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In order to better connect with local communities or to address a particular issue, CNU highly values collaborations and partnerships with other entities both inside and outside the university. Typically led by External Affairs and International Linkages, CNU has worked together with many barangays (e.g. Nangka, Sunog, and Gaas). The E-HELP program, particularly, was a collaborative effort of all the campuses of CNU.

CNU also values strong partnership with other state universities from both inside and outside the country. The university is active in organizing and participating in collaborative events such as the National Field Exposure Study Trip (N-FEST), the Silico Study, and outreach programs like with the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta for educational and charity work.

Building for The Attainment of SDG 2030

Ms. Naila Y. Beltran (Director, EAIL), Dr. Carolyn May O. Daquio (Regional Director, ATI VII), Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy (Vice-President for Research, Extension and Publication), Dr. Antonio Del Socorro (Extension Coordinator), Mr. Felojyn Sundo (Municipal Planning and Development Officer)

At Barangay Nangka Balamban in Cebu, the Office of External Affairs and International Linkages successfully carried out the first day of training on “Collaborative Community Planning and Organization Through Partnership Building for the Attainment of SDG 2030” last February 6, 2023. The on-site program was spearheaded by Director Naila Y. Beltran and Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy with the coordination of the Barangay Nangka, Balamban, and Municipal Agriculture and Municipal Planning and Development of Balamban, Cebu.

“This training aims to conduct multisectoral partnership collaborative planning and organization with community stakeholders in four days, define a common vision for the community, combine complementary resources and competencies, and share risk in order to maximize the values of SDGs to benefit each of the partners.

The main objective is to identify what programs must be implemented in relation to agriculture and this training program will be led by CNU.

The training program was graced by representatives from the Provincial and Municipal Planning and Development, Engr. Nemesis R. Almento, Mr. Felojyn Sundo, Municipal Agriculturists of Municipal Agriculture Balamban, Cebu as well as Dr. Carolyn May O. Daquio, Regional Director ATI VII, Dr. Anthony Del Socorro, Extension Coordinator, CNU-FAII, Hon. Pablo P. Tagalog, Barangay Captain of Barangay Nangka, Balamban Cebu, Hon. Jocelyn T. Badili, Barangay Councilor, Barangay Nangka Balamban, Cebu and the beneficiaries of the Extension Project “Root Crops Production” and “Superwoman” attended this training.


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