As the second semester slowly approaches, the newly appointed Officer-in-Charge Campus Director, Dr. Donna Grace Cotejo, held a courtesy call with the different organizations of Cebu Normal University-Medellin (CNU-M) Campus on January 5, 2024, at the CNU-M Library.

During the meeting, Dr. Cotejo shared her general plan for improving the campus and addressed several concerns.

She envisions molding the campus’ leaders through various administrative tasks, assigning these organizations to work for the registrar’s office. She sees this opportunity as a training ground before students enter the professional world.

“I want to train all these student leaders by involving them in various paperworks on campus. This hands-on experience will prepare them for the real working world,” she said.

Present at the meeting were the Supreme Student Council, Education Department, Tourism Department, the Commissions of Election, and the Banwag Publication, where they reported their future plans and discussed each club’s concerns.

Text by Kristine Tumanot | BANWAG

Photos from Delight Rosales