With the theme “Christianity across Cultures and Disciplines”, Cebu Normal University (CNU) took part in the recent 2-day conference led by Societas Ethica Philosophica, Inc. (SEPI) held last November 19-20 via Zoom and Facebook Live.
SEPI President Fr. Francis Paul S. Escaño, RCJ, shared that SEPI believes that Christianity is not limited to religious expressions, but covers a wide dimension of life and its experiences.
“This online international multidisciplinary conference is our way of joining the Philippine Catholic Church in concluding the 500-year celebration [of Christianity in the Philippines]…,” he shared.
CNU alongside Davao City’s St. Alphonsus Theological and Mission Institute (SATMI) were the local institutions invited for the event. Three universities abroad namely The Education University of Hong Kong (TEU), Graduate School of Education University (GSEU) from Melbourne, and Spiritan University College (SUC) from Ejsu, Ghana, West Africa were also present.
Outstanding keynote speakers who shared new knowledge and perspectives about Christianity for the 2-day conference were the College of Arts and Sciences’ (CAS) Dr. Reynaldo Inocian, TEU’s Dr. Liz Jackson, GSEU’s Dr. Janette Poulton, SATMI’s Dr. Karl Gaspar, and SUC’s Dr. Bona Gubalze.
The conference was attended by paper presenters, professionals, and undergraduates from different prestigious universities in the Philippines. Four concurrent sessions were held within the two days where participants were assigned to one room and listened to more than three paper presenters discuss their research within 20 minutes and entertain questions from the audience.
Three out of 60 papers were awarded as Best Paper in the awarding ceremony, rated according to clarity, objectivity, originality, and connectedness to the theme.
Words by Ellaine Galorport and Jonaren Eran
Screenshots by Aubrey Belle Ynot