CNU concludes Mental Health Week

To kick off the successful Mental Health Week celebration, Cebu Normal University’s (CNU) I-Mind Psychology Society, Guidance Counseling Services, and the Psychology Department worked hand-in-hand through a series of activities that culminated via Zoom and Facebook Live last October 20, 2022.
Bearing the theme “Make Mental Health and Well-Being for All a Global Priority”, the event was officially initiated last October 17 which came with various engaging events aimed at raising “awareness on the importance of mental health and to ensure that students will be provided a safe space.”
Psyched up for the announcement of winners, the virtual audience first lent their ears to the opening remarks of the I-Mind Psychology Society vice mayor Kayla Gail Selma (Bachelor of Science in Psychology IV).
She urged everyone to check in with themselves, take a pause and breathe, and always be reminded that “every day is a Mental Health Day.”
Consequently, the Zoom participants then attempted to play a familiarity game called “Guess the Logo”. Later in the program, a game using the same mechanics was played in which each logo that had to be identified had parts missing to heighten the challenge.
Meanwhile, in the highly anticipated announcement of winners, the first to third placers of the humor-evoking “Meme-tal Health Challenge” were Rhena Arquio (Bachelor of Science in Psychology II), Alexa Alvarez (Bachelor of Science in Psychology III), and Aretha Resujento (Bachelor of Arts in English Language II), respectively.
Joy Carmel Logroño (Bachelor of Science in Psychology II) was hailed as the winner of the Spoken Poetry Competition after sharing her perspective on mental health in a lingering piece titled “Torrents on a Sunny Day”.
Additionally, Joyce Villacarlos (Bachelor of Science in Psychology I), Michelle Carmel Kabristante (Bachelor of Science in Psychology II), and Susyl Marie Quijano (Bachelor of Science in Psychology IV) respectively won first, second, and third place in the competition to depict emotions through digital art.
Moreover, in his message of appreciation, Mel Torrence Senerpida (Bachelor of Science in Psychology IV), I-Mind Psychology Society mayor, acknowledged everyone who made the event a huge success.
He then reminded everyone about the purpose of the celebration by sharing his favorite quote, “Rest if you must but don’t quit.”
Locking the program, Mr. Genesis Dejan, Psychology Department Chair, highlighted in his speech the joys of celebrating humanity and shared that “we should be sending a message to every person that mental health is a very important aspect of our lives.” §
Words by Rena Mae Avila and Jessa Sestoso
Screenshots by Jessa Sestoso

Birth of new tradition: Psychology Dept holds first-ever pinning ceremony

Fourth-year Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS Psychology) students basked in the spectacle of a milestone as they became the pioneering batch of Cebu Normal University’s (CNU) 1st Psychology Pinning Ceremony held yesterday afternoon at Samuel MacClintock (SM) Hall.
With the theme “Psychology Forward: Resiliency and Passion in Light of Dynamic Transition in the Global Healthcare Crisis”, the event is a kick-off celebration before the participating students are deployed as interns.
The Pinning Ceremony started with the hues of white parading the red carpet in the Processional of senior Psychology students.
In his welcome address, Mr. Jose Rey M. Ocat, faculty of the Psychology Department, stressed that the event should be a remarkable memory because they managed to reach the ceremony despite the severe effect of the pandemic.
The first keynote speaker, Mr. John Villanueva, described his experiences as a former addict who became a pastor at the House of Hope, one of the oldest rehabilitation facilities in the South, in his discussion on “Clinical Psychology in the Workplace”.
“Rehabilitation centers are only existing because of one problem – addiction,” Villanueva emphasized.
The second keynote address was delivered by Mr. Semhre C. Quijano, a CNU alumnus, and a certified lean sigma yellow belt. He talked about the different problems that fall within the spectrum of industrial psychology, including in this time of the new normal: the sinking state of employee engagement and sense of belongingness at work.
During the open forum session, a student voiced concern regarding the Human Resources (HR) department. Quijano addressed the issue and emphasized that future HR practitioners should have the skills to implement “strong leadership program training where the people know how to choose a good leader.”
Pinning proper, CAS outlook
Accompanied by their proud families, the pinning proper transpired as the senior students individually walked up on stage to accept the symbol of their transition from being students to interns. This portion of the program was then succeeded by the Students’ Pledge led by Mel Torrence Senerpida (BS Psychology IV), I-Mind Psychology Society mayor.
Senerpida shared with Ang Suga that the first Pinning ceremony’s conceptualization started as early as June and was inspired by the conduct of other departments’ pinning ceremonies and face-to-face graduations.
“All we hope is that this first in the department becomes a tradition in the years ahead,” he added.
Meanwhile, when asked about how it felt to participate in the first pinning ceremony, Razsha Laurana Nakila (BS Psychology IV) shared that it was an honor for her to be a part of what would become a momentous chapter in the history of CNU Psychology and glad that the school acknowledged her degree program through this event.
Sealing the ceremony, Mr. Genesis Dejan, Department Chair, left an insightful message to the senior students that can be easily recalled through the acronym CAS; C for practicing competence, A for being adaptive, and S for service.
“I want to also challenge you guys to be with the tasks that you have in a more competent way […] We need to be adaptive with the different possible changes, possible conditions wherever we may be in the industry […] This profession wouldn’t actually be alive, wouldn’t be born without service,” Dejan said.
He went on to say that as aspiring mental health professionals, they must always be pouring service; doing and giving their extra mile in serving others because that is what the program is all about. §
Words by Rena Mae Avila and Jamaica Ola-a
Photos by Nicole Marie Dumayac




Note: Face-to-face enrollment proper is applicable to Undergraduate Studies only.

New Normal Milestone: Liberals claim diploma in face-to-face grad ceremony

Back on the campus for the first time in more than two years—and it feels good!
After two years of virtual recognition programs, Cebu Normal University (CNU) finally opened its gates for the much-awaited 41st College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Commencement Rites, the first-ever mass gathering held in the university during the pandemic last June 6, 2022, at Samuel McClintock (SM) Hall.
With the theme, “Celebrating Success and Resilience Amid Aversities”, this year’s commencement exercises honored the pioneering batch of the K-12 Program as they set off to a new chapter of their lives.
Dr. Maura Consolacion D. Cristobal, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Region VII Regional Director, graced the event as the resource speaker. She imparted to the dreamers that “success doesn’t happen by accident. It involves a lot of hard work, determination, and patience.”
Cristobal commended the students for manifesting grit, creativity, resourcefulness, and strength of character as they ventured clueless into the new normal setup and overcame the adversities that came along with it.
Additionally, she said that the “Bayanihan” or volunteerism spirit is evident in the school setting as the teachers and administrators were able to respond to the uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the situation.
Quoting Martin Luther King Jr., Cristobal reminded the graduates, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
The day-long ceremony was divided into two parts to avoid overcrowding: morning for the Bachelor of Arts graduates and afternoon for the Bachelor of Science. §
Words by Reina Aureo
Photos grabbed from CNU – Council of Liberal Arts and Sciences Students (CLASS)

CNU Communicators breaths triumph in the 2022 PUP Radio Festival

Accurate and resolute voices from the Department of Communication and Media Studies of Cebu Normal University were amplified and snatched a bucketful of recognition at the recently concluded Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Radio Festival 2022.

Focused on spilling nothing but giving premium to candor and precision, this year’s theme is “Revamp: The Media Blueprint in Reclaiming the Republic.”

It speaks of sketching into light the relevance of defeating misinformation and discussing societal issues that have severely impacted the people of this country.

With over 29 schools hailing from across the country vying for the win, the competition was in a blazing heat.

The festival featured three categories all aiming to brim with the contenders’ inventiveness and ability to deliver the truth without a pinch of bias: Radio-Jingle Making, Radio Podcasting and 5-minute Radio News Production.

Fueled with passion, the delegates from Cebu Normal University were able to qualify for the finals in all categories, clinching a fruitful finish.

“Radyo Tatak Totoo” anchored by Carl John Griño and Mary Ann Rose Malaya teamed with Francheska Roble, Hannabelle Quiño, Khim Raices Khan Satuita, Yeza Karyl Mayol, and Charwen Mayor seized the second place in the Radio News Production, defending the department’s reign in the category.

With the consistent standing of the team, Carl John Griño, who was also part of the assemblage last year, revealed the formula for their stable placement in the said bracket.

“Mental discipline is the main formula for this year’s team. We avoid putting too much pressure on ourselves and instead concentrate on setting achievable goals… Because of the team’s positive attitude and clear vision, we were able to make it to the final cut and bagged the second place for the second time. Indeed, positive thinking coupled with prayer produces positive results” Griño disclosed.

The team also received other minor awards, such as Best Male Anchor, Best Female Anchor, and Best Script in the Collegiate Division.

Moreover, the department’s entry for the Radio Podcasting category, dubbed “I SEE IN U” and structured by Mary Shantal Maupoy, Angelie Silabay, Louie Jay Vildosola, Catherine Ochia, and Kent Grant Ylanan, was called the third best among other entries.

Louie Jay Vildosolo, the scriptwriter of the group, expressed how grateful he was for the results as well as for the dedication of his team for being able to not only complete a worth-the-prize podcast entry but also for having to compete in a competition as grand as the PUP Radio Festival.

“I am confident in the skills of my team and all we do was to continuously trust our abilities as individuals and accumulate those strengthens within us to use it as our edge against other competing schools… Albeit, we are all first timers in the mentioned category, we never used it as discouragement. Bringing the name of CNU to a grand competition is both an honor and a challenge, however, our team is still thankful to all who are part of department because we never felt like we were forced,” according to Vildosolo who’s beyond ecstatic for their prideful achievement.

Meanwhile, Hoenhferdz Gonzaga, with his Radio Jingle entry entitled “Dapat Alam Mo!”, placed sixth overall.

Dr. Joseph Elvir Tubilan, the chairperson of the department, served as the core mentor to all the delegates.

Furthermore, all the entries were produced under the banner of Sibya Production by the CNU – Junior Broadcasters’ Alliance, a student-run organization that aims to provide a safe space for students to exercise free press.

These victories highlight the students’ enduring and formidable talent from Cebu Normal University, an institution adorned in crimson and gold. / Bryan G. Fernandez II, BA Communication Broadcast Journalism

CNU joins SEPI’s online international multidisciplinary conference

With the theme “Christianity across Cultures and Disciplines”, Cebu Normal University (CNU) took part in the recent 2-day conference led by Societas Ethica Philosophica, Inc. (SEPI) held last November 19-20 via Zoom and Facebook Live.
SEPI President Fr. Francis Paul S. Escaño, RCJ, shared that SEPI believes that Christianity is not limited to religious expressions, but covers a wide dimension of life and its experiences.
“This online international multidisciplinary conference is our way of joining the Philippine Catholic Church in concluding the 500-year celebration [of Christianity in the Philippines]…,” he shared.
CNU alongside Davao City’s St. Alphonsus Theological and Mission Institute (SATMI) were the local institutions invited for the event. Three universities abroad namely The Education University of Hong Kong (TEU), Graduate School of Education University (GSEU) from Melbourne, and Spiritan University College (SUC) from Ejsu, Ghana, West Africa were also present.
Outstanding keynote speakers who shared new knowledge and perspectives about Christianity for the 2-day conference were the College of Arts and Sciences’ (CAS) Dr. Reynaldo Inocian, TEU’s Dr. Liz Jackson, GSEU’s Dr. Janette Poulton, SATMI’s Dr. Karl Gaspar, and SUC’s Dr. Bona Gubalze.
The conference was attended by paper presenters, professionals, and undergraduates from different prestigious universities in the Philippines. Four concurrent sessions were held within the two days where participants were assigned to one room and listened to more than three paper presenters discuss their research within 20 minutes and entertain questions from the audience.
Three out of 60 papers were awarded as Best Paper in the awarding ceremony, rated according to clarity, objectivity, originality, and connectedness to the theme.
Words by Ellaine Galorport and Jonaren Eran
Screenshots by Aubrey Belle Ynot

Sen. Villanueva visits, delivers academic dialogue at CNU

“TESDAMAN” and Senate Committee on Higher, Technical, and Vocational Education Chairman Senator Joel Villanueva came to Cebu Normal University (CNU) and conveyed a discourse within the spectrum of academic undertakings and approaches to higher education held in Tandang Sora Hall yesterday afternoon.
The approximately hour-long event thrived through an in-person forum with the selected CNU administration members; CNU-Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) College of Medicine (CM) faculty and students; board of regents; and was also attended virtually by various stakeholders via Zoom.
During his speech, Villanueva shared his enthusiasm for visiting CNU as he openly expressed that he always watched over its endeavors and commended the university for its actions in facing the challenges that surged during the pandemic.
“I’d like to congratulate the Cebu Normal University, headed by our President Dr. Filomena Dayagbil, of course ang ating mga deans and faculty and staff, ‘cause amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘yong learning continuity nangyari po,” he said.
Apart from recognizing CNU’s achievements, the academic dialogue also acknowledged the senator’s contributions to the institution of CM and for his part in promoting medical education in higher education.
Having “lobbied for the budget allocation to increase the carrying capacity” of the CM, the dean of CNU-VSMMC CM Dr. Maria Socorro Manaloto apprised Villanueva with the college’s background and developments.
She informed that the first state-funded college of medicine in Region 7 was able to accept students in less than two months.
“We have to produce competent physicians and at the same time focus on primary health care,” said Manaloto during her presentation of the Doctor of Medicine Education model.
Meanwhile, Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, CESE Officer-in-Charge – Office of the University President expressed her gratitude to the senator who supported the institution of the CNU-VSMMC CM and authored the Doktor para sa Bayan Act; a law that allocates budget to increase the scholarship slots for aspiring doctors.
“It is seldom that we see Sen. Joel up close and personal, so we might as well really thank him for everything that he has done for the university, especially the establishment of the College of Medicine. … He has been actually supporting us ever since we started with this endeavor,” she stated.
Dayagbil also extended her appreciation of Villanueva’s presence in the academe as a part of his advocacy to “engage with [the] allies in higher education”.
Words by Mikaela Jane Dagani and Rena Mae Avila

CNU finishes as finalist in 1st Gawad Edukampyon

Cebu Normal University (CNU) was recognized as one of the finalists under Category 2: Excellence in Flexible and Innovative Learning for the first Gawad Edukampyon Awards 2021 held via Zoom and Facebook Live this morning.
With the framework “Reframing Teaching and Learning (RTL) of Cebu Normal University in the New Normal”, CNU fluttered the colors crimson and gold as one of the four finalists for the Public Higher Education Institution (HEI).
“It tells a story of the university moving upward and onward to greater glory,” Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, CESE Officer-in-Charge – Office of the University President said.
Executive Director of Philippines Business for Social Progress (PBSP) Mr. Elvin Ivan Uy stated that among 55 public and private HEIS, CNU soared with the 22 overall remaining finalists that aimed to share their “overcomed unimaginable obstacles”.
“We are here to affirm the human spirit and drive to adapt and thrive amidst adversity and challenges,” PBSP President Reynaldo Laguda said.
Gawad Edukampyon was founded in January 2021 by Rex Education and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in partnership with PBSP to honor exemplary adaptability and flexibility measures of HEI’s in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Words by Jonaren Eran and Kristine Mae Paquibot
Screenshot by Kristine Mae Paquibot

StatSoc spearheads webinar series for Nat’l Statistics Month

In celebration of the 32nd National Statistics Month, Cebu Normal University’s – Statistical Society (CNU- StatSoc) held their first webinar entitled ”Linear and Non-Linear Regression Analysis Using MS-Excel and Desmos” today via Zoom and Facebook Live.
With the theme “Statistics Application in Research and Making Statistics Easy using Statistical Software”, the webinar emphasized the significance of mastering different statistical software in knowledge-building.
CNU-StatSoc advisor and outstanding teacher awardee Dr. Ray Ferdinand Gagani warmly welcomed the virtual audience saying that through the webinar, “everyone will surely get many insights of how important Statistics is in life.“
The webinar’s distinguished resource speaker, Dr. Roderick O. Misa, Math faculty and YouTube content creator discussed the topic of Linear and Non-Linear Regression Analysis Using MS-Excel and Desmos. The discussion was made engaging when the participants were challenged to a hands-on experience by trying out the techniques in their devices’ MS-Excel and Desmos software.
During the Question and Answer session, Misa allowed video recording as long as it is for personal and learning use only and shared that he is willing to accommodate a consultation period whenever he has “vacant time”.
“Abstract thinkers and math majors should not let the new normal hold them back, instead, they should make the best out of it by having its virtual platform be the medium in their quest for knowledge and learning, ” StatSoc mayor Hon. Eirnlyn May P. Dancel remarked.
Just like the first webinar, the rest of the webinars may follow the ‘first come, first serve’ policy for the Zoom meeting can only cater to a maximum of 300 participants.
Words by Jamaica Ola-a and Ellaine Galorport
Screenshots from Cebu Normal University – Statistical Society

CNU pays homage to crimson and gold educators

The posing challenge of distance and confinement did not stop Normalites from honoring their educators’ commitment and dedication in a virtual celebration of World Teacher’s Day with the theme “World Teachers’ Day 2021: Teachers at the heart of education recovery” on October 14, 2021, via Zoom and Facebook Live.
In her welcome speech, Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, CESE Officer-in-Charge – Office of the University President left behind points of inspiration for the educators.
“Let this be a reminder to all of us [teachers] to be teacher leaders; that our collective purpose of educating the young is much bigger than our individual interests; that we can do more and be more for others,” she remarked.
The school’s Main, Balamban, and Medellin campuses then presented tribute videos to show their appreciation and gratitude where a mix of humor and emotions was added when the videos’ invigorating words, meme edits, and virtual memories with the professors were shown.
To further express their gratitude, students were given the opportunity to declare a word of thanks to their favorite professors through the event’s Magtutudlo Shout-out segment where selected messages were read, moving the audience with their grateful words.
Cebu Normal University – Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (CNU-VSMMC) College of Medicine also participated in the celebration of honoring esteemed professors who truly delivered and exceeded what is required and expected of them in the department’s pilot year.
Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Daisy R. Palompon concluded the celebration by inspiring and thanking both students and professors alike by noting that the reason for the professors’ commitment and dedication is the “students’ desire to acquire higher education”.
E-certificates were given by the three campuses’ respective Supreme Student Council (SSC) to all teachers in recognition of their service. Special awards were also given in acknowledgment of the outstanding instructors who have gone the extra mile in their profession.
The recipients of the different awards from different campuses are as follows:
CNU Main Campus – College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
Male Category – Mr. Romualdo B. Generalao
Female Category – Ms. Clareziel Landringan
CNU Main Campus – College of Nursing (CN)
Male Category – Dr. Emiliano Ian B. Suson
Female Category – Ms. Joana Mariz Castillo
CNU Main Campus – College of Teacher Education (CTE)
Male Category – Mr. Alvin Cunado
Female Category – Ms. Jewish Merin
CNU Balamban Campus
Male Category – Dr. Kent G. Batulan
Female Category – Ms. Sarah Jane C. Trazo
CNU Medellin Campus
Male Category – Mr. Jude Gelig
Female Category -Ms. Leslie Monacillo
CNU Main Campus – CAS
Male Category – Mr. Romualdo B. Generalao
Female Category – Ms. Therese Marie Villarante
CNU Main Campus – CN
Male Category – Dr. Emiliano Ian B. Suson and Dr. Jose Mari Louis Alforque
Female Category – Dr. Daisy Palompon
CNU Main Campus – CTE
Male Category – Mr. Gino Sumalinog
Female Category – Ms. Jewish Merin
CNU Balamban Campus
Male Category – Mr. Kent Batulan
Female Category – Ms. Jean Carmelotes
CNU Medellin Campus
Male Category – Mr. Jude Gelig
Female Category – Ms. Leslie Monacillo
CNU Main Campus – CAS
Male Category – Mr. Romualdo B. Generalao
Female Category – Ms. Therese Marie Villarante
CNU Main Campus – CN
Male Category – Dr. Jose Mari Louis G. Alforque
Female Category – Ms. Joni Inocencia F. Gonzaga
CNU Main Campus – CTE
Male Category – Mr. Alvin Cunado
Female Category – Ms. Mary Nikka Richae Abangan
CNU Balamban Campus
Male Category – Mr. Marjohn C. Bucag and Mr. Christian Jay S. Caballes
Female Category – Ms. Sarah Jane C. Trazo
CNU Medellin Campus
Male Category – Mr. Jude Gelig
Female Category – Ms. Leslie Monacillo
Words and Screenshots by Junezze Mangubat and Kimberly Keith Gonzaga