To cultivate the educators’ potential in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains, College of Teacher Education (CTE) of Cebu Normal University (CNU) launched the two-day Educators’ Festival from November 13-14, 2019.

With a theme “Educators: Bringing Forth Competence and Characters to be Model of Sustainable Development”, Educator’s Council, the mother organization of CTE, started the event with a mass and parade done around the campus, then followed by a short program at Samuel McClintock (SM) Hall.

Dr. Ethel D. Abao, CTE Dean, conveyed in her opening remarks that educators must continue to excel, bringing the name and pride of the school wherever they go.

“Be conscious that education is the flagship of CNU. Being the flagship, each one of you is also considered as the model,” Abao added.

When asked about the challenges encountered before the event, Hon. Allen Kaye Peña, the event’s chairperson, shared that, “We have financial problems, kay we are just a small council unya naay uban sa amo membership fee, though dili mandatory, kay wala [nibayad].”

Another struggle pointed out by Peña was the uncontrollable number of activities in the school that made the management of the venues difficult.

Despite that, the council found immediate solutions to launch the Ed’Fest on its proposed date and goal to engage the educators in stress-free days.

The educators’ mini organizations showcased their dynamism by performing their cheers in which Physical Education Majors Organization (PEMO) secured the top spot, followed by SciBond and SoSciety as first and second placers, respectively.

Words by Jhonazel Kiskis and Lorille Mata
Photos by Kim Lysha Parawan and Bruce Borja