Cebu Normal University-Medellin’s (CNU-M) Supreme Student Council (SSC) achieved a remarkable milestone by being awarded the Certificate of Good Standing on December 9, 2023, during the International Assembly of Youth for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (Y4U) 2023 event, held at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel in Metro Manila.

This recognition highlights the SSC’s dedication in meeting re-accreditation standards, through impactful grassroots community development endeavors.

The commitment of the CNU-M SSC adheres to UNESCO’s guidelines as provided by the National Coordinating Body of UNESCO in the Philippines, Inc.

Delight L. Rosales, CNU’s Student Regent and President of CNU-Medellin’s SSC, Mark Angelo Veran, CNU-M’s SSC Vice-President, along with CNU-M’s SSC Senators Romel Barro and James Yaun received the Certificate of Good Standing award.

Meanwhile, three other distinguished clubs within the university—Cebu Normal University-Supreme Student Council-Main, Educators’ Council, and Nightingale Student Council—also received the Certificate of Good Standing Award from UNESCO.

Text by Norlyn Dela Cruz | BANWAG and James Yaun | SSC

Photo from Delight L. Rosales | SSC