4th International Conference for the Arts and Sciences

The Cebu Normal University College of Arts and Sciences will conduct a Free Online Research Conference at the 4th International Conference for the Arts and Sciences (4th ICAS) with the theme: “Strengthening the Innovative Culture of the Arts and Sciences.”
This conference aims to provide opportunities for the researchers to upgrade their capabilities by sharing best practices and to meet with other international advocates on research for the possibility of forging linkages and partnerships. This will be held on September 21 & 22, 2022, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and will be hosted by Cebu Normal University Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000 via Zoom.
The following are the details of the conference:
-Language, Literature & Communication
-Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science
-Natural Sciences & Mathematics
-Psychology and Social Sciences
-Public Governance and Tourism
-Philosophy and Religion
The conference is open to all primary and secondary education faculty, researchers, research directors, and graduate students worldwide. Abstracts of no more than 250 words must be emailed to cnuicassecretariat@gmail.com with “abstract for I-CAS” in the subject line.
The deadline for abstract submission is on the 15th of September 2022. This free webinar can only accommodate 300 participants and presenters. If their papers are accepted, presenters are given priority for a slot at the conference.
For questions and concerns please contact Ms. Arreza at 09224075707

CNU showcases Visayas vignettes at SUC Fair 2022

The Cebu Normal University (CNU) staff, faculty, and administrative officials showcased the rich Cebuano culture during the Visayas Vignettes cultural show on June 29 at the SUC (State Universities and Colleges) Fair 2022 held in SM Mall of Asia Entertainment Hall.

The SUC Fair 2022 was held to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and its 2nd National Higher Education Day and ran from June 28 to July 1, 2022.

Themed Promoting Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Culture & Arts for National Development and Global Competitiveness, the Fair aimed to: 1) commemorate the anniversary of CHED and the National Higher Education Day and recognize its stakeholders’ contribution to the development of higher education in the Philippines; 2) highlight the roles of SUCs as prime movers of research and development, as the source of innovation, and as partners for national development, and 3) showcase the products and talents of SUCs across the country.

SUCs from the different regions of the Philippines highlighted their innovations and products in the innovation exhibits and product bazaar.

The nightly shows showcased the vibrant cultures of the three island groups of the country.

The Visayan Vignettes was the second of the three cultural shows boasting the rich culture of the Visayas.

The CNU delegation to the Fair represented the Region 7 SUCs and proudly featured the rich Cebuano arts and culture.

Ms. Naila Beltran, the artistic director of the presentation divided the entire performance into three themes: 1) The Faith, 2) The Art, and 3) The Beauty.

Recognizing Cebu as the country’s birthplace of Christianity, The Faith was manifested through the festive beat of the Sinulog by the CNU Dance Ensemble and the song Wala’y Sukod ang Pagmahal by Mr. Karl Patrick Casas as homage to the Sto. Niño and St. Pedro Calungsod respectively.

Exhibiting the musical artistry of the Cebuanos then and now, Ms. Kimberly Raya and Casas performed the time-honored classics Sa Kabukiran and Usahay respectively while Ms. Therese Marie Langit and Dr. Kim Francis Rodriguez playfully rendered the Vispop hit Bok Love.

Finally, The Beauty emphasized on the timeless charisma of the Cebuana defined by her strong character and unique charm in the song Babayeng Sugbuanon as performed by Rodriguez with the special participation of Dr. Daisy Palompon, the Officer-in-Charge to the Office of the University President of CNU and Dr. Laurence Garcia, the OIC University and Board Secretary.

“The concept of the presentation of Cebu Normal University really showcases the art and culture that we have been preserving and we are very proud of of our very own Cebu.” Palompon said.

Palompon also lauded the entire CNU delegation for having been able to come up with a meaningful and impressive presentation despite limitations of time.

“It was a very meaningful presentation despite the limited time preparation but the team – the performers really demonstrated their love for music, their love for arts, showcasing their talent and also giving their best for Cebu Normal University.” Palompon said.

The CNU performers consisted of administrative staff, faculty, and University Officials:

Administrative Staff:

  1. Mr. Nilmark Argomido (College of Medicine)
  2. Ms. Mary Jane Auman (External Affairs and International Linkages Office)
  3. Ms. Mary Jermaine Estrada (College of Teacher Education)
  4. Ms. Jessa Fernandez (Learning Resource Center)
  5. Mr. Harrold Gogo (Finance Services Division)
  6. Ms. Honey Grace Irizari (Supply Office)
  7. Ms. Imee Jeruta (External Affairs and International Linkages Office)
  8. Mr. Nelson Sombilon (Records Office)
  9. Ms. Mae Quilaton (Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs)

Faculty members

  1. Mr. Angelito Cabanilla (College of Teacher Education)
  2. Ms. Kimberly Raya (College of Teacher Education)
  3. Ms. Therese Marie Langit (College of Arts and Sciences)
  4. Mr. Karl Patrick Casas (College of Arts and Sciences)

University Officials:

  1. Dr. Kim Francis Rodriguez – Public Information Officer
  2. Dir. Naila Beltran – Director, External Affairs and International Linkages Office
  3. Dr. Laurence Garcia – OIC-University and Board Secretary
  4. Dr. Daisy Palompon – OIC-Office of the University President

The performance ended with a dance rendition of I Love Cebu with a curtain call of the performers and was well-applauded by the members of the audience. (KFR)

CHED Commissioner Darilag pays visit to CNU, discusses F2F preparation

Cebu Normal University (CNU) met, for the first time, with its new Chair in the Board of Regents, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Commissioner Aldrin Darilag, to discuss the university’s readiness for face-to-face (F2F) classes for the academic year (AY) 2022-2023.

Darilag was designated as the new Chair of the CNU Board of Regents after its former Chair, Commissioner Perfecto Alibin retired from the Commission on February.

In his inspirational message, Darilag expressed his excitement to be working with CNU and vowed to support and enrich the University to make it a model institution in the country.

“I am humbled and excited to be opening up new doors to the future of our learners, our educators, and to CNU as a quality higher education institution.” Darilag said.

“I will relentlessly pursue the desired transformational development that this institution requires and eventually advance CNU as an archetype of higher education in the entire nation.” he added.

Darilag visited CNU on March 30, 2022, and met with its administrative officials for a roundtable discussion on the University’s readiness for F2F classes for the next AY.

Dr. Daisy R. Palompon, CNU Vice-President for Academic Affairs, presented the CNU Report on F2F Classes Readiness and highlighted the University’s efforts and initiatives which earned the LGU and the Commission’s go signal for limited F2F classes for both the College of Nursing (CN) and the College of Medicine (CoM).

The preparations done by the two colleges will become the prototype for the rest of the colleges to benchmark on for their own programs.

Darilag posed no objections for the opening of next AY’s classes in F2F but encouraged the University to take into consideration the opinions of its stakeholders in crafting its implementing guidelines.

After his CNU visit, Darilag convened the University’s Board of Regents for its 102nd meeting. (KFR)

CALL FOR PAPER 3rd International Conference of Arts and Sciences

Cebu Normal University College of Arts and Sciences will be hosting the 3rd International Conference of Arts and Sciences (I-CAS) with the theme New Normal Realities: Role of the Artists and Scientists on September 22 & 23, 2021 via zoom.
This conference aims to provide opportunity for researchers to upgrade their capabilities through the sharing of best practices and to meet with other international advocates on research for the possibility of forging linkages and partnership.
These are the four (4) streams of presentation: (1) Language, Literature & Communication; (2) Physical Education, Sports & Exercise Science; (3) Natural Sciences & Mathematics; & (4) Humanities and Social Sciences including but not limited to Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Public Governance & Tourism.
The conference is open to all faculty in basic education and tertiary education, researchers, research directors and graduate students here and abroad.
Abstract of not more than of 250 words shall be emailed to cnuicassecretariat@gmail.com with the subject heading “abstract for I-CAS.
Deadline for submission of abstract will be September 15, 2021.
This is a free webinar which can only cater to 300 presenters and participants. Presenters are prioritized to be given a slot for the conference if their papers are approved. In this regard, may we invite you, your faculty, and graduate students to attend the said conference.
For further information and/or inquiries, please contact College of Arts and Sciences office through the following contact numbers: Globe – 09565990256; Sun – 09334146559; and Landline – 254-6814 local 140 Please look for Mr. Johnly B. Gamboa.


Cebu Normal University (CNU) bags numerous awards in the 6th Central Visayas Health Research and Innovations Conference (CVHRIC).

The conference, themed, New Normal to New Future: Research and Innovations towards Universal Health Care aimed to link together health researchers and institutions in the region as well as facilitate health research activities attuned to the regional health needs.

CVHRIC was participated in by delegates coming from the different member institutions in Region 7 along with some invited guests here and abroad.

During the conference, CNU delegates manifested their research prowess by snatching the following awards in the following competitions:


1st Place


2nd Place – The Untold Stories of Childhood to Parenthood by Ms. Joni Inocencia Gonzaga, Dr. Laurence L. Garcia and Ms. Ma. Mayla Imelda M. Lapa

3rd Place – Social Factors as Antecedents to Depression among Community Dwelling Older Persons by Mr. Endrex P. Nemenzo, Dr. Daisy R. Palompon and Ms. Jillian A. Bejoc


2nd Place – HEARTS MATTERS: The Moderation and Mediation Effects of Resilience, Experience of Abuse, and Technology Use in Older Persons by Dr. Daisy R. Palompon

3rd Place – Working Beyond 80: An Octogenarian in the Workforce by Ms. Ma. Mayla Imelda M. Lapa, Mr. Endrex P. Nemezo, and Dr. Laurence L. Garcia

ORAL RESEARCH COMPETITION (Non-Experimental Category)

2nd Place – HEARTS MATTERS: The Moderation and Mediation Effects of Resilience, Experience of Abuse, and Technology Use in Older Persons by Mr. Vincent Pananganan

ORAL RESEARCH COMPETITION (Qualitative Research Category)

2nd Place – Living Alone and Using Social Media Technologies: The Experience of Filipino Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Ms. Joana Mariz C. Castillo


1st Place – Forecasting Measles Spread through Bass Diffusion by Mrs. Jillian A. Bejoc

3rd Place – Social Factors as Antecedents of Depression among Community Dwelling Older Persons by Mr. Endrex P. Nemezo, Dr. Daisy R. Palompon, and Mrs. Jillian A. Bejoc

Among the different accolades, CNU garnered the most coveted Dir. Elena O. Diola Research Collaboration Award.

This special award is given to a member institution based on the following criteria: (1) established institutional linkages and collaboration; (2) value creation; (3) track record in building, leading, and mentoring organizations, and; (4) evidence of significant research collaboration and networking.

The 6th CVHRIC was held on July 14-16, 2021, via the Zoom platform hosted by the Central Visayas Consortium for Health Research and Development. J. Bejoc