CNU Communicators breaths triumph in the 2022 PUP Radio Festival

Accurate and resolute voices from the Department of Communication and Media Studies of Cebu Normal University were amplified and snatched a bucketful of recognition at the recently concluded Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Radio Festival 2022.

Focused on spilling nothing but giving premium to candor and precision, this year’s theme is “Revamp: The Media Blueprint in Reclaiming the Republic.”

It speaks of sketching into light the relevance of defeating misinformation and discussing societal issues that have severely impacted the people of this country.

With over 29 schools hailing from across the country vying for the win, the competition was in a blazing heat.

The festival featured three categories all aiming to brim with the contenders’ inventiveness and ability to deliver the truth without a pinch of bias: Radio-Jingle Making, Radio Podcasting and 5-minute Radio News Production.

Fueled with passion, the delegates from Cebu Normal University were able to qualify for the finals in all categories, clinching a fruitful finish.

“Radyo Tatak Totoo” anchored by Carl John Griño and Mary Ann Rose Malaya teamed with Francheska Roble, Hannabelle Quiño, Khim Raices Khan Satuita, Yeza Karyl Mayol, and Charwen Mayor seized the second place in the Radio News Production, defending the department’s reign in the category.

With the consistent standing of the team, Carl John Griño, who was also part of the assemblage last year, revealed the formula for their stable placement in the said bracket.

“Mental discipline is the main formula for this year’s team. We avoid putting too much pressure on ourselves and instead concentrate on setting achievable goals… Because of the team’s positive attitude and clear vision, we were able to make it to the final cut and bagged the second place for the second time. Indeed, positive thinking coupled with prayer produces positive results” Griño disclosed.

The team also received other minor awards, such as Best Male Anchor, Best Female Anchor, and Best Script in the Collegiate Division.

Moreover, the department’s entry for the Radio Podcasting category, dubbed “I SEE IN U” and structured by Mary Shantal Maupoy, Angelie Silabay, Louie Jay Vildosola, Catherine Ochia, and Kent Grant Ylanan, was called the third best among other entries.

Louie Jay Vildosolo, the scriptwriter of the group, expressed how grateful he was for the results as well as for the dedication of his team for being able to not only complete a worth-the-prize podcast entry but also for having to compete in a competition as grand as the PUP Radio Festival.

“I am confident in the skills of my team and all we do was to continuously trust our abilities as individuals and accumulate those strengthens within us to use it as our edge against other competing schools… Albeit, we are all first timers in the mentioned category, we never used it as discouragement. Bringing the name of CNU to a grand competition is both an honor and a challenge, however, our team is still thankful to all who are part of department because we never felt like we were forced,” according to Vildosolo who’s beyond ecstatic for their prideful achievement.

Meanwhile, Hoenhferdz Gonzaga, with his Radio Jingle entry entitled “Dapat Alam Mo!”, placed sixth overall.

Dr. Joseph Elvir Tubilan, the chairperson of the department, served as the core mentor to all the delegates.

Furthermore, all the entries were produced under the banner of Sibya Production by the CNU – Junior Broadcasters’ Alliance, a student-run organization that aims to provide a safe space for students to exercise free press.

These victories highlight the students’ enduring and formidable talent from Cebu Normal University, an institution adorned in crimson and gold. / Bryan G. Fernandez II, BA Communication Broadcast Journalism

CNU: Welcoming the New Leading Light

A year after the search for the new university leader, Cebu Normal University (CNU) finally named Dr. Joselito B. Gutierrez as the fifth university president through CNU’s Facebook page last January 31, 2022.

Prior to his current installment, Gutierrez served as the State Universities and Colleges (SUC) President of Marikina Polytechnic College (MPC) from October 2016 to November 2020. Under his term, MPC soared from level 1 to level 2 in AACCUP, and the university received the highest COA Audit during the first term.

He was also the Vice President for Luzon of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities of Industrial Technology (PACUIT), hosting international and national research forums for all members in 2019.

A man of significant development is a man of security. Gutierrez guaranteed that students under his administration would have suitable employment after graduation by conducting Job Fair a few weeks before graduation. His objective is also to boost students’ entrepreneurial potential to institute a firm and create more jobs in the future.
He is looking after the future and expanding the triumphs in the present. He is engrossed in transforming schools by bringing new programs and installing new departments—no wonder why his previous school’s enrollment has increased a lot during his term.
Aside from his heart for development, he has written three books: Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) for all Basic Education Junior High School students of the Department of Education (DepEd), Energy Conservation Book, and Breaking Thru from the Spirit of Idolatry.
As Gutierrez had already developed and conducted various training programs for more than 15,000 faculty members, school heads, school directors, and school principals all over the country, Cebu Normal University hopes for successive growth and excellence under his administration.
Words by Jhonazel Kiskis and Mark Aleson Sanico
Photos from CNU PIO