Certain challenges in life can leave us feeling hopeless or determined. They might leave us crumpled, yet they can also enable us to stand tall amidst tremendous pressure when we grasp success. Importantly, success results from the tedious challenges encountered along our journey. It can manifest as an outcome, a feeling, or sometimes, both. Our definition of success depends on how we perceive life. We might feel successful in completing a simple task or achieving something unexpectedly significant. For Cherry Lambojon, an alumna of Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus and the LET 2023 topnotcher, success epitomized the latter.

Growing up in a simple family, Lambojon felt the love and support of her family. Despite their modest lifestyle, she appreciated it. Though lacking certain opportunities others may have, she felt sufficiently supported to keep moving forward.

When she began reviewing for the September License Examination for Professional Teachers (LET) 2023, Lambojon encountered various draining struggles. One such challenge was traveling. Her review classes usually fell on weekends, necessitating back-and-forth travel and early morning preparations due to living far from the main road. She often arrived late for class, sometimes missing the start of lectures, and returned home late and fatigued. Yet, amid these difficulties, she reminded herself that these struggles would pale in comparison once she became a licensed professional teacher. She believed that her perseverance would allow her to give back to her family and those who believed in her.

Fate took an unexpected turn when the examination results were released. Holding her 2-month-old nephew, she scrolled through numerous congratulatory messages. Among them lay one that completely shifted her thoughts—she ranked number 7 in the examination. Initially content with simply passing, she was moved to tears upon realizing she had topped the board exam. It felt like reaching cloud nine, and all she could muster was, “Thank you, Lord.”

Lambojon harbored immense gratitude, primarily to God, followed by her family, and the entire CNU-Medellin faculty and staff. They were instrumental in her journey, aiding her in passing and topping the LET examination, and providing her the wings to reach her dreams. They became an integral part of who she is today.

May we all emulate Cherry Lambojon’s determination—to stand strong despite struggles, reaching for God’s grace and family’s love in pursuit of our goals. May we soar with our wings and finally achieve our dreams.

Text by Honey Dell Cordero | BANWAG

Lay-out by Stephany Escuña | BANWAG