Normalite tops DILG-7 on-the-spot painting contest

In celebration of World Water Day, Normalite Jason Banono (Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Integrated Marketing Communication and Press Relations II) won the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Regional Office (RO) 7’s regional on-the-spot painting contest last March 20, 2023.
Different Cebu-based colleges and universities participated in the contest which centered on the theme, “Accelerating Change to Solve the Water and Sanitation Crisis.”
In an interview with Ang Suga, Banono shared that representing Cebu Normal University (CNU) was a “healthy pressure” that pushed him to do his best and aim for victory.
“I feel proud representing the name of the university because not everyone can have that opportunity. It is an honor to do so,” he said.
Banono furthered that he was hesitant to accept the offer because the contest proper fell on the day of the midterm examinations.
However, he embraced the challenge and was able to paint a masterpiece in line with the theme within almost four hours.
“My artwork emphasizes that clean water should be accessible by everyone, from highly urban cities to the most far-flung areas that need them equally,” stated Banono.
He added that the water and sanitation crisis is an issue that cannot be fixed temporarily by bandage solutions.
“It sends a message that while we are obliged to help conserve water and not leave a negative impact on the environment, we can only do so much in bringing out real impactful change. A collaborative work between authorities and citizens is a must,” he concluded.
Meanwhile, DILG-7’s Engr. John Arnold Reluya and Josh Almonte from the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) bagged second and third place, respectively.
World Water Day is held annually every March 22 to advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources and tackle the global water crisis in support of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030. §
Words by Jonalyn Infante
Photos grabbed from DILG-7 Facebook page

CNU acquires three-star rating in QS Stars

Cebu Normal University (CNU) moves forward with its vision as it was hailed as a Three (3) Stars Institution by the Quacquarelli Symond (QS) Stars Rating System in March 2023.
The leading multidisciplinary research university of education’s three (3) out of five (5) stars rating means that CNU is a “well-recognised [institution] nationally and may have also begun to attract international recognition.”
The QS Stars rating system aims to help students identify the best universities that will fit their needs in a particular topic. Rather than ranking HEIs, they give ratings as they believe that each university is different and possesses distinct strengths.
Moreover, they utilize three (3) criteria which consist of several categories when rating universities fairly: (1) the core criteria categories focus on the components of a university; (2) the advanced criteria categories look at a university with a solid foundation; and (3) specialist criteria categories look intently at an institution’s areas of specialization.
QS Stars is one of the “world’s leading provider of services, analytics, and insight to the global higher education institutions (HEIs).” §
Words by Renee Ross Villariasa
Photo grabbed from CNU Facebook page

Extension Project In-House Review

On March 2, 2023, the Office of External Affairs and International Linkages held its annual In-House Review at Tandang Sora Hall, Cebu Normal University. This annual in-house extension project review is one of the most important activities for developing valuable skills, increasing coordination, and raising the project profile. It will bring together the faculty and partner agencies involved in community building, and a representative from each project attended the aforementioned event.

This Project In-House Review is one of the core processes of the Extension Services for the depressed, deprived, and underserved. This review will assess the sustainability, viability, and impact of the new extension projects of faculty extensionists who do not have projects as part of their MFO4 functions at the university.

The goal of an Extension Project In-House Review is to enable the project proponents enough time to prepare next-phase proposals for existing projects for additional funding or to start a new extension project based on community needs.

With a total of 43 extension projects that were successfully presented, the School of Arts presented twelve (12) extension projects, the School of Sciences presented four (4) extension projects, the College of Teacher Education presented twelve (12) extension projects, the College of Nursing presented eight (8) extension projects, the Balamban Campus presented four (4) extension projects, and the Medellin Campus presented three (3) extension projects. This activity aims to determine whether they wish to keep working on the extension projects, terminate them, or start new ones.

In her welcome remarks, Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy, Vice-President for Research, Extension and Publication, emphasized that as a Higher Education Institution, we fulfilled a mandate in instruction, Extensions, and Research. She stated that the E-HELP program, led by Director Naila Y. Beltran has adopted communities and various projects in Education, Health, Environment, Livelihood, and Peace (E-HELP). Every year, the university conducts a call for project proposals and conducts the In-House Review to maximized the use of government resources for extension services. Several extension projects were implemented, monitored, and evaluated, or impact studies, MOAs, resolutions, and even some registered utility models and copyrighted modules were published as outputs.

 “We’ve gotten this far because it began with careful planning and dedication of people, and with the synergy in the university, we’ve grown exponentially as evidenced by our accomplishments every year,” she explained.

Several extension projects from different colleges and campuses were implemented, monitored, and along the way they have done some challenges and she knew that the extension project proponents experience that also, but even though those things that come to their way they have thrived and hope to continue doing the mandate with a commitment, dedications and diverse talent in the university and the community.

Today, with the new projects that are proposed, they will do the in-house review in extension services with their experience and expertise and will continue to work together in demonstrating the culture as to make the extension services relevant and significant to empower and improved our adaptive communities.

Dr. Josefino A. Ronquillo (Supervising Education Program Specialist, CHED ROVII), Dr. Merinisa J. Olvido (Public School District Supervisor, DepEd Mandaue City), Dr. Jonah Lydia Langga (Chief Nurse Officer, Saint Anthony Mother and Child), and Dr. Jestoni P. Babia (School Dean/Director, University of San Jose Recoletos) are the experts who have been invited to assess and evaluate the extension projects.

Director Naila Y. Beltran clearly presented her Rationale and Updates on Extension Activity Delivery and Documentation. She discussed the Legal Framework, the Extension Process Overview, and the Food Framework Agreement. She outlined the various mandates, an overview of extension services in Philippine Higher Education, as well as the goals of HEIs. She defined Extension Work as a collaborative, purposeful activity by the various members of HEI aimed at contributing to empowerment for identified communities so that the latter can eventually achieve development and inclusive growth on their own.

“As a collaborative, purposive activity it is assumed that extension service-in order to respond to the needs and requirements of the identified community-shall web together the functional expertise of the three pillars of higher education: instruction, research, and extension”.

Pertaining to the Extension process, she discussed the Pre-Assessment Phase, which includes the following steps: Identification of the Project Site; Meeting with Officials; Environmental Scanning; Needs Assessment/Benchmarking; MOA Signing; and Community People Orientation.

Furthermore, she also highlighted the Intervention Phase, which is a significant stage in consulting with various stakeholders before submitting a project proposal. The project proponents must submit a proposal for pre-screening, a project internal review for external evaluation, approval of the project proposal for funding, submission of a program of work, implementation, and submission of an accomplishment report at the assertion of the implementation of extension projects.

She went into great detail about the guiding principles of community development during her speeches. The community itself establishes the aims and purposes of extension initiatives; Extensionists’ duty is to direct and support the realization of these objectives.

Afterwards, she discussed the Extension Food Framework Procedure and the implementation period is April to December 2023 under the first come first served basis.

In his keynote presentation, Dr. Josefino A. Ronquillo focused on the Community: Socio-Economic Development for Sustainability and International Zone Network. He briefly talked on integrating the SDGs into the Philippine Development Plan 2023–2028 as well as the Millennium Development Goals, SGDs, and Ambisyon Natin 2040, which embody the collective long-term vision and aspirations of the Filipino people for themselves and for the nation up to 2040.

In addition, Dr. Ronquillo shared several key takeaways with the audience, emphasizing that in light of the information aforementioned, the following must be considered when making decisions: “What do we need to do” Who will carry it out? Whom, When, and How do we need to act? How do we do it? How much do the beneficiaries of our stakeholder’s benefit? To address Dr. Ronquillo’s conclusions, we need to take aggressive actions to address the issues preventing the Philippines from meeting the 17 SDGs in accordance with the revised 2030 objectives and Ambisyon Natin 2040 incorporated within the Philippine Development Plan 2023–2028. For the benefit of the Community/Stakeholders, the CNU and Community Partners will carry it out. How will it be accomplished? By partnerships, collaboration, and connections. Lastly, how much will the Stakeholders benefit? It is both locally and globally.

A question-and-answer segment immediately followed the presentations where an invited Resource Persons expressed clarifications on the result and utilization of the extension programs.

Subsequently, the breakout sessions began, with representatives from each extension project conveying. Dr. Ronquillo evaluated the extension projects presented by the Medellin and Balamban Campuses at the Office of External Affairs and International Linkages, Dr. Merinisa Olvido evaluated the extension projects of the College of Teacher Education and ILS at the CTE extension office, Dr. Jonah Lydia Langga evaluated the extension projects of the College of Nursing at the CN e-classroom, and Dr. Jestoni Babia evaluated the extension projects of CAS-School of Arts and School of Sciences at Tandang Sora Hall.

Balamban and Medellin Campuses presented their extension projects
College of Teacher Education presented their extension projects
CAS School of Arts and School of Sciences presented their extension projects

The EAIL team would like to extend their gratitude to the Resource Persons who analyzed and reviewed the extension projects as well as to the project proponents for their efforts in delivering extension services. (LET)

Photo opportunity along with Dr. Josefino A. Ronquillo (Supervising Education program Specialist, CHED ROVII), together with Director Naila Y. Beltran and the College Extension Chairs.
Photo opportunity along with Dr. Jonah Lydia Langga (Chief Nurse Officer, Saint Anthony Mother and Child), together with Director Naila Y. Beltran, Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy and the Extension Chairs of College of Nursing and Balamban Campus.
Photo opportunity along with Dr. Jestoni P. Babia (School Dean/Director, University of San Jose Recoletos), together with Director Naila Y. Beltran, Dr. Angeline M. Pgoy and the College Extension Chairs.
Photo opportunity along with Dr. Merinisa J. Olvido (Public School District Supervisor, DepEd Mandaue City), together with Director Naila Y. Beltran, Dr. Angeline M. Pgoy and the Extension Chairs from different colleges

CNU presents research study on the Exploration of the Quality of Graduates of Teacher Education Institution

Cebu Normal University, a leading multidisciplinary research university in education, has championed the virtuous cycle of knowledge sharing and knowledge building in teacher education.  The university has been identified as the partner institution for “Study II – An Exploration of the Quality of Graduates of Teacher Education Institution” as part of the Scoping Study on Philippine Teacher Education of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). This laudable undertaking was concluded through “PADAYON: Philippine Pre-service Teacher Education Research Forum” of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) at the Philippine Normal University (PNU) on February 13, 2023.

The CNU research team from the College of Teacher Education is composed of the following: Dr. Michelle Mae Olvido, Dr. Filomena Dayagbil, Dr. Rivika Alda, Dr. Ethel Abao, Dr. Janet Mananay, Dr. Remedios Bacus, Dr. Maria Nancy Cadosales, Dr. Vincent Theodore Balo, Dr. Kim Francis Rodriguez, Ms. Baby Jane Uytico, Dr. Jewish Merin, Dr. Marchee Picardal, Dr. Jem Cloyd Tanucan, Dr., Dr. William Augusto, Dr. Jo Ann Petancio, Dr. Joje Mar Sanchez, Dr. Noremay Perez, Dr. Monique Cordova, and Dr. Gino Sumalinog.

The project is made possible by the support of the following: the Department of Education (DepEd) Central Office headed by Secretary Leonor M. Briones especially the Policy Research and Development Division together with the different regional directors and research focal persons who partnered with the team for data gathering; the members of the Technical Panel for Teacher Education Dr. Brenda B. Corpuz, Dr. Paz I. Lucido, Dr. Felicitas E. Pado, Dr. Maria Teresita P. Medado, and Dr. Runvi V. Manguerra who served as expert consultants for the team; the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Office of Programs and Standards Development, Office of Planning, Research, and Knowledge Management; the Office of Commissioner Aldrin A. Darilag and Chairperson J. Prospero E. De Vera III for the funding, without which, this undertaking would not have been possible.

The CNU College of Teacher Education hopes that the research undertaking significantly impacts the uptake of evidence-based policymaking. Their study looks into contributing to more robust research-based evidence on dimensions and categories of teacher quality and sheds light on curricular innovations, management, leadership, and policy reforms in teacher education to ensure teacher quality. 

Padayon CNU!

Words by: Dr. Michelle Mae J. Olvido

Collaborative Community Planning and Organization Through Partnership

Building For The Attainment of SDG 2030

At Barangay Nangka Balamban in Cebu, the Office of External Affairs and International Linkages successfully carried out the first day of training on “Collaborative Community Planning and Organization Through Partnership Building for the Attainment of SDG 2030” last February 6, 2023. The on-site program was spearheaded by Director Naila Y. Beltran and Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy with the coordination of the Barangay Nangka, Balamban, and Municipal Agriculture and Municipal Planning and Development of Balamban, Cebu.

“This training aims to conduct multisectoral partnership collaborative planning and organization with community stakeholders in four days, define a common vision for the community, combine complementary resources and competencies, and share risk in order to maximize the values of SDGs to benefit each of the partners.

The main objective is to identify what programs must be implemented in relation to agriculture and this training program will be led by CNU.

The training program was graced by representatives from the Provincial and Municipal Planning and Development, Engr. Nemesis R. Almento, Mr. Felojyn Sundo, Municipal Agriculturists of Municipal Agriculture Balamban, Cebu as well as Dr. Carolyn May O. Daquio, Regional Director ATI VII, Dr. Anthony Del Socorro, Extension Coordinator, CNU-FAII, Hon. Pablo P. Tagalog, Barangay Captain of Barangay Nangka, Balamban Cebu, Hon. Jocelyn T. Badili, Barangay Councilor, Barangay Nangka Balamban, Cebu and the beneficiaries of the Extension Project “Root Crops Production” and “Superwoman” attended this training.

Meanwhile, the Vice-President for Research Extension and Publication, Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy, gave her opening remarks. She set out what is E-HELP and on her remarks.  She hoped that everyone succeeds with the assistance of different government agencies

Director Naila Y. Beltran, Director, External Affairs and International Linkages gave her rationale and gave a brief background of the E-HELP when it started. She states that the CNU team is looking for a project for the farmers last 2022 and that is the Extension Project Root Crop Production. She encourages the beneficiaries of the Root Crops Production and Superwoman to showcase their product for the upcoming Agro fair that will be held on September 2023 and challenge the beneficiaries to discover new products, with the hope that the product will be huge and draw attention to the advancement of the barangay and municipality of Balamban, Cebu.

Engr. Nemesis R. Almento, Municipal Planning and Development Officer, talk through about Municipal Planning and Development of Agricultural Areas for Food and Root Crops Production. He expounded on how to and where to and what to consider when planting according to the month’s seasons and with the hope that whatever is learned during the training will be applied.

A question-and-answer segment immediately followed the presentations where an invited expert made clarifications on the result and utilization of the program.
The emphasis of the Municipal Perspective on Food Crops Grown for Domestic and Commercial Consumption was made by Mr. Felojyn Sundo, Municipal Planning and Development Officer. He discussed how important agriculture is to reaching sustainable development goals.

With an open forum, Dr. Antonio Del Socorro emphasized if the DAR would give information on what plant was best during seasons or what was best to plant during that month (planting calendar).

Dr. Carolyn May Daquio encouraged to have their own herbs or have institutionalized seed banking, attract the young to agriculture and have a farm business venture for the out-of-school youth with the support of LGU in Balamban, Cebu.
The program came to a conclusion at the perfect time to improve the community through pertinent efforts of the Research and Extension Services in collaboration with the renowned partner community and related organizations like DTI, DepED, DOST, DAR and what extent to the program will help the beneficiaries of the community to implement the plan. (LT)

Ms. Naila Y. Beltran (Director, EAIL), Dr. Carolyn May O. Daquio (Regional Director, ATI VII), Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy ( Vice-President for Research, Extension and Publication), Dr. Antonio Del Socorro (Extension Coordinator), Mr. Felojyn Sundo ( Municipal Planning and Development Officer)

Beaming with Love: EF wraps up ESOL Month

After the showcase of Literature and English major’s abilities and talents, the Cebu Normal University (CNU) – English Fellows (EF) Organization ended the English Studies and Other Languages (ESOL) Month 2023 today, February 21, 2023, at Samuel MacClintock (SM) Hall.
The students gathered to their respective assemblages namely Assemblage Book, Assemblage Quill, Assemblage Owl, and Assemblage Lotus.
EF Organization Mayor Hon. Ela Lois Tuhoy emphasized that even when the program ends, they will continue to serve the ‘EFersons’ with pride and sincerity.
“As our celebration comes to a close, do expect that we will only go uphill from here on and out…because that is what the English Fellow deserves,” she said.
Afterward, the stage lightened up as the Assemblages Book and Quill showcased their speech choir with the piece “The Resiliency of a Filipino” by William Bacani.
In an interview with Ang Suga, Georgie A. Saga (Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English III), one of the members who championed the speech choir, expressed her thoughts and feelings while preparing for the contest.
“Every naa mi break, wala ray one week among preparation ato, kay magtapok gyod mi dayon [ug] mag-brainstorm. [Amoang technique] kay gi-chop-chop-chop ang mga lines para dali ra masag-o…and actually overwhelmed kaayo ko kay first ever ESOL na [gi-held] face-to-face and nadaog [mi],” she shared.
Furthermore, the anticipated 15-minute audio dramas performed yesterday by Assemblages Lotus and Quill and a special guest from the 3rd Year Block D students of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English were presented.
Cheers filled the hall as the winners of the various competitions held for the two-day event were announced.
The morning session concluded with the closing remarks of Hon. Noel Quijano, followed by the photo opportunity of faculty, organization officers, and Assemblage members. §
The winners of the contest are as follows:
Overall Winner
Champion – Assemblage Quill
1st Runner Up – Assemblage Owl
2nd Runner Up – Assemblage Book
3rd Runner Up – Assemblage Lotus
Spelling Bee
1st Place – Charles Vincent P. Manubag (Guest) and Beatrice Rae Datiles (Guest)
2nd Place – Phebe Soronio (Assemblage Owl) and Charlotte A. Pagwagan (Assemblage Book)
3rd Place – Piolo Lester J. Berame (Assemblage Book) and Divine Grace O. Cordeta (Assemblage Book)
1st Place – Hyra Faith Enclunar (Assemblage Lotus)
2nd Place – Krestine M. Velos (Assemblage Book)
3rd Place – Rheisa J. Camiguel (Assemblage Quill)
Spoken Word (English Category)
1st Place – Junezze Marie Mangubat (Assemblage Owl)
2nd Place – Eduardo Compra III (Assemblage Quill)
3rd Place – Maileen Fei Blanco (Assemblage Lotus)
Spoken Word (Filipino Category)
1st Place – Jee Cañete (Assemblage Quill)
2nd Place – Weyden Veloria (Assemblage Book)
3rd Place – Lyndel Mae Gingoyon (Assemblage Lotus)
Spoken Word (Cebuano Category)
1st Place – Dexter Berganio (Assemblage Quill)
2nd Place – Leizel Kate Tejana Mandiadi (Assemblage Owl)
Song Translation
1st Place – Assemblage Lotus
Maria Dolores Arong
Mayean Pacubat Ebo
Jamaica Rascen Claro
Sunshine Mantalaba
Aliah Niña Bayno
Raven Alenton
2nd Place – Assemblage Owl
Frances Mikaela Cacho
Ralph Michael Makiling
Kristal Hope Laplana
Rocky Santander
Dhallyn Lapasaran
Jed Vincent Abadia
3rd Place – Assemblage Book
4th Place – Assemblage Quill
Nicole Gabrielle Gica
Bridget Zoe Mozo
Lera Jane Camangyan
Mary Angelie Aguipo
Cherylle Mondoñedo
Daisy Dimpas
Booth Exhibit
1st Place – Assemblage Owl
2nd Place – Assemblage Lotus
3rd Place – Assemblage Quill
Speech Choir
1st Place – Assemblage Quill
2nd Place – Assemblage Book
Radio Drama:
1st Place – Assemblage Book
2nd Place – Assemblage Lotus
3rd Place – Assemblage Owl
4th Place – Assemblage Quill
Words by Aldwin Villacrucis and Donna Rose Egos
Photos by Mardy May Amancio

Physics, Chem Dept pilots first lab coat donning, pinning ceremony

Amidst several delays, Cebu Normal University’s (CNU) 4th year Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BS Chemistry) and 3rd Year Bachelor of Science in Physics (BS Physics) students finally gleamed in brilliant whites in their first-ever Laboratory Coat Donning and Pinning Ceremony today, February 8, 2023, at Tandang Sora Hall.
With the theme, “Click and Entanglement: Honoring Commitment to Ethics and Professionalism as Future Scientists of the 21st Century,” the event reminded the 12 BS Chemistry and four BS Physics student interns to uphold ethical responsibility and moral conduct as they enter the professional field.
College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean Dr. Milagros M. Greif congratulated the students for being “very dedicated in [to] completing school requirements” despite their experiences at the peak of the pandemic in her opening speech.
Meanwhile, the first keynote speaker and Physics Department Faculty Mr. Allan Roy B. Elnar, MPhys emphasized in his talk that the students have the power to shape the world.
He furthered that from creating drugs and uncovering the mysteries of the universe, they are expected to create a more sustainable future.
“Embrace challenge and curiosity so you can drive science forward,” he encouraged.
Miss Luzviminda R. Bato, RCh, the second keynote speaker and Chemistry Department faculty, shared the history and symbolic significance of the lab gown.
She stressed that the color white’s practicality catches up with the fast-paced progress of the scientific field and should be worn with pride and honor as they start their journey as new scientists of the 21st century.
The ceremony climaxed with the lab coat donning and pinning of the modest roster of 16 students, which was facilitated by Mr. Seagal P. Asjali, RCh, MSc, Miss Erced E. Urbano, RCh, MChem, and Mr. Allan Roy B. Elnar, MPhys.
During the testimonial sharing portion of the ceremony, Kevin J. Bongabong (BS Physics III) reminisced how his freshman year class had gone from having numerous students in a block to only having four.
He thereby expressed his wish that the remaining should persevere and wish for nothing but the best.
Meanwhile, Ervin Claide O. Estelloso (BS Chemistry IV) stated that “We have different reasons explaining why we chose Chemistry, what makes us the same is that we are destined to be here.”
Fresh from receiving their pins and lab gowns, the student interns then took their oaths and pledge. §
Words by Jamaica Ola-a and Carlos Leopoldo Cabeza III
Photos by Mardy May Amancio

‘Visionary Slum Boy’: Normalite answers call for service

Nationally recognized for his outstanding commitment to community service, Normalite student-leader Jhosua A. Peralta (Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies II) represented the hues of crimson and gold during Asia’s Royalty Awards last January 30, 2023, at Okada, Manila.
Being the lone receiver of Outstanding Advocacy Volunteer and Empowered Professional Leader 2023 in Public Service and Volunteerism, as well as the first-ever Normalite Asia’s Royalty Awardee, Peralta’s most recent international achievement was highly praised by many.
The 22-year-old from Mananga, Tabunok, Talisay City labeled himself as a “visionary slum boy” and claimed that the unfortunate conditions of his place of origin were what primarily pushed him into volunteer work and public service.
“For 10 years of volunteering on different occasions. I can say that doing something beneficial for other people and the community gives us a sense of accomplishment. By that, you are creating an impact by changing the lives of people,” Peralta stated.
He also revealed that he is no stranger to receiving awards honoring his service as he spent the last decade organizing and participating in numerous philanthropic initiatives such as Bugas Taliwala sa Pandemya (Rice Amid the Pandemic), a 3-year long project by Giving Rice Support and Feeding Programs; and Bag ng Pag-asa (Bag of Hope), which aided 200 students in areas around Tabunok.
“Not changing [their] his/her whole life, but just changing how [they] he/she see[s] the world; in a more positive and more goal-oriented outlook of life. And that is to help, to serve, and create an impact on other people, communities, nations, and the world,” he added.
Furthermore, Peralta expressed his gratitude to various private sectors and donors who contributed to the realization of the projects he worked on.
“Volunteering is not a one-way system. It’s a two-way system where we need to collaborate and expand our connection to reach more individuals and organizations that will help us along the way in achieving the programs and projects that we planned. The people that I have mentioned were able to help me throughout the program…They have been my guiding armor to never stop pursuing my dreams and what activities and programs I want to create and accomplish in my community,” he shared.
CNU’s shelf space for future awards
In an interview with Ang Suga, College of Teacher Education (CTE) Dean Dr. Helen Boholano stated that though this is the first Asian Royalty award the university has received, she is confident that there will be more in the future.
“Yes, [I am confident] because of their [Educators’ Council (EC)] leadership…If you look at it, naa man god ta’y gitawag nga Community Extension Services. So, this is really very important. And if you look at the community award policy, na-hit gyod nato,” she stated.
Furthermore, Educators’ Council (EC) Governor Hon. Lheanne Jude Salvacion also expressed his appreciation of Peralta as he said, “Magkaila mi, pero wala ko kahibaw [that he won an international award]. He’s very down to earth.”
The Asia’s Royalty Awards is an organization that celebrates exemplary performance and dedication in various fields by giving the awardees a “royalty treatment” during the awarding ceremony. §
Words by Kimberly Keith Gonzaga
Photos grabbed from JP Amorado