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To achieve a better nation with up-to-date industries and infrastructure, changes and innovation should start with smaller groups like schools and communities. CNU knows that very well and has been initiating industrial workshops that help locals curate products of their own. One such example is the process of producing all-natural insect-repellent soft balm using virgin coconut oil with citronella and neem kernel oil. 

CNU also encourages innovations in students especially in developing the economic sustainability in tourism by utilizing current technologies. In the fields of research and community engagement, CNU has been actively reiterating SDG 9 in the following ways: (1) the topic of SDG is actually part of the faculty’s syllabus and is being taught, (2) unemployed individuals are trained in Microsoft-related skills in Nangka, Balamban, and Cebu through the e-PICGG Extension Project. , (3) it has published researches such as Soft and Hard Skills Perceived Relevant by the Work Immersion Partner Institutions in the Countryside and The Culture and Economic Attributes of the Puso Street Food Industry: Basis for a  Contextualized Framework of Puso Teaching Mode

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