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Recognizing the importance of marine and coastal biodiversity, the institution has conducted and published research papers that highlight the challenges and mitigation strategies that stakeholders can contribute to the conservation of our water resources. These researches provide insight on important community concerns such as microplastics in sold fishes, the fishing culture in Bantayan, the status of coral communities, and phytoplanktons as pollution indicators. 

Moreover, students also engage in topics of Environmental Sustainability in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. The university engages with the community in supporting Katilingbanong Turismo of Brgy. Nangka in Cebu –a fishing livelihood training. 

A seminar-workshop was conducted in Barangay Tindog, Medellin, Cebu  on April 21, 2023 to heighten the community leaders consciousness on mangrove preservation and conservation. They shared how they once destroyed the mangrove forest, but later, because of awareness and education, they became part of the volunteer organizations protecting the mangroves. The seminar-workshop also emphasized the need for the community to work together to protect the mangroves from human activities such as illegal fishing, logging, and pollution. The event was successful in raising awareness among the local community about the importance of mangroves and promoting sustainable practices in managing resources. In addition, MAED- Science Education students facilitated a forum with the residents to come up with an action plan to further improve the economy of the community through eco-tourism attractions while preserving the mangrove forest. The participants left the seminar with a deeper understanding of the role they can play in preserving the mangroves and a renewed commitment to working towards a healthier ecosystem.

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