Current food processing techniques were learned by Cebu Normal University (CNU) graduate school students and faculty members through a lecture conducted by a volunteer professor from South Korea.

Lecture on Emerging Trends in Food Processing was held last February 15, 2020 at the Tandang Sora Nursing Hall. It was attended by graduate students who major in Science-related fields and faculty members from the Science Department.  

Dr. Kong Hwan Kim, a retired Professor from Ajou University, Suwon, Korea who is a PhD-holder in Food Engineering was invited as a resource speaker.

He discussed the emerging trends in food processing such as novel thermal and novel non-thermal technologies. He also discussed varied food processing techniques that extend shelf life of products without changing their taste and damaging their nutrient contents.

Samples of novel thermal technologies include microwaves, radiofrequency, and ohmic heating. Applications of novel non-thermal technologies on the other hand include high pressure, pulsed electric fields, ultrasound, induction heating ultraviolet, light pulses, ozone, cold plasma, irradiation, and dense phase carbon dioxide.  

Prof. Kim said that the emerging technology is environmentally friendly through the use of less energy to process food. He said that it definitely has no negative effect on society at all.

The event was organized by the External Affairs and International Linkages (EAIL) Office in partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Teacher Education (CTE), and the Graduate School Students Organization (GRASSO).

Prof. Kim is a volunteer Professor in CNU who has stayed for more than a month teaching Korean language and his expertise in food engineering.

He has been a Professor for 35 years before retiring five years ago.

Prof. Kim has been to different countries such as Nepal, Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, and Cambodia doing his volunteer service in teaching. (JDF)