In a significant move towards fostering civic duty and national defense, the 7th Regional Community Defense Group (7th RCDG), Army Reserve Command, and Cebu Normal University have inked a historic Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The signing ceremony was organized by Mr. Romualdo Generalao, Coordinator, NSTP – Military Training Service/ROTC, held last November 20, 2023 at the IKC Hall in the presence of Dr. Daniel A. Ariaso Sr., the esteemed president of Cebu Normal University together with the other administrative officials and deans, marked a pivotal moment for both institutions.

It was represented by the Army Reserve Command was Col. Edgar G. Mangabay. The agreement serves as the cornerstone for the establishment and operation of the ROTC program within the university, aiming to instill discipline, leadership, and patriotism among its students.

The ROTC program’s activation within Cebu Normal University represents an avenue for students to develop essential skills, such as teamwork, resilience, and a strong sense of responsibility. Under the guidance and mentorship of the 7th RCDG, the university’s ROTC Unit will provide a platform for students to engage in practical training, leadership development, and community service.

This collaboration not only underscores the dedication of Cebu Normal University to holistic education but also highlights the invaluable role played by the military in shaping future leaders with a deep-rooted commitment to nation-building.

As the partnership between the 7th RCDG and Cebu Normal University takes flight, it heralds a promising future where empowered and responsible individuals will contribute actively to the progress and security of the nation.