In view of the sudden announcement of Dr. Grace N. Malaga, the current Cebu Normal University-Medellin campus director’s transfer, CNU-M faculty and staff gathered yesterday, January 2, 2023 at the CNU-M library to send a warm and emotional “see you around.”

Dr. Malaga is said to transfer to CNU Main for a higher position. Hence, the CNU-M faculty and staff together with the Supreme Student Council (SSC), had prepared a short program to commemorate the greatness that Dr. Malaga had shown for the last 4 years of being the CNU-M campus director.

The program started with a game called “Who is Dr. Malaga” which contains certain questions about her that the faculty and staff must answer. The next game was called “Draw Me a Picture” in which the faculty and staff are tasked to establish cooperation in drawing Dr. Malaga’s portrait. This was then followed by a video presentation, and speech from the faculty and staff, as well as from the students who attended the event. After this was the heartfelt message of Dr. Malaga to everybody.

“I promise that we will share in the glory and grandeur that the main campus enjoys,” she stated.

Text by Honey Dell Cordero | BANWAG

Photos by Franz Decina | BANWAG