Recalling his Clinical Instructors’ teachings and learned skills have made the second-year nursing student at Cebu Normal University (CNU) give his assistance to a pregnant neighbor after first-aid responders struggled to deliver the placenta, Sunday night at Barangay Labangon, Cebu City, December 17, 2023.

The 20-year-old, Khyle Gerard R. Cadungog, was asked by the patient’s mother to assist the Active Labangon Emergency Response Team and off-duty personnel of Cebu City Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office (CCDRRMO) who were having a hard time delivering the placenta.

“Before I arrived it was already more than 20 minutes, the placenta was still not out, so when I arrived, I performed a procedure then after 1-2 minutes the placenta was declared out, it went out easily as soon as I gave my assistance,” said Cadungog in an interview.

He also clarified that when he provided his assistance, the baby was already out.

Cadungog said that after they have successfully delivered the placenta, he further advised and guided the response team leader to safely transfer the mother and the child for a newborn care at the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC).

He also added that even though he still not trained in responding to emergencies like this, but the skills which was honed by the university helped him to do so.

“From what had happened last night, it was a spontaneous delivery or a vaginal delivery (natural delivery), no need for anything, no need for an operation. I know how to do it since we were taught how do to it and we were also sharpened by our Clinical Instructors (CIs),” the nursing student recalled.

Cadungog also shared that he can hear their CIs’ voices in his mind repeatedly— reminding him what should be done while performing the procedure in delivering the placenta.

“I appreciate all the things they have taught us, and all the lectures that they have conducted,” Cadungog expressed his gratitude to the CNU’s Clinical Instructors.

In addition, he also expressed his appreciation to the lessons their CIs have provided to them.



Meanwhile, Cadungog also spoke for most of the Nightingales that for them, what they truly appreciate is when the learning is already applied.

“I really like our system in Cebu Normal University because after we learn certain skills, we directly apply it after. I can say that after this experience, I can appreciate this (College of Nursing) more knowing that I have already helped a real person,” Cadungog expressed.

Cadungog added that in a profession that is driven by skills rather than anything else like Nursing, the application, he said, is where they learn the most, and where they grow more in their career.

“For me, base from my experience, the most important thing is to always trust your learnings and your trainings provided by your Clinical Instructors from the classroom as well as taking the advices from other people so that you will not think twice when you’re already in the field for application,” Cadungog said when asked about his message for his fellow Nursing students.

The 20-year-old student nurse also acknowledged the Active Labangon Emergency Response Team volunteers as well as off-duty personnel from the Cebu City DRRMO in providing care for the patient side by side with him.

He also owes his learnings and skills to his Clinical Instructors as well as recognizing the Related Learning Experience (RLE) Group 3, his team, of Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2A for helping each other learn and honing their skills with excellence.

Words by: Kristin de Dios, BA Communication-Journalism 4A