From the north to the south of Cebu, the collaboration between Cebu Normal University (CNU) and the Municipality of Alegria is laying the groundwork for an important educational project which is the founding of CNU-Alegria.

Mayor Gilberto F. Magallon, Vice Mayor Verna V. Magallon, and members of the Sangguniang Bayan met with CNU President Daniel A. Ariaso, Sr., and Vice President for Administration, Finance and External Affairs Joseph Elvir C. Tubilan to begin key negotiations. Their main objective is to establish the framework for CNU’s development into southern Cebu.

Magallon passionately conveyed the desire of Alegria’s residents to have CNU established within their municipality, emphasizing his commitment to realizing this aspiration for his community. In response, Ariaso expressed eagerness with specifications such as a designated location for the extension and a comprehensive feasibility study outlining potential academic programs. This pivotal step will pave the way for Alegriahanons to access and benefit from enhanced educational opportunities.

The significance of establishing CNU in Alegria transcends local boundaries. Beyond catering to the educational needs of Alegriahanons, the institution’s presence promises to draw students from neighboring towns and provinces. This influx of learners not only enriches the academic atmosphere but also ignites economic growth within the town.

The arrival of students creates an increase in demand for a variety of services, including accommodation, food, transportation, and more. As a result, this growth creates jobs and stimulates local businesses, thereby boosting Alegria’s economy.
The collaboration between CNU and the Municipality of Alegria is poised to reshape the educational and economic dynamics of the region symbolizing a promising future for Alegria and its populace.