Cebu Normal University – College of Arts and Sciences (CNU-CAS) successfully conducted its 2nd International Conference of Arts and Sciences (ICAS) to continue proving researchers in the field of arts and sciences and update their competencies through an exchange of knowledge and expertise.

The ICAS, conducted via the Zoom platform last September 29-30, 2020, was themed Arts and Sciences: Unleashing Creativity, Resilience, and Scientific Inventions in the New Normal.

CNU President Dr. Filomena Dayagbil said that the 2nd ICAS is a proof that no amount of health crisis can prevent the dissemination of knowledge and relevant research findings. 

CNU CAS Dean Dr. Milagros Greif also said that the conference unleashes the researchers’ creativity, resilience, and scientific inventions in the new normal that can contribute to the betterment of society.

Four international speakers were invited in the two-day event including: Dr. Jeffrey Harvey, Terrestrial Ecology Researcher of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW); Ms. Kirsty Bucknell and Dr. Ben Searle, Organizational Psychologists from Macquarie University in Australia; and Dr. Jennifer Wilson, Behavioral Scientist and Psychocybersecurity Expert still from Macquarie University.

Harvey discussed on Ecological-Geopolitical Perspectives of the Anthropocene Time while Bucknell shared about The Framework of Resilience. Searle talked about The Cognitive Mechanism and Effects of Stress Appraisals, and Wilson discussed on the Psychology/Psychopathology of Fraud in Relation to Organizations and Government’s Resilience.

The 2nd ICAS had three streams, namely: Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Education Stream; Humanities and Social Sciences Stream; and Language, Literature, and Communication Stream where participants were given an avenue to present their unpublished research studies which were further enhanced with the scrutiny of the panelists.

Dr. Roberto Corcino was awarded the best presenter for Stream 1 with his study on Higher Order Apostol-Type Poly Parameters a, b, and c. Ms. Amie Rose Lacaya was awarded best presenter for Stream 2 with her research Beliefs about Psychological Help and Help-Seeking Attitudes among High School Students: Basis for a Mental Health Program in Schools, and Ms. Regina Via Garcia was awarded best presenter for Stream 3 with her study Alluding the Pandemic: Mirroring COVID-19 through T.S. Elliot’s “The Waste Land”.    

Phyrrus John Seno, a first-time attendee and presenter of the ICAS said that he was inspired to conduct more research. He said that the international conference made him realize that research is an avenue to connect with real people with real lives, putting the light on the multiplicity and multidimensionality of human experience. 

“The more we know about human experience, the more we become compassionate in our governance, social interactions, and relations with nature and the world,” Seno shared as part of his insights.
The holding of the annual ICAS started last year and was held on September 18-19, 2019 at the CNU Teaching Arts Centrum (TAC).

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The ICAS is open to all educators in the basic and tertiary education, researchers, research directors, and graduate students around the world. It also aims to forge partnerships and establish linkages among the participants. (JDF)