CNU-M SSC holds Christ Love Drive at Sitio Boongon

To extend love and support to the selected residents, the External Affairs Committee of Cebu Normal University – Medellin’s Supreme Student Council held a Christ-Love Drive activity at Sitio Boongon, Maharuhay, Medellin, Cebu, on December 22, 2023.

The event kicked off with a prayer led by SSC’s External Communication Director, Elloise Gabutan. Mr. Joebert Padata, the SSC Adviser, delivered a welcome address highlighting the importance of giving and showing love this Christmas to all attendees.

“True riches are in the heart. We are here because we want to share our love to you. And this will not happen for just once a year,” Padata stated.

To engage with the residents, various games such as Shoot the Bottle, Eat the Cookie, Sack Race with a twist, and Trip to Jerusalem were organized and facilitated by Marjun Amit, SSC Senator Head of the Committee on Health & Support.

Moreover, Reynaldo Nene, SSC Senator Head of the Committee on Ways and Means, shared his words of encouragement emphasizing the true essence of the holiday.

“Sa kining pamaagi, makahatag mi og gagmayng hinabang og mapasundayag namo kaninyo ang essence of giving and essence of love ilabi na tulo ka adlaw nalang og pasko na. Amoang paninguhaon nga kani nga aktibidades dili lang mahitabo kausa kundili masundan pa kini aron ubay2 mi og mapalipay og matabangan bisan paman sa gagmayng paagi,” Nene said.

More so, the highlight of the event was the distribution of donations, spearheaded by Mark Joseph Reso, SSC Chairperson of the External Affairs Committee, aimed at bringing joy and assistance to the recipients from Sitio Boongon, Maharuhay.

The students and staff of CNU-M hope that these donations will brighten the lives of those who received them, fostering a sense of community spirit and goodwill during this holiday season.

Text by Lhea Gimenez and Norlyn Dela Cruz | BANWAG

Photos from CNU-Medellin’s Supreme Student Council

CNU-Medellin’s SSC receives UNESCO recognition for Outstanding Achievements

Cebu Normal University-Medellin’s (CNU-M) Supreme Student Council (SSC) achieved a remarkable milestone by being awarded the Certificate of Good Standing on December 9, 2023, during the International Assembly of Youth for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (Y4U) 2023 event, held at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel in Metro Manila.

This recognition highlights the SSC’s dedication in meeting re-accreditation standards, through impactful grassroots community development endeavors.

The commitment of the CNU-M SSC adheres to UNESCO’s guidelines as provided by the National Coordinating Body of UNESCO in the Philippines, Inc.

Delight L. Rosales, CNU’s Student Regent and President of CNU-Medellin’s SSC, Mark Angelo Veran, CNU-M’s SSC Vice-President, along with CNU-M’s SSC Senators Romel Barro and James Yaun received the Certificate of Good Standing award.

Meanwhile, three other distinguished clubs within the university—Cebu Normal University-Supreme Student Council-Main, Educators’ Council, and Nightingale Student Council—also received the Certificate of Good Standing Award from UNESCO.

Text by Norlyn Dela Cruz | BANWAG and James Yaun | SSC

Photo from Delight L. Rosales | SSC

CNU-Medellin Faculty and Staff send off Dr. Malaga

In view of the sudden announcement of Dr. Grace N. Malaga, the current Cebu Normal University-Medellin campus director’s transfer, CNU-M faculty and staff gathered yesterday, January 2, 2023 at the CNU-M library to send a warm and emotional “see you around.”

Dr. Malaga is said to transfer to CNU Main for a higher position. Hence, the CNU-M faculty and staff together with the Supreme Student Council (SSC), had prepared a short program to commemorate the greatness that Dr. Malaga had shown for the last 4 years of being the CNU-M campus director.

The program started with a game called “Who is Dr. Malaga” which contains certain questions about her that the faculty and staff must answer. The next game was called “Draw Me a Picture” in which the faculty and staff are tasked to establish cooperation in drawing Dr. Malaga’s portrait. This was then followed by a video presentation, and speech from the faculty and staff, as well as from the students who attended the event. After this was the heartfelt message of Dr. Malaga to everybody.

“I promise that we will share in the glory and grandeur that the main campus enjoys,” she stated.

Text by Honey Dell Cordero | BANWAG

Photos by Franz Decina | BANWAG

Real Work Begins for the Medellin Campus

As the second semester slowly approaches, the newly appointed Officer-in-Charge Campus Director, Dr. Donna Grace Cotejo, held a courtesy call with the different organizations of Cebu Normal University-Medellin (CNU-M) Campus on January 5, 2024, at the CNU-M Library.

During the meeting, Dr. Cotejo shared her general plan for improving the campus and addressed several concerns.

She envisions molding the campus’ leaders through various administrative tasks, assigning these organizations to work for the registrar’s office. She sees this opportunity as a training ground before students enter the professional world.

“I want to train all these student leaders by involving them in various paperworks on campus. This hands-on experience will prepare them for the real working world,” she said.

Present at the meeting were the Supreme Student Council, Education Department, Tourism Department, the Commissions of Election, and the Banwag Publication, where they reported their future plans and discussed each club’s concerns.

Text by Kristine Tumanot | BANWAG

Photos from Delight Rosales

CNU students showcase skills in Sinungkaway

The performance of Sinulog de Sungkaway of the second-year Mangangaway from the Tourism and Education Departments was held yesterday, January 17, 2024, at the campus’ covered court as their culminating activity in the subject, Physical Education 3.

Sinungkaway, a modern Filipino fighting system, is a combination of Sinulog dance and Arnis techniques using a weapon made of bamboo called “sungkaw.” It was originally created by Pamilya Eskripula along with Mr. Jude P. Gelig, the PE Coordinator of Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus, not only to preserve, propagate, and promote the Filipino culture but also to teach them a different form of self-defense.

The event not only emphasized the relevance of appreciating Filipino Culture and the expression Christians’ faith, but also the significance of Martial art as a form of self-defense.

“Sinungkaway is not just about dancing and having a sound mind in a sound body but also is about our worship to our Lord Jesus Christ,” Dr. Donna Grace Cotejo, the new campus director of CNU-M shared in her inspirational address.

The winners for the different categories are as follow:

• Best in Streetdance – BSED 2B

• Best in Props and Costume – BSED 2B

• Reyna Sungkawera Champion – BSED 2B

• Reyna Sungkawera 1st Runner-up – BEED

• Reyna Sungkawera 2nd Runner-up – BSED 2A

• Sungkaway Grand Performance Champion – BEED 2B

• Sungkaway Grand Performance 1st •Runner-up – BSED 2A

•Sungkaway Grand Performance 2nd •Runner-up – BSED 2B

•Overall Champion – BSED 2B

Text by Lhea Gimenez | BANWAG

Photos by Franz Decina | BANWAG

CNU-M Students Take Strides for a Greener Tomorrow in ‘Go Run: Steps to Grow Green’ Program

Students of Cebu Normal University- Medellin Campus went aboard towards a greener community as they joined the “Go Run: Steps to Grow Green” program. The activity consisted of a fun run and a Mangrove tree planting today, January 31, 2024.

Supreme Student Council stood as the forefront of this initiative aimed to use this platform for students to advocate a greener Earth.

Moreover, to instill a sense of environmental awareness among the students and the broader community, the SSC, with the special participation of the guests: three members of the Tawagan Fishermen Folks Association, four Philippine National Police of Medellin, Cebu, two NSTP instructors, and a member of the Education for Sustainable Development Coordinator, and Dr. Donna Grace Cotejo, the CNU-M Campus Director, joined forces for the mangrove planting at the local site in Medellin, Cebu.

In addition, the speaker of the Philipine National Police of Medellin said that the PNP-M station was widely open and ready to help the CNU-M students on events like this.

James Espacio, the President of Tawagan Fishermen Folks, also shared their experiences on how they started planting mangroves on the Medellin shore.

He addressed that it was the aftermath of Yolanda when they started to plant mangroves aiming to replace the damaged ones.

CNU-M Campus Director, Dr. Donna Grace Cortejo highlighted the importance of helping the earth achieve a sustainable living.

“You can help reduce climate change from the problems of global warming; your duty today and your action today will reverberate the whole Medellin, is a form of advocacy in saving Mother Earth,” Dr. Cotejo said in her inspirational message.

Apart from the unified run, they also recognized the first ten to finish the route from the CNU-M covered court to the Sitio Tangke, Poblacion, Medellin.

The list of winners for the fun run are as follows:

1st placer : Jairine Moñino

2nd placer : Keith Andre Serafin

3rd placer : Rowegie Vidal

4th placer : Justin Zoilo

5th placer : Rob Montescarlos

6th placer : Gary Ypil

7th placer : Joseph Pradilla

8th placer : Marlon Alexes Panteleon

9th placer : Harvey Gulbe

10th placer : Joshua Tumacmol

Text by Diane Ypil and Kristine Tumanot | BANWAG

Photos by Lhea Gimenez, Christine Dungog and Rolando Sinining | BANWAG

Layout by Francis Jerson Olinares | BANWAG

CNU Medellin Gears Up for Uni-Wide Intrams 2024: Unleashing the Athletic Spirit

In anticipation of the upcoming university-wide intramurals in March 2024, the Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus shortened classes. Student athletes initiated their tryouts on February 5, 2024. Additionally, screening took place in different sports as participants seized the opportunity.

As each hopeful student athlete emerges with their hearts ablaze, aspiring to be chosen as the CNU-M representative for the upcoming sports event, they demonstrate their abilities to the fullest. With relentless effort and unwavering drive, they showcase their potential as dedicated athletes, reflecting their passion and commitment in aspiration to bring pride and glory for the campus.

In an interview with Romel Barro, a student athlete of Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus said, “As a CNU-M student athlete, I am motivated to bring pride to our school, fostering a sense of camaraderie. My goal is not only to excel personally but also to inspire fellow students to pursue their passions in athletics. With dedicated training for university-wide intramurals, I expect to improve my skills, value teamwork, and personal growth for a successful performance that reflects our collective efforts and makes our school proud”.

Text by Angel Chanlie Costramos | BANWAG

Photos by Jannah Capuno | BANWAG

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