In commemoration of the pursuit to advanced knowledge generation through research, Cebu Normal University (CNU) hosted the CNU FIRe (Festival on Innovations in Research) 2019 last October 17-19.

The three-day festival opened with the theme, “Complexity and Adaptation in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which focused on how research drove the emergence of the said revolution.

Dr. Floriza N. Laplap, Presidential Assistant for Planning and Development, delivered the words of welcome of Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, University President, highlighting the commitment of the academe to quality and relevant higher education through innovations.

“This gathering of intellectuals and innovators is a testament to our collective belief that research is the driver of innovation and one of the important keys in building a better future for our country,” Laplap said.


Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy, Vice President for Research, Extension, and Publication, officially opened the exhibition booths at the Samuel MacClintock (SM) Hall and performances from the CNU Chorale and CNU Kudyapi Folkloric Ensemble followed.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Roberto N. Padua, Former Commissioner of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Philippines, centralized his speech on social physics.

Meanwhile, plenary speakers Dr. Jonel P. Saludes, Associate Vice President for University of San Agustin, Iloilo, Philippines and Dr. Jan Chung-yuang, Minister, Examination Yuan, Republic of China, stated that the fourth industrial revolution is technology with conscience and a connection between education, human resources management, and government policies.

 In partnership with Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA), Dr. Jose Chiu-C. Chen, president of Taiwan Association for Schools of Public Administration and Affairs, spoke in front of the delegates during its second day.

CNU FIRe in partnership with Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA) continued on its second day at Tandang Sora Hall. 

The speakers were Dr. Jose Chiu-C. Chen, president of Taiwan Association for Schools of Public Administration and Affairs; Dr. Lizan Perante-Calina, president of Philippine Society for Public Administration; and, Dr. Alex Brillantes, president of Asian Association of Public Administration and Mr. Rene Sanapo of the Foundation for Economic Freedom, who shared experiences on their respective fields.

Muhammad Rais Prasetyo from Indonesia presents his study entitled “Improve Mental Health Status by Practicing Arabic Calligraphy” under the Health Promotions and Innovations strand.

The event was graced by delegates from different countries such as Indonesia and Taiwan; and the attendees, a mixed crowd of CNU faculty and Public Administration students. 

“CNU FIRe is really helpful para sa students of Public Admnistration… Naay mga techniques and other services [discussed in the forum] nga makapa-improve sa system sa Philippines,” said Paul Kevin Pocong (Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration II). He pointed out policy making, public governance, and e-government as vital topics related to his degree program.

During the event, speakers discussed about the purpose of Industry 4.0 and how it affects different sectors, as well as responses in government reform, and entrepreneurial development.

Presenting of researches

Research Presentor defends their study from the questions  of one of the research panel Dr. Daisy Palompon at Tandang Sora Hall.

Researchers from different state universities and colleges gathered to present their researches that were categorized into five strands during the afternoon session. 

The strands were Productive Pedagogy, presented at SM Hall; Health Promotion and Innovations, which took place at Eva Macapagal Memorial Arts (EMMA) Center; Complex Adaptive System at Tandang Sora Hall; Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Modelling at the E-Classroom College of Nursing (CN) Building; and Culture, Arts, and Governance at CN Amphitheatre.

Infographics and Infomercial presentations preceded on the final day of the three-day event, followed by the endnote session with Dr. Rozzano C. Locsin, Professor Emeritus of Florida Atlantic University. 

In regards to CNU FIRe, Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy, Vice President for Research, Extension, and Publications, said that “taking the lead when it comes to the advancement of technology” is a must to become a leading, multidisciplinary research university.

Though the preparation of CNU FIRe had less than six months, she shared her most sincere gratitude to the strong manpower of the faculty and to the participants from the other nation and colleges that made the event successful. 

According to Pogoy, CNU FIRE may be the first of its name but research conferences have been organized and held by CNU every year for several years now. 

CNU FIRe concluded with an awarding ceremony of the best presenters and special awards for the following strands:


Health Promotion and Innovations

1st Place – Effect of Safety Checklist in Addressing Nurse Handoff Communication Divergence

Presented by:  Mark Vincent P. Sarigumba

Authors: Mark Vincent P. Sarigumba, Symebelle G. Aguiman, and Rocky M. Camaligan

2nd Place – A Validation of a Non-linear Relationship on the Predictors of Violence Against Women (VAW) by Symbolic Regression

Presented by: Ernyl Henry Redula

Authors: Ernyl Henry Redula and Lovelyn G. Tipon

3rd Place – The Effect of Mirror Therapy Toward the Upper Extremity Grip Strength of Non-Hemorrhagic Stroke Patient in Dr. Moewardi Hospital

Presented by: Isnaini Rahmawati

Authors: Isnaini Rahmawati, Gatot Suparmanto, and Axel Aseta Winona

Culture, Arts, and Governance

1st Place – Community Extension Services of Cebu Normal University 

Presented by: Carlou John S. Letigio

Author: Carlou John S. Letigio

2nd Place – Contested Waters: Review of Literature on Water Contestations

Presented by: Ryan Dave Rayla

Author: Ryan Dave Rayla

3rd Place – Disaster Reduction and Emergency Assistance of Medellin (DREAM) Three-Component Framework: An LGU Resilience Modeling

Presented by: Jay Jumar R. Bacunawa

Author: Jay Jumar R. Bacunawa

                  – Social Progress Component and Indicators: Principal Component Analysis

Presented by: Rodin Paspasan

Author: Rodin Paspasan

Productive Pedagogy

1st Place – A Dose-Response Model for Advanced Education and Skill Sets in Enhancing the Probability of Employment

Presented by: Nigel Glenn N. Javier

Authors: Nigel Glenn N. Javier and Angeline M. Pogoy

2nd Place – Flipped Classroom Technique for Enhancing Grammatical Competence

Presented by: Maricel D. Rivera

Authors:  Maricel D. Rivera and Grace M. Flores

3rd Place – 4C’s in Teaching English to Senior High School

Presented by: Donna Grace I. Cotejo

Authors: Donna Grace I. Cotejo, Geraldine Amado, Julie Cabalquinto, and Michelle Landao

Complex Adaptive System

1st Place – Characterization of Mining Behavior of Selected Metals in the Philippines through a Bass Diffusion Model

Presented by: Jhudiel Masong Lobitaña 

Author: Jhudiel Masong Lobitaña

2nd Place – Capacitating Research Faculty for University-hood Using Bass Diffusion Model

Presented by: Erlinda Saludo Pantallano

Author: Erlinda Saludo Pantallano

3rd Place – An Emerging Picture of Global Economies Amidst Various Corruption Indices: Self-Organizing Behavior

Presented by: Jimbo Juanito B. Villamor

Authors: Jimbo Juanito B. Villamor, Teresita P. Senados, and Romy Jun A. Sunico

Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Modelling

1st Place – Biosorption ability of starfruit (Averrhoa Carambola L.) in Removing Cadmium and Lead in Contaminated Water Samples

Presented by: Joje Mar P. Sanchez

Authors: Joje Mar P. Sanchez, Pierre Kendrick L. Gosiaco, luke Carlyle Alvin l. Calvo, Junarie C. Bregente, and Michael A. Ponce

2nd Place – The Quadratic Lambert and an Application

Presented by: Cristina B. Corcino

Authors: Cristina B. Corcino, Istvan Mezo, and Wilson D. Castañeda Jr. 

3rd Place – Antagonistic Activity of Metarhizium anisopliae against phytopathogenic Fusarium oxysporum as biological control

Presented by: Marchee T. Picardal

Authors: Marchee T. Picardal, Ed Daniel L. Tundag, Gladwin B. Goc-ong, and Jay P. Picardal


1st Place – Indicators of Asian Achievement in Chemistry: Implications to the Philippine Setting 

By Joje Mar P. Sanchez

2nd Place – The Untold Stories of Childhood to Parenthood

By Joni Inocencia Gonzaga, Laurence Garcia, and Ma. Mayla Imelda M. Lapa

3rd Place – The Social Determinants of Under-Five Immunization Services uptake in the Urban and Rural Areas in Cebu City

By Jillian A. Bejoc, Cindy Thuy Duong G. Huynh, Gamaliel F. Lumapas, Candice A. Macasero, and Helmina Dale J. Merin


1st Place – The Foreign Students’ Intercultural Communicative Experiences

By Janet Mananay

2nd Place – Dengue Epidemiology

By Edward Laurence Opena

3rd Place – Captives of the Mind: Prevalence of Mental Health Problems in Children Who are in Conflict with the Law

By Ma. Mayla Imelda Lapa, Lyca Marie Bayo, Avriel Grances Bihag, Alexa Rae Dunque, and Christine Joy Hordista


1st Place – College of Nursing (CN)

2nd Place – College of Teacher Education (CTE)

3rd Place – College of Art and Sciences (CAS)


1st Place – Formulation of Seaweed Eucheuma Cottonii Gum Paste for Cake Decor Product by Charles E. Goles 

2nd Place – Handheld Writing Board

By Kim Francis R. Rodriquez

3rd Place – Formulation of Seaweed Eucheuma Cottonii Gum Paste for Cake Decor

Process by Charles E. Goles 

                   – Process of Making Dark Chocolate Porridge by Kim Francis R. Rodriquez

BEST RESEARCH PAPERS (Complex Adaptive System Strand)

– Global Variances in the Four Pillars of Knowledge-Based Economy 

By Bien Andrei R. Saludo

– Dispersion of Technological Innovations and Its Effect on Carbon Dioxide Emissions

By Adel Grace P. Gaudicos and Rujube N. Hinoguin

– Modeling Measles Spread Through Bass Diffusion

By Jillian A. Bejoc

– “Word of Mouth” as Basis for a Bass Diffusion Model for Philippine Tourism

By Dionalyn S. Gumacial and Bien Andrei R. Saludo

– The Global Diffusion of Technologies from China and the United States of America

By Catherine M. Garcia

Words by Jhonazel Kiskis, Leonel QuilloLorille Mata, and Phebe Soronio

Photos by Lou Paghasian and Retlyn Ceballos