Now on its 6th year, the Visayas-Mindanao Debate Championship (VMDC), the largest and most prestigious regional debate tournament in the southern Philippines will be hosted by Cebu Normal University  (CNU) on July 26-30.

The 4-day tournament expects to gather around 200 students and affiliates from universities and colleges from all over the two regions and pit them against each other in an exhilarating display of talent in public speaking and analysis of pressing national and international issues.

The tournament will follow the British Parliamentary debate format where rounds will be composed of four teams from 4 different institutions with 2 speakers each team. Motions or topics will be issued on the spot and debaters will  only be given 15 minutes to prepare.

The CNU Debate Society in collaboration with the CNU Administration will be sharing the passion for debate excellence and creativity through VMDC. The tournament has become a well-anticipated event for the month of July.