In anticipation of the upcoming university-wide intramurals in March 2024, the Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus shortened classes. Student athletes initiated their tryouts on February 5, 2024. Additionally, screening took place in different sports as participants seized the opportunity.

As each hopeful student athlete emerges with their hearts ablaze, aspiring to be chosen as the CNU-M representative for the upcoming sports event, they demonstrate their abilities to the fullest. With relentless effort and unwavering drive, they showcase their potential as dedicated athletes, reflecting their passion and commitment in aspiration to bring pride and glory for the campus.

In an interview with Romel Barro, a student athlete of Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus said, “As a CNU-M student athlete, I am motivated to bring pride to our school, fostering a sense of camaraderie. My goal is not only to excel personally but also to inspire fellow students to pursue their passions in athletics. With dedicated training for university-wide intramurals, I expect to improve my skills, value teamwork, and personal growth for a successful performance that reflects our collective efforts and makes our school proud”.

Text by Angel Chanlie Costramos | BANWAG

Photos by Jannah Capuno | BANWAG

Layout by Lara Condiman | BANWAG