay Punta Princesa, gave tips on how to regulate the mosquitoes.

“Ang pagpanglimpyo sa panimalay, ang pag-agni sa mga tupad nimo nga balay nga manglimpyo, dili lang sa kana kon dili sa sulod sad sa panimalay ug i-suggest sa barangay ang ‘4 o’clock Habit’ nga manglimpyo gyod matag alas-kwatro sa hapon kay sa dihang mga orasa kay mangguwa ang mga lamok nga magdalag dengue,” Cuyos said.

An open forum followed, serving as the congress’ end; a lunch buffet accommodated the guests, while being serenaded by CNU Chorale.

Words and Photos by Leonel Quillo

CTE oversees Ed’ Fest 2019

To cultivate the educators’ potential in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains, College of Teacher Education (CTE) of Cebu Normal University (CNU) launched the two-day Educators’ Festival from November 13-14, 2019.

With a theme “Educators: Bringing Forth Competence and Characters to be Model of Sustainable Development”, Educator’s Council, the mother organization of CTE, started the event with a mass and parade done around the campus, then followed by a short program at Samuel McClintock (SM) Hall.

Dr. Ethel D. Abao, CTE Dean, conveyed in her opening remarks that educators must continue to excel, bringing the name and pride of the school wherever they go.

“Be conscious that education is the flagship of CNU. Being the flagship, each one of you is also considered as the model,” Abao added.

When asked about the challenges encountered before the event, Hon. Allen Kaye Peña, the event’s chairperson, shared that, “We have financial problems, kay we are just a small council unya naay uban sa amo membership fee, though dili mandatory, kay wala [nibayad].”

Another struggle pointed out by Peña was the uncontrollable number of activities in the school that made the management of the venues difficult.

Despite that, the council found immediate solutions to launch the Ed’Fest on its proposed date and goal to engage the educators in stress-free days.

The educators’ mini organizations showcased their dynamism by performing their cheers in which Physical Education Majors Organization (PEMO) secured the top spot, followed by SciBond and SoSciety as first and second placers, respectively.

Words by Jhonazel Kiskis and Lorille Mata
Photos by Kim Lysha Parawan and Bruce Borja

CNU ABS-CBN PACE conducts 13th PMC at CNU

To educate the country’s future media practitioners, ABS-CBN together with the Philippine Association of Communication Educators (PACE) commenced the third leg for the 13th Pinoy Media Congress (PMC) Caravan at Cebu Normal University (CNU) last November 8, 2019.

The event started with a talk of gratitude with ABS-CBN Integrated Corporate Communications Head, Mr. Kane Choa, and PACE Vice President for Visayas, Prof. Derek Alviola.

Speakers who had attended shared their expertise in different topics: Bayan Mo, I-patrol Mo Head, Madam Rowena Paraan on how to detect fake news; Business Unit Head of ABS-CBN TV Production, Mr. Pete Dizon for the lecture about working in TV production; ABS-CBN Books Head, Mr. Mark Yambot for print publishing; and Madam Julie Galino, Head of ABS-CBN Film Archives, for the talk about making the classics appeal to the new generation.

Dr. Joseph Elvir Tubilan, Chairman of the Department of Communication and Media Studies, said in an interview with Ang Suga that compared to the previous years, CNU now has the venue to accomodate the huge number of participants in hosting this kind of event.

When asked about the students’ benefit from the caravan, Tubilan said, “With all the topics from the different speakers that we have today, I suppose it will benefit the student whether knowledge [or] skills.”

Meanwhile, few challenges were encountered during the preparations; but, CNU Communicators Club Mayor Hon. Kaiser Jan Fuentes and the rest of the committee still pushed through with the event.

“We had the pleasure of time man to prepare, we knew about this just September, so we had much [time] of preparation. However, wala mi kahibaw sa full details until yesterday ra gyod,” he said.

Among the delegates who joined the congress were from University of the Philippines Cebu, Saint Theresa’s College, University of San Carlos, University of the Visayas, Cebu Technological University Main Campus, and South Western University Phinma.

Special intermission number

During the event, Tawag ng Tanghalan Year 3 Grand Champion, Elaine Duran, entertained the audience by showcasing her own rendition of the songs “Nadarang” and “Ulan”.

Words by Leonel Quillo, Lorille Mata, and Rubie Sollano
Photos by Kim Lysha Parawan and Bruce Borja

CTE remains atop for Intrams 2019

Bagging a total of 60 gold, 55 silver, and 35 bronze medals, the College of Teacher Education (CTE) was once again hailed as the champion during the culminating ceremony of the Intramural Sports Events 2019 at Cebu Normal University (CNU) Inner Court, yesterday.

Through their dedication, CTE was able to defend their winning streak, making this their second year as the reigning champ of the sports events.

CNU-Medellin was an unexpected win for the first place with 54 golds, while the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) trailed second place with 44 golds. CNU-Balamban with 28 golds and College of Nursing (CN) with 2 golds finished as third and fourth placers, respectively.

In an interview with Ang Suga, CTE Dean Dr. Ethel Abao said that it was team work that made them victorious once again.

“If you’re in a team, it’s either you swim or you sink. In CTE, everyone should swim–figuratively swim,” she shared.

On the other hand, Dr. Grace N. Mallaga, Dean of CNU-Medellin, expressed her gratitude to her student athletes after unexpectedly earning the first place overall.

Mallaga said she made sure to be present in every sports category and she was able to witness the zest and enthusiasm of CNU-Medellin players; hence she can confidently say that the school’s rank was “well-deserved”.

Mallaga also added that CNU-Medellin will continue to eye for the overall championship next year, stating, “Selfish to say, but then, we are really determined, we are really driven to get the gold so kabahan na sila (the other participating departments) next year because Cebu Normal University-Medellin will be a force to reckon with!”

Meanwhile, Dr. Milagros Greif, CAS Dean, stated that despite not being able to regain the championship title, she was still very happy that the students showed their attitude of real sportsmanship and that there was no quarrel.

“I’m still very happy kay we are still one CNU, we are bringing the name, pride of the CNU, not only for the CAS but for the whole,” added Greif.

CTE – 60 gold, 55 silver, 35 bronze
CNU Medellin – 54 gold, 46 silver, 34 bronze
CAS – 44 gold, 43 silver, 52 bronze
CNU Balamban – 28 gold, 18 silver, 13 bronze
CN – 2 gold, 7 silver, 12 bronze

Words by Mikaela Jane Dagani, Rubie Sollano, and Mika Filipino
Photos by Lou Adrian Paghasian and Bruce Borja


Intramurals 2019 institutes despite budget complications

Despite the lack of budget brought upon by the implementation of free tuition fees within state universities, Cebu Normal University (CNU) launches its annual Intramural Games with fury and fires, along with the cancellation of Cultural Festival.

“Wala nay budget ang school, last year naa pa man to, kadtong wala pa gi-implement ang free tuition fee,” said Sports and Cultural Director Dr. Wilson T. Ibañez in an exclusive interview with Ang Suga.

Ibañez stated that the event’s cancellation also stems from the decision of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) to alternate the staging of Cultural and Sports among the 113 State Universities and Colleges (SUC) throughout the country.

Though next year’s Intramurals would mainly focus on Cultural Festival, Ibañez said that the involvement of sporting events will still be realized, as mandated by the university’s calendar of activities.

“We have a difficulty in terms of financial requirements for the conduct of the Intramurals 2019, but we realized that this is not an activity that we should take for granted,” said CNU President Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil in her opening speech, during the opening ceremony held at the Centennial Stage this afternoon.

Dayagbil also stressed out that the inclusion of this year’s Intramural Games will develop teamwork, sportsmanship, and fellowship among the students and break barriers which paved the way to achieving holistic development, which stays true to this year’s theme: “Breaking Barriers and Achieving Excellence through Sports”.

To promote solidarity during the four-day celebration, National Arnis Player Mr. Charlz Michael Y.Lucrida lighted the Symbolic University Intramural Urn of Peace and Friendship, followed by National Arnis Bronze Medalist Ms. Kimberly Jane I. Ybañez leading the Oath of Sportsmanship.

Despite the financial challenges behind the annual event, the College of Teacher Education (CTE), College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Nursing (CN), CNU Medellin, and CNU Balamban managed to showcase their team spirit through performing their respective saludos and presenting their candidates for Mr. and Ms. CNU 2019.

The battle for this year’s crown started off with a bang, with CNU Medellin ending up taking all of the special awards, which are the Best in Saludo, Most Disciplined Unit, Most Colorful Delegation, Biggest Delegation, and Most Lively Unit.

Words by Kenjiro Mitsui and Jhonazel Kiskis
Photos by Ang Suga Publication

CNU-ILS Intramurals 2019: Shaping Champions, Inspiring Changes

The glamorous golden dragon. The resilient red phoenix. The wild white stallion.

Mythical creatures have graced the premises to embody the three houses of the Cebu Normal University (CNU) Integrated Laboratory School (ILS) during the opening ceremony of the ILS Intramurals 2019.

Loud cheers filled the ILS stage this morning, as both elementary and high school students merged to uphold their respective houses in various contests meant to showcase their talents and competencies.

Dance Competition

Size was not a hindrance for the elementary students to unleash their sharp moves for the hip-hop category while high school’s pop jazz competition highlighted girl power as the all-girl contestants danced to upbeat music.

At the end of the intense showdown, the White Stallion (Elementary Level) champed the Hip-hop Dance Contest and the Red Phoenix (High School Level) bagged the trophy for the Pop Jazz Competition.

“The Hip-hop competition of the elementary level is intense, mora’g galisod mi kay maayo sila tanan pero nakakita mi og kinsa’y champion,” said Michelet Sagetarios, head judge for the Dance Competition in an interview with Ang Suga.

However, Chris Salazar Asignar, the other judge for the Dance Competition emphasized the importance of educating the students of the difference between the pop jazz and hip-hop dance steps to ensure a performance that is appropriate to the given genre.

For the elementary dance contest, Red Phoenix grabbed the second place, while Golden Dragon placed third. Meanwhile, for the high school pop jazz contest, Golden Dragon and White Stallion placed second and third, respectively.

Mr. and Ms. CNU-ILS 2019

Selected ILS Students pulled off an impressive show of wit and grace as they strut the runway wearing stylish sportswear to vie for the title.

White Stallion showed dominance as it snagged the crown for the elementary level of the pageant as Jon Romuel Montecillo (Grade 5) and Dayzie Mae Ponce (Grade 5) won Mr. and Ms. CNU-ILS Elementary 2019, respectively.

In addition, crowd favorite Jenny Reyn Menor (Grade 9) from Golden Dragons claimed the title as Ms. CNU-ILS High School 2019 with Ian Lawrence Flores (Grade 9) of White Stallion pairing her as the Mr. CNU-ILS High School 2019.

In an interview with Ang Suga, Menor shared her sentiments for sweeping all the minor awards and the crown for the high school division despite a sprained ankle saying, “I’m very happy and I’m very thankful to God for giving me these blessings.”

“Three houses”

To promote unity and fairness, ILS Coordinator on Sports and Scouting, Jem Cloyd Tanucan, described how this year’s ILS Intramurals 2019 was different from the previous years by integrating the students from different levels into three houses.

“It’s a response to innovation 4.0 or iCNU sab nato. Amo man sab makita nga kon kato atong i-follow sab na first year, second year, third year, fourth year, naa gyo’y bias in terms of physical development,” Tanucan explained.

The nursery, kindergarten, multi-grade, and grades one to three were exempted from the opening ceremony for safety reasons.


Major Awards Elementary Level (Male)

1st Runner Up – Evan Manuel Astrologo (Grade 5 White Stallion)

2nd Runner Up – Alexander Gabriel Cabbarubias (Grade 5 Red Phoenix)

Elementary Level (Female)

1st Runner up – Sofia Isabel Bacalso (Grade 5 Red Phoenix)

2nd Runner up – Janly Grace Demol (Grade 5 Red Phoenix)

High school Level (Male)

1st Runner Up – Charles Alvarez (Grade 10 Red Phoenix)

2nd Runner Up – Jomar Sunpayco (Grade 10 Golden Dragons)

High School Level (Female)

1st Runner up – Bea Mae Batarilan (Grade 9 Red Phoenix)

2nd Runner up – Megan Cabardo (Grade 9 Golden Dragons)


Mr. Photogenic Elementary Level Male – Seth Johan Santino Misa (Red Phoenix)

Ms. Photogenic Elementary Level Female – Dayzie Mae Ponce (Golden Dragons)

Mr. Photogenic High School Level Male – Lleyton Lantaca (Red Phoenix)

Ms. Photogenic High School Level Female – Jenny Reyn Menor (Golden Dragons)

Best in Production Number Elementary Level Male – Evan Manuel Astrologo (Golden Dragons)

Best in Production Number Elementary Level Female – Dayzie Mae Ponce (Golden Dragons)

Best in Production Number High School Level Male – Lleyton Lantaca (Red Phoenix)

Best in Production Number High School Level Female – Jenny Ren Menor (Golden Dragons)

Best in Sportswear Elementary Level Male – Evan Manuel Astrologo (Golden Dragons)

Best in Sportswear Elementary Level Female – Janly Grace Demol (Red Phoenix)

Best in Sportswear High School Level Male – Charles Alvarez (Red Phoenix)

Best in Sportswear High School Level Female – Jenny Reyn Menor (Golden Dragons)

Other Awards

Most Lively House – Golden Dragon

Most Colorful House –Golden Dragons

Most Disciplined House – Red Phoenix

Words by Claire Gelbolingo and Mika Filipino

Photos by Retlyn Ceballos


CNU accomplishes FIRe 2019

In commemoration of the pursuit to advanced knowledge generation through research, Cebu Normal University (CNU) hosted the CNU FIRe (Festival on Innovations in Research) 2019 last October 17-19.

The three-day festival opened with the theme, “Complexity and Adaptation in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which focused on how research drove the emergence of the said revolution.

Dr. Floriza N. Laplap, Presidential Assistant for Planning and Development, delivered the words of welcome of Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, University President, highlighting the commitment of the academe to quality and relevant higher education through innovations.

“This gathering of intellectuals and innovators is a testament to our collective belief that research is the driver of innovation and one of the important keys in building a better future for our country,” Laplap said.


Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy, Vice President for Research, Extension, and Publication, officially opened the exhibition booths at the Samuel MacClintock (SM) Hall and performances from the CNU Chorale and CNU Kudyapi Folkloric Ensemble followed.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Roberto N. Padua, Former Commissioner of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Philippines, centralized his speech on social physics.

Meanwhile, plenary speakers Dr. Jonel P. Saludes, Associate Vice President for University of San Agustin, Iloilo, Philippines and Dr. Jan Chung-yuang, Minister, Examination Yuan, Republic of China, stated that the fourth industrial revolution is technology with conscience and a connection between education, human resources management, and government policies.

 In partnership with Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA), Dr. Jose Chiu-C. Chen, president of Taiwan Association for Schools of Public Administration and Affairs, spoke in front of the delegates during its second day.

CNU FIRe in partnership with Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA) continued on its second day at Tandang Sora Hall. 

The speakers were Dr. Jose Chiu-C. Chen, president of Taiwan Association for Schools of Public Administration and Affairs; Dr. Lizan Perante-Calina, president of Philippine Society for Public Administration; and, Dr. Alex Brillantes, president of Asian Association of Public Administration and Mr. Rene Sanapo of the Foundation for Economic Freedom, who shared experiences on their respective fields.

Muhammad Rais Prasetyo from Indonesia presents his study entitled “Improve Mental Health Status by Practicing Arabic Calligraphy” under the Health Promotions and Innovations strand.

The event was graced by delegates from different countries such as Indonesia and Taiwan; and the attendees, a mixed crowd of CNU faculty and Public Administration students. 

“CNU FIRe is really helpful para sa students of Public Admnistration… Naay mga techniques and other services [discussed in the forum] nga makapa-improve sa system sa Philippines,” said Paul Kevin Pocong (Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration II). He pointed out policy making, public governance, and e-government as vital topics related to his degree program.

During the event, speakers discussed about the purpose of Industry 4.0 and how it affects different sectors, as well as responses in government reform, and entrepreneurial development.

Presenting of researches

Research Presentor defends their study from the questions  of one of the research panel Dr. Daisy Palompon at Tandang Sora Hall.

Researchers from different state universities and colleges gathered to present their researches that were categorized into five strands during the afternoon session. 

The strands were Productive Pedagogy, presented at SM Hall; Health Promotion and Innovations, which took place at Eva Macapagal Memorial Arts (EMMA) Center; Complex Adaptive System at Tandang Sora Hall; Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Modelling at the E-Classroom College of Nursing (CN) Building; and Culture, Arts, and Governance at CN Amphitheatre.

Infographics and Infomercial presentations preceded on the final day of the three-day event, followed by the endnote session with Dr. Rozzano C. Locsin, Professor Emeritus of Florida Atlantic University. 

In regards to CNU FIRe, Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy, Vice President for Research, Extension, and Publications, said that “taking the lead when it comes to the advancement of technology” is a must to become a leading, multidisciplinary research university.

Though the preparation of CNU FIRe had less than six months, she shared her most sincere gratitude to the strong manpower of the faculty and to the participants from the other nation and colleges that made the event successful. 

According to Pogoy, CNU FIRE may be the first of its name but research conferences have been organized and held by CNU every year for several years now. 

CNU FIRe concluded with an awarding ceremony of the best presenters and special awards for the following strands:


Health Promotion and Innovations

1st Place – Effect of Safety Checklist in Addressing Nurse Handoff Communication Divergence

Presented by:  Mark Vincent P. Sarigumba

Authors: Mark Vincent P. Sarigumba, Symebelle G. Aguiman, and Rocky M. Camaligan

2nd Place – A Validation of a Non-linear Relationship on the Predictors of Violence Against Women (VAW) by Symbolic Regression

Presented by: Ernyl Henry Redula

Authors: Ernyl Henry Redula and Lovelyn G. Tipon

3rd Place – The Effect of Mirror Therapy Toward the Upper Extremity Grip Strength of Non-Hemorrhagic Stroke Patient in Dr. Moewardi Hospital

Presented by: Isnaini Rahmawati

Authors: Isnaini Rahmawati, Gatot Suparmanto, and Axel Aseta Winona

Culture, Arts, and Governance

1st Place – Community Extension Services of Cebu Normal University 

Presented by: Carlou John S. Letigio

Author: Carlou John S. Letigio

2nd Place – Contested Waters: Review of Literature on Water Contestations

Presented by: Ryan Dave Rayla

Author: Ryan Dave Rayla

3rd Place – Disaster Reduction and Emergency Assistance of Medellin (DREAM) Three-Component Framework: An LGU Resilience Modeling

Presented by: Jay Jumar R. Bacunawa

Author: Jay Jumar R. Bacunawa

                  – Social Progress Component and Indicators: Principal Component Analysis

Presented by: Rodin Paspasan

Author: Rodin Paspasan

Productive Pedagogy

1st Place – A Dose-Response Model for Advanced Education and Skill Sets in Enhancing the Probability of Employment

Presented by: Nigel Glenn N. Javier

Authors: Nigel Glenn N. Javier and Angeline M. Pogoy

2nd Place – Flipped Classroom Technique for Enhancing Grammatical Competence

Presented by: Maricel D. Rivera

Authors:  Maricel D. Rivera and Grace M. Flores

3rd Place – 4C’s in Teaching English to Senior High School

Presented by: Donna Grace I. Cotejo

Authors: Donna Grace I. Cotejo, Geraldine Amado, Julie Cabalquinto, and Michelle Landao

Complex Adaptive System

1st Place – Characterization of Mining Behavior of Selected Metals in the Philippines through a Bass Diffusion Model

Presented by: Jhudiel Masong Lobitaña 

Author: Jhudiel Masong Lobitaña

2nd Place – Capacitating Research Faculty for University-hood Using Bass Diffusion Model

Presented by: Erlinda Saludo Pantallano

Author: Erlinda Saludo Pantallano

3rd Place – An Emerging Picture of Global Economies Amidst Various Corruption Indices: Self-Organizing Behavior

Presented by: Jimbo Juanito B. Villamor

Authors: Jimbo Juanito B. Villamor, Teresita P. Senados, and Romy Jun A. Sunico

Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Modelling

1st Place – Biosorption ability of starfruit (Averrhoa Carambola L.) in Removing Cadmium and Lead in Contaminated Water Samples

Presented by: Joje Mar P. Sanchez

Authors: Joje Mar P. Sanchez, Pierre Kendrick L. Gosiaco, luke Carlyle Alvin l. Calvo, Junarie C. Bregente, and Michael A. Ponce

2nd Place – The Quadratic Lambert and an Application

Presented by: Cristina B. Corcino

Authors: Cristina B. Corcino, Istvan Mezo, and Wilson D. Castañeda Jr. 

3rd Place – Antagonistic Activity of Metarhizium anisopliae against phytopathogenic Fusarium oxysporum as biological control

Presented by: Marchee T. Picardal

Authors: Marchee T. Picardal, Ed Daniel L. Tundag, Gladwin B. Goc-ong, and Jay P. Picardal


1st Place – Indicators of Asian Achievement in Chemistry: Implications to the Philippine Setting 

By Joje Mar P. Sanchez

2nd Place – The Untold Stories of Childhood to Parenthood

By Joni Inocencia Gonzaga, Laurence Garcia, and Ma. Mayla Imelda M. Lapa

3rd Place – The Social Determinants of Under-Five Immunization Services uptake in the Urban and Rural Areas in Cebu City

By Jillian A. Bejoc, Cindy Thuy Duong G. Huynh, Gamaliel F. Lumapas, Candice A. Macasero, and Helmina Dale J. Merin


1st Place – The Foreign Students’ Intercultural Communicative Experiences

By Janet Mananay

2nd Place – Dengue Epidemiology

By Edward Laurence Opena

3rd Place – Captives of the Mind: Prevalence of Mental Health Problems in Children Who are in Conflict with the Law

By Ma. Mayla Imelda Lapa, Lyca Marie Bayo, Avriel Grances Bihag, Alexa Rae Dunque, and Christine Joy Hordista


1st Place – College of Nursing (CN)

2nd Place – College of Teacher Education (CTE)

3rd Place – College of Art and Sciences (CAS)


1st Place – Formulation of Seaweed Eucheuma Cottonii Gum Paste for Cake Decor Product by Charles E. Goles 

2nd Place – Handheld Writing Board

By Kim Francis R. Rodriquez

3rd Place – Formulation of Seaweed Eucheuma Cottonii Gum Paste for Cake Decor

Process by Charles E. Goles 

                   – Process of Making Dark Chocolate Porridge by Kim Francis R. Rodriquez

BEST RESEARCH PAPERS (Complex Adaptive System Strand)

– Global Variances in the Four Pillars of Knowledge-Based Economy 

By Bien Andrei R. Saludo

– Dispersion of Technological Innovations and Its Effect on Carbon Dioxide Emissions

By Adel Grace P. Gaudicos and Rujube N. Hinoguin

– Modeling Measles Spread Through Bass Diffusion

By Jillian A. Bejoc

– “Word of Mouth” as Basis for a Bass Diffusion Model for Philippine Tourism

By Dionalyn S. Gumacial and Bien Andrei R. Saludo

– The Global Diffusion of Technologies from China and the United States of America

By Catherine M. Garcia

Words by Jhonazel Kiskis, Leonel QuilloLorille Mata, and Phebe Soronio

Photos by Lou Paghasian and Retlyn Ceballos


CNU carries out quake drill

To develop resilience of the members of the institution, Cebu Normal University’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) directed an earthquake drill followed by a conscientious evaluation in Eva Macapagal Memorial Arts (EMMA) Center yesterday, as instructed in Republic Act 10121, an Act Strengthening the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System.

The drill focused on the evacuation process and took place in CNU grounds reaching the sidewalks, where the students had performed its expected protocols.

It was divided into two phases this year, with the morning as initial execution for the students from Integrated Laboratory School (ILS) and College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) for the first half, and the College of Teacher Education (CTE) on the second; while the afternoon was allotted for the unified earthquake drill followed with an evaluation attended by guest evaluators from the Cebu City Government-DRRM, Lapu-Lapu City Government (LCG)-DRRM, Base Camp Emergency Response Team (BCERT), and some barangay tanod from Brgy. San Antonio.

During the assessment, Mr. Nagiel Bañacia, an officer of LCG-DRRM said that the drill’s “ultimate objective” was to “teach people to be resilient” especially in the wake of disasters.

Meanwhile, Mr. Joseph Inosante, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of BCERT, pointed out the lack of resources such as radio, personal protective equipment (PPE), and signage in the university, and challenged to invest especially on PPE in the future.

“The students cannot be empowered without the support of the teachers and faculty members. The students were religiously following the ‘duck, cover and hold’ but the teachers did not,” he noted.

However, in an exclusive interview with Ang Suga, Inosante said that the earthquake drill was “much better, more organized, and more prepared” compared to the past and “just needs to polish more and work on it.”

In another interview, Mr. Joseph Sol Galeon, CNU-DRRM Presidential Assistant, shared that the recommendations were points that they have to “work on”.

“We will review the recommendations individually and personally, I will identify which of those will be prioritized. I will address individually the priority item that needs immediate response,” he said.

The students have also expressed their support for the drill through their participation.

“Gamit gyod kaayo ning earthquake drill kay kon mag-earthquake og tinod-anay, at least organized na and kahibaw na ka asa mo-exit, kinsang mga kauban, unsay buhaton—di ka mamatay,” shared Bryan Quiapo (BS Chemistry I).

Passed or not?

One common misconception on earthquake drills that take place in academic institutions is that it is assessed to conclude whether it has passed or failed.

“It’s more on points to work on so that in times of calamities we will be resilient, or at least we are prepared. In terms of disaster drill, what is important is that everyone is prompted on the things that they need to do better on times of calamity. It’s a lesson on progress,” Galleon explained.

Words by Mikaela Jane Dagani and Orly Joromat

Photos by Lou Paghasian and Kim Parawan


In the making: Teachers of Travelling Pants

This year’s vacation: on the 12th day of July, many lives began to change. They walked side by side. They burned with crimson passion. They wore black and gold uniforms looking indestructible. The pre-service teachers from Cebu Normal University (CNU) dauntlessly took flight to a foreign land.

            Through intricate processes that evaluated aspects ranging from competence, experience to personality administered by Mrs. Venus Cortes, third year student’s adviser , 19 students from the College of Teacher Education (CTE) and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) were chosen for the internship in Taiwan.

            In an interview with Ang Suga,  Angeline Altarejos  (BEEd General Education IV), one of the interns shared, “I had a great memorable learning experience during my student teaching internship in Taiwan. It gives me the taste on what it’s really like to be a teacher. I learned many things from this experience which will shape me the way I teach for years to come. It had its ups and downs, but I became a better person by working to make the most of my experience and looking for opportunities to learn.”

MAN-TO-MAN. A glimpse into what the student interns do on a daily basis in Taiwan. They handle eight classes lasting an hour and 30 minutes each with different students from different age groups. The subjects that these interns teach are Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

            Amidst all the enthusiasm and the excitement, pressure was also one of the concerns. They were the pioneering set of students that CNU sent for an internship outside the country. Their performance in the internship would greatly affect the relationship of Cebu Normal University and Aletheia University in the coming years.

            The years of theories, pedagogies, and lesson planning were now put to the test as they witnessed the reality that awaits them in the real world. Like all other meaningful journeys, the internship was full of jolts. Karmina Marie Pusta, another intern said, “Before I started my internship in Taiwan, there were things I considered and prepared. First, I prepared all the required documents. Preparing those documents was a bit strenuous and challenging since we were the pioneering batch and we had a busy schedule at that time. Second, I prepared the financial needs for the processing of the documents and for my stay in Taiwan. Lastly, I prepared myself for all the possibilities that would happen during my internship in Taiwan. I searched about  Taiwan’s culture, language, people and Aletheia University, the place where we stayed.”

Time played a vital role in soothing the heart that’s been away from home. Adjustment to the different environment and different culture enhanced the pre-service teachers in becoming flexible and adaptive; traits that a globally competitive teacher possesses. Feelings of weariness and dread were relieved as Aletheia University of Taiwan witnessed how they transcended to excellence.

            There is no doubt that CNU is the training ground for teachers. Presenting opportunities such as this, instilling skills, techniques and strategies to future teachers, and of course, proper guidance and facilitation from excellent and renowned mentors and professors molded pre-service teachers to a version that they can all be proud of.

            Aside from their teaching experiences, the journey would be incomplete without sights to behold and food to consume. From the night market that offered a variety of snacks, street food and especially milktea–the lingering creamy taste that they cannot forget–hidden adventurous attitudes were also unleashed as they wore their travelling pants to explore Taiwan’s Taipei 101 Mall, Taiwan Zoo, Miaoli Rose Garden, and Shilin Night Market.

A WHOLE NEW ADVENTURE. The students and teachers from Camp C enjoy precious moments at Miaoli County Taiwan. The teachers immersed themselves with their culture along with great experiences.

            Above all, friendships made travelling more meaningful.

            In the making of whatever future they may have, CNU’s pre-service teachers are already equipped to overcome any challenge laid against them.

            The equipped pre-service teachers include:

            Angeline Altarejos (BEEd General Education), Roxanne Faye Ardaba (BEEd General Education), Jessa Louise Cabahug (BEEd General Education), Rhea Mae Genilla (BEEd General Education), Keith Mervin Villasin (BEEd General Education), Jay Gusto (BS Tourism), Shaina Jane Sampayan (BA Communication – Journalism), Jessica Ungab (BA Communication – Journalism), Ana Lou Pudalan (BEEd General Education), Analou Broñola (BA Communication – Journalism), Edilyn Nahid (BA Communication – Journalism), Mohammad Aljaberi (BA Communication – Journalism),  Juvie Junio (BA Communication – Journalism), Karmina Marie Pusta (BEEd General Education), Louise Marie Nuñeza (BEEd General Education – Alumnus), Anthony Bandivas (BA English Literature), Arthur John Dale Yap (BS Psychology), Ryan Carlo Pelaez (BSEd English).

A DAY TRIP WORTH REMEMBERING. This is the first day trip for Camp A at Luodong Forestry Garden at Yilan County Taiwan–the day where the teachers got to know each of the Camp A students personally and deeply which strengthened the bond between the students and teachers.

Words by Zainon Yaun

Interviewees were Angeline Altarejos and Karmina Marie Pusta

Photos by Jessa Louise Cabahug and contributions by Jim Lin ( Lin Ya Ying)


ICAS thrives on its first year

International Conference of the Arts and Sciences (ICAS) imparted new insights about creative works and innovation last September 18-19, 2019 at Teaching Arts Centrum Auditorium of Cebu Normal University (CNU).

The conference opened with the theme, “Arts and Sciences Converge: Mainstreaming Creative Works and Innovations of the 21st Century,” centralizing on the unification of both fields.

Dr. Daisy R. Palompon, Vice President for Academic Affairs, did the honor to give the welcoming speech in behalf of CNU President Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, stating that the event was three years in the making.

Palompon furthered that the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) was challenged to come up with a multi-disciplinary research conference. This, in return, will create a broader perspective for the delegates.

Dr. Liza Perante-Calina, President of Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA) and Dean of Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) Graduate School.

The keynote speakers, Dr. Liza Perante-Calina, President of Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA) and Dean of Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) Graduate School; and health psychologist in California, USA, Dr. Raul Calderon shared about co-creation of knowledge and maximizing the outcome and potentials of the teachers, respectively.

BRAIN EXERCISE. Health psychologist, Dr. Raul Calderon elaborates the importance of meditation to achieve a healthy mind.

The discussion was then followed by parallel sessions in clusters.

Tackling about Language, Literature, and Communication, the first cluster held a symposium at Tandang Sora Hall, headed by Dr. Carmel Vip Conejos-Derasin, which mainly proposed researches related to studying Darna films, young adult literature, and contemporary Philippine media, which focuses on the areas requiring linguistic focus.

The second cluster, on the other hand, had a separate talk about Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Education at the Eva Macapagal Memorial Arts Center featuring mechanized farming, effects of sugar consumption, and toxicity evaluation of white spike heads.

Meanwhile, the third cluster, lead by Mr. Alexis Deodato Itao, remained at the auditorium, for a discussion about Humanities, Philosophy, and Social Sciences. This featured topics regarding economics, capitalism, Cebuano music, and homosexuality.

During the second day, keynote speaker Dr. Abu Hassan Ahmad, an honorary professor at the School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, presented his study about mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases.

HOW TO. The research of Dr. Abu Hassan Ahmad on dengue mitigation ignites the interest of the researchers from the cluster of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Education on the means and ways to control the rise of dengue cases.

In an interview with Ang Suga Publication, Ahmad said, “My research is beneficial to the study of mosquito aegis because [the] Philippines has [a] big problem with dengue… This small insect has killed more people than any other animal.”

Best Presenters

During the second day, awards were given to the most outstanding presenters for each cluster.

For Language, Literature, and Communication cluster, Ms. Reya Mari Veloso from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños, presented her study, “Unearthing Young Adult Literature: A Content Analysis of Zines from Philippine High School for the Arts.”

Ms. Ricah Amor Cabalhin of Eastern Visayas State University, with her study, “Nangangalas nga Nalilipay: A Lived Experience with Parenting LGBT Children,” was chosen for Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Education.

PRESENT AND DEFEND. Researcher from the cluster of Humanities and Social Sciences contribute in the exchange of ideas in the 1st International Conference of the Arts and Sciences held at Cebu Normal University, TAC building.

On the cluster of Humanities, Philosophy, and Social Sciences, Cebu Normal University’s Ms. Elena Lozano, “Toxicity Studies of Pyrethroid and Carbamate Insecticides against Papaya Mealybug Reared in Cassava and Papaya” secured her win as best presenter.

According to Palompon, CAS plans to more conferences of ICAS in the future.

Words by Mikaela Jane Dagani, Mark Aleson Sanico, and Orly Jeanne Andrei Joromat

Photos by James Walson Pacaldo and Janelle Dane Mag-aso