With the theme “E-HELP Program: Tracing Roots, Harvesting the Fruits”, Cebu Normal University’s (CNU) – External Affairs and International Linkages Office, in collaboration with CNU-Medellin and Balamban Campuses, displayed the different extension activities accomplished under the Education, Health, Environment, Livelihood, and Peace (E-HELP) Program through infomercial presentation last September 29, 2021, via Zoom and Facebook Live.
The program rationale was to provide extension services from the academic community to the surrounding areas of the university described as “depressed, deprived, and underserved”.
The father of E-HELP and former CNU President, Dr. Marcelo Lopez, expressed his gratitude to the university for continuing what he has started in his keynote speech.
“On this occasion, a significant milestone for the university indeed. It is but prudent to praise the roots as we harvest the fruits of the E-HELP program,” he stated.
Lopez also recounted the main problem that they experienced during the starting phase of the program.
“Securing the needed budgetary resources became the major barrier in completing the total planning phase of the program as the national budget then for SUCs would only allocate a few thousand pesos for extension services. Faculty extension workers would even shell out from their personal pockets the cost of the needed materials for extension activities and even the cost of transportation to and from the extension site,” he added.
However, there was no infomercial presentation under the Health section of the E-HELP Program.
The different extension programs presented and awarded during the event are as follows:
-Educators for the Young Learners
–Innovative Teaching Strategy in Teaching Math
-Mentoring the Mentors in Action Research
–Mentoring Multigrade Teachers
-Project RISE
–The Use of ICT in Data Analytics: Capacitating Basic Education Teachers
-Excel: A Communication Skills Training Program
–Sugibalak -Handuraw sa kagahapon
-Nanay-Tatay, Teacher: Unang Magtutudlo
-Chika Ta! Come Help in Building Knowledge for a Greener Nation
–Eco-Kaptens (Eco-Knowledge, Attitude and Pedagogy in Teaching Environmental Science) –
Pa Ku Ka Mu (Paglimpyu Ku, Kahimsug Mu)
-Nangka-active Lifestyle and Emergency Response Training
-Ininglis sa Pulpogan: Pangandam, Kat-unan
–Kabuhian, Kalimpyo, Kalampusan Project
-Kwarta sa Tinapa
–Superwoman: Empowering Housewives in the Society
-Worm-A-Lot, Iwas kalat
–Pan Alang sa Negosyo (PAN)
-Alayun Uswag: Culture and Arts Revitalization
–Computer Literacy Training Using New Technologies for Good Governance
-Enhanced Written and Oral Dynamics of the Elected Barangay Officials
–Parenting Education Program
-Push it Tay, Hold it Nay: Strengthening Marital and Parenting Responsibilities of Couples
–Kabataan sa Caputatan, Asa ang Inyong Padulngan?
Words by Arcale John Deraco
Screenshot by James Walson Pacaldo