While most students consider their schools as mere institutions of learning and growth,Cebu Normal University (CNU) goes above and beyond to be considered more than that. It aspires to be a safe space for Normalites—inclusive and accepting regardless of one’s gender identity. Advocating for equality reinforces the idea that all genders should have equal rights, opportunities, and treatment in all aspects of life, especially in education.

              A home where everyone is welcome to be their brightest and most comfortable version, CNU is taking all the necessary strides towards transforming into an all-encompassing university. 

Rainbow Inclusivity 

               CNU aims to implement policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Their steps include implementing anti-bullying policies, providing sensitivity training for staff and students, and creating safe spaces for LGBT students to gather and receive support. Counseling services are offered to those in need, and access to LGBT-affirming healthcare services is also within reach, like the conduct of an HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention symposium. In addition to these measures, the university hopes to promote education that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of the LGBT community, where students can thrive and reach their full potential, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Women Empowerment

               In a world dominated by men, CNU is a sanctuary for women and their power. As a women-led institution, both in the administration and the student council, the university’s excellence is a manifestation that no mountain is ever too high enough for a woman to climb. And to keep the momentum going, CNU ensures all female students have equal access to educational opportunities, advocates to end violence against women and their children, and renders free practical self-defense training for all.

Curriculum Content and Teaching Methodologies

               The curriculum is a crucial component of education as it plays a critical role in shaping the attitudes and beliefs of students. Gender stereotypes are often perpetuated through textbooks and teaching materials, which can profoundly impact how students view themselves and others. It is essential to guarantee that the curriculum content is inclusive and reflects the diversity of the student population, like incorporating the contributions of women and other underrepresented groups into the curriculum and addressing issues such as gender-based violence and discrimination.

                Moving on, teaching methodologies also greatly impact the flow of information – and of respect – within the classroom. CNU educators are trained to recognize and address gender-based biases in the class dynamics and integrate fair and interactive teaching strategies, such as group work and peer mentoring. Faculty members are encouraged to join Gender and Development workshops that fortify their knowledge of proper protocols regarding non-discriminatory standards that transcend beyond the classroom.

                In the end, fairness knows no gender. Creating a just and equitable world is not about making women equal to men—it’s about creating a level playing field for all genders, where everyone is free to be themselves, make a stand, and take command. At Cebu Normal University, you are always encouraged to break the mold and let your true self unfold. 


1. Giving equal opportunities to students regardless of gender.
2. Avoid stereotypes in educational materials.

Author: Satwinder Rehal
Co-author: Jarungchai Vatanagul
Status: pending publication



1. Giving equal opportunities to students regardless of gender.
2. Avoid stereotypes in educational materials.