International Conference of the Arts and Sciences (ICAS) imparted new insights about creative works and innovation last September 18-19, 2019 at Teaching Arts Centrum Auditorium of Cebu Normal University (CNU).

The conference opened with the theme, “Arts and Sciences Converge: Mainstreaming Creative Works and Innovations of the 21st Century,” centralizing on the unification of both fields.

Dr. Daisy R. Palompon, Vice President for Academic Affairs, did the honor to give the welcoming speech in behalf of CNU President Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, stating that the event was three years in the making.

Palompon furthered that the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) was challenged to come up with a multi-disciplinary research conference. This, in return, will create a broader perspective for the delegates.

Dr. Liza Perante-Calina, President of Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA) and Dean of Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) Graduate School.

The keynote speakers, Dr. Liza Perante-Calina, President of Philippine Society for Public Administration (PSPA) and Dean of Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) Graduate School; and health psychologist in California, USA, Dr. Raul Calderon shared about co-creation of knowledge and maximizing the outcome and potentials of the teachers, respectively.

BRAIN EXERCISE. Health psychologist, Dr. Raul Calderon elaborates the importance of meditation to achieve a healthy mind.

The discussion was then followed by parallel sessions in clusters.

Tackling about Language, Literature, and Communication, the first cluster held a symposium at Tandang Sora Hall, headed by Dr. Carmel Vip Conejos-Derasin, which mainly proposed researches related to studying Darna films, young adult literature, and contemporary Philippine media, which focuses on the areas requiring linguistic focus.

The second cluster, on the other hand, had a separate talk about Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Education at the Eva Macapagal Memorial Arts Center featuring mechanized farming, effects of sugar consumption, and toxicity evaluation of white spike heads.

Meanwhile, the third cluster, lead by Mr. Alexis Deodato Itao, remained at the auditorium, for a discussion about Humanities, Philosophy, and Social Sciences. This featured topics regarding economics, capitalism, Cebuano music, and homosexuality.

During the second day, keynote speaker Dr. Abu Hassan Ahmad, an honorary professor at the School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, presented his study about mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases.

HOW TO. The research of Dr. Abu Hassan Ahmad on dengue mitigation ignites the interest of the researchers from the cluster of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Education on the means and ways to control the rise of dengue cases.

In an interview with Ang Suga Publication, Ahmad said, “My research is beneficial to the study of mosquito aegis because [the] Philippines has [a] big problem with dengue… This small insect has killed more people than any other animal.”

Best Presenters

During the second day, awards were given to the most outstanding presenters for each cluster.

For Language, Literature, and Communication cluster, Ms. Reya Mari Veloso from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños, presented her study, “Unearthing Young Adult Literature: A Content Analysis of Zines from Philippine High School for the Arts.”

Ms. Ricah Amor Cabalhin of Eastern Visayas State University, with her study, “Nangangalas nga Nalilipay: A Lived Experience with Parenting LGBT Children,” was chosen for Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Education.

PRESENT AND DEFEND. Researcher from the cluster of Humanities and Social Sciences contribute in the exchange of ideas in the 1st International Conference of the Arts and Sciences held at Cebu Normal University, TAC building.

On the cluster of Humanities, Philosophy, and Social Sciences, Cebu Normal University’s Ms. Elena Lozano, “Toxicity Studies of Pyrethroid and Carbamate Insecticides against Papaya Mealybug Reared in Cassava and Papaya” secured her win as best presenter.

According to Palompon, CAS plans to more conferences of ICAS in the future.

Words by Mikaela Jane Dagani, Mark Aleson Sanico, and Orly Jeanne Andrei Joromat

Photos by James Walson Pacaldo and Janelle Dane Mag-aso