Beaming with Love: EF wraps up ESOL Month

After the showcase of Literature and English major’s abilities and talents, the Cebu Normal University (CNU) – English Fellows (EF) Organization ended the English Studies and Other Languages (ESOL) Month 2023 today, February 21, 2023, at Samuel MacClintock (SM) Hall.
The students gathered to their respective assemblages namely Assemblage Book, Assemblage Quill, Assemblage Owl, and Assemblage Lotus.
EF Organization Mayor Hon. Ela Lois Tuhoy emphasized that even when the program ends, they will continue to serve the ‘EFersons’ with pride and sincerity.
“As our celebration comes to a close, do expect that we will only go uphill from here on and out…because that is what the English Fellow deserves,” she said.
Afterward, the stage lightened up as the Assemblages Book and Quill showcased their speech choir with the piece “The Resiliency of a Filipino” by William Bacani.
In an interview with Ang Suga, Georgie A. Saga (Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English III), one of the members who championed the speech choir, expressed her thoughts and feelings while preparing for the contest.
“Every naa mi break, wala ray one week among preparation ato, kay magtapok gyod mi dayon [ug] mag-brainstorm. [Amoang technique] kay gi-chop-chop-chop ang mga lines para dali ra masag-o…and actually overwhelmed kaayo ko kay first ever ESOL na [gi-held] face-to-face and nadaog [mi],” she shared.
Furthermore, the anticipated 15-minute audio dramas performed yesterday by Assemblages Lotus and Quill and a special guest from the 3rd Year Block D students of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English were presented.
Cheers filled the hall as the winners of the various competitions held for the two-day event were announced.
The morning session concluded with the closing remarks of Hon. Noel Quijano, followed by the photo opportunity of faculty, organization officers, and Assemblage members. §
The winners of the contest are as follows:
Overall Winner
Champion – Assemblage Quill
1st Runner Up – Assemblage Owl
2nd Runner Up – Assemblage Book
3rd Runner Up – Assemblage Lotus
Spelling Bee
1st Place – Charles Vincent P. Manubag (Guest) and Beatrice Rae Datiles (Guest)
2nd Place – Phebe Soronio (Assemblage Owl) and Charlotte A. Pagwagan (Assemblage Book)
3rd Place – Piolo Lester J. Berame (Assemblage Book) and Divine Grace O. Cordeta (Assemblage Book)
1st Place – Hyra Faith Enclunar (Assemblage Lotus)
2nd Place – Krestine M. Velos (Assemblage Book)
3rd Place – Rheisa J. Camiguel (Assemblage Quill)
Spoken Word (English Category)
1st Place – Junezze Marie Mangubat (Assemblage Owl)
2nd Place – Eduardo Compra III (Assemblage Quill)
3rd Place – Maileen Fei Blanco (Assemblage Lotus)
Spoken Word (Filipino Category)
1st Place – Jee Cañete (Assemblage Quill)
2nd Place – Weyden Veloria (Assemblage Book)
3rd Place – Lyndel Mae Gingoyon (Assemblage Lotus)
Spoken Word (Cebuano Category)
1st Place – Dexter Berganio (Assemblage Quill)
2nd Place – Leizel Kate Tejana Mandiadi (Assemblage Owl)
Song Translation
1st Place – Assemblage Lotus
Maria Dolores Arong
Mayean Pacubat Ebo
Jamaica Rascen Claro
Sunshine Mantalaba
Aliah Niña Bayno
Raven Alenton
2nd Place – Assemblage Owl
Frances Mikaela Cacho
Ralph Michael Makiling
Kristal Hope Laplana
Rocky Santander
Dhallyn Lapasaran
Jed Vincent Abadia
3rd Place – Assemblage Book
4th Place – Assemblage Quill
Nicole Gabrielle Gica
Bridget Zoe Mozo
Lera Jane Camangyan
Mary Angelie Aguipo
Cherylle Mondoñedo
Daisy Dimpas
Booth Exhibit
1st Place – Assemblage Owl
2nd Place – Assemblage Lotus
3rd Place – Assemblage Quill
Speech Choir
1st Place – Assemblage Quill
2nd Place – Assemblage Book
Radio Drama:
1st Place – Assemblage Book
2nd Place – Assemblage Lotus
3rd Place – Assemblage Owl
4th Place – Assemblage Quill
Words by Aldwin Villacrucis and Donna Rose Egos
Photos by Mardy May Amancio

Physics, Chem Dept pilots first lab coat donning, pinning ceremony

Amidst several delays, Cebu Normal University’s (CNU) 4th year Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BS Chemistry) and 3rd Year Bachelor of Science in Physics (BS Physics) students finally gleamed in brilliant whites in their first-ever Laboratory Coat Donning and Pinning Ceremony today, February 8, 2023, at Tandang Sora Hall.
With the theme, “Click and Entanglement: Honoring Commitment to Ethics and Professionalism as Future Scientists of the 21st Century,” the event reminded the 12 BS Chemistry and four BS Physics student interns to uphold ethical responsibility and moral conduct as they enter the professional field.
College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean Dr. Milagros M. Greif congratulated the students for being “very dedicated in [to] completing school requirements” despite their experiences at the peak of the pandemic in her opening speech.
Meanwhile, the first keynote speaker and Physics Department Faculty Mr. Allan Roy B. Elnar, MPhys emphasized in his talk that the students have the power to shape the world.
He furthered that from creating drugs and uncovering the mysteries of the universe, they are expected to create a more sustainable future.
“Embrace challenge and curiosity so you can drive science forward,” he encouraged.
Miss Luzviminda R. Bato, RCh, the second keynote speaker and Chemistry Department faculty, shared the history and symbolic significance of the lab gown.
She stressed that the color white’s practicality catches up with the fast-paced progress of the scientific field and should be worn with pride and honor as they start their journey as new scientists of the 21st century.
The ceremony climaxed with the lab coat donning and pinning of the modest roster of 16 students, which was facilitated by Mr. Seagal P. Asjali, RCh, MSc, Miss Erced E. Urbano, RCh, MChem, and Mr. Allan Roy B. Elnar, MPhys.
During the testimonial sharing portion of the ceremony, Kevin J. Bongabong (BS Physics III) reminisced how his freshman year class had gone from having numerous students in a block to only having four.
He thereby expressed his wish that the remaining should persevere and wish for nothing but the best.
Meanwhile, Ervin Claide O. Estelloso (BS Chemistry IV) stated that “We have different reasons explaining why we chose Chemistry, what makes us the same is that we are destined to be here.”
Fresh from receiving their pins and lab gowns, the student interns then took their oaths and pledge. §
Words by Jamaica Ola-a and Carlos Leopoldo Cabeza III
Photos by Mardy May Amancio

CNU lands 45th place in WRWU nationwide

Cebu Normal University (CNU) brimmed in crimson and gold as it ranked 45th out of 365 universities nationwide for the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities (WRWU) January 2023 edition.
CNU secured the 390th spot among 4,693 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in South East Asia; 2,701st among 16,627 universities in Asia; and 6,682nd among 11,993 universities worldwide.
WRWU or Ranking Web was initiated by Cybermetrics Lab, with the aim of harnessing support for Open Access initiatives, and electronic access to scientific publications and other academic materials.
Accordingly, they utilized web indicators to reflect the global performance, impact, relevance, and visibility of the HEIs that served as their bases for ranking.
Meanwhile, the University of the Philippines (UP) – Diliman preserved its top spot in the national rankings. Moreover, Harvard University, Stanford University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) stand in the top three spots worldwide, respectively. §
Words by Jessa Sestoso
Layout by Josi Mari Malazarte

Pol Sci, Public Ad students attend first DPG pinning ceremony

Cebu Normal University’s (CNU) fourth-year Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (BAPolSci) and Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) students walked up the stage to claim their pins in the first-ever Department of Public Governance (DPG) Pinning Ceremony held this Saturday afternoon, January 28, 2023, at Samuel MacClintock (SM) Hall.
The ceremony kicked off with a holy mass, officiated by Rev. Fr. Roland Angel Anthony Torres followed by the processional march.
Abiding by the theme “KABISOG: Harnessing the Cavaliers of the Nation’s Future Statesmen,” this year’s batch stood proud in black and beige as Prof. Louiechi Von Rama, DPG Chairman, authorized the installation of pins, thereby accepting 23 students from BPA and 88 students from BAPolSci as student interns.
Meanwhile, the installation of pins was guided by Dr. Roselle A. Jardin, Director of the Research Institute of Public Governance (RIPG) and Practicum Preceptor; Prof. Erma Jane Cayas, RIPG Division Chair and Practicum Preceptor; and Prof. Erven M. Noval, DPG faculty.
Thereafter, the keynote speaker, Mr. Rufino Rego G. Sanchez, CPMA, CHRP, RPm, Officer-in-Charge of Visayas HR Division (VHRD), highlighted the importance of mental health and how the adjustments in the world of internship affect every aspect of it.
He also enumerated four protective factors that help student interns deal with their tasks more effectively, namely: (1) good social skills, (2) a strong social support system, (3) positive work climate, and (4) good physical health.
To end his talk, he gave a gratitude exercise to the 4th year students by letting them go to the seats of their respective parents and loved ones to offer them a hug.
“When we are grateful for the things we do, [and the people around us], it would help boost our mental health,” Sanchez concluded.
The event ended with the proclamation of The Intern’s Pledge, led by Hon. Carmelle Ramos, Mayor of Bachelor of Public Administration Student Organization (BAPASO); words of gratitude by Hon. Joshua Arreglo, Block Chair of PolSci 4A; and the singing of the batch song. §
Words by Reina Aureo and April Escalicas
Photos by Mardy May Amancio

Languages and Literature Dept commences first pinning ceremony

Cebu Normal University’s (CNU) fourth-year Bachelor of Arts in English Language (BAELANG), Bachelor of Arts in Literature (BALIT), and Batsilyer ng Sining sa Filipino (BSF) students marched for their first Pinning Ceremony held this Thursday afternoon, January 26, 2023, at Tandang Sora Hall.
With the theme “Teachers as Catalyst: Responding to 21st century education in the New Normal,” the pioneering batch of the department was welcomed by the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean Dr. Milagros M. Greif.
In her welcome address, she emphasized the significance of the students’ traditional pinning ceremony which symbolized the beginning of their journey as interns.
“You are a catalyst, which means that you can contribute for [to] the betterment of the society and to the whole world,” Greif stated.
The keynote speaker, Chairperson of the Department of Language and Literature Dr. Carmel Vip C. Derasin, shared some of her significant experiences as a teacher and amplified the very essence of an educator.
She stressed that the new tradition of this pinning ceremony is a “demarcation line as a student and as being a catalyst for change.”
“You rise above mediocrity,” Derasin added.
The most anticipated part of the event transpired as the BAELANG, BALIT, and BSF students walked up on stage to accept the symbol of their transition from being students to student interns.
Dr. Dulce Anlagan, Faculty of Languages and Literature Department, showed gratitude to everyone who graced the ceremony with their presence, as well as the newly pinned students as they embark on their new path as student interns. §
Words by Jonaren Eran and Jeorgiemerl Codaste
Photos by Gwen Steffani Alguno