Think that way and learn from Angel Mae Cahayagan, as she remained steadfast and came out victorious as one of the topnotchers in the September 2023 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers at the Elementary level despite all the pressures and struggles she faced in her journey.

Just like those flowers doing their best to bloom, she bloomed in a dashing way that captured the eyes of everyone rooting for her. It was a difficult journey, but her dedication and persistence attracted the bees to help her fight and bloom despite the adversities.

Giving her blood, sweat, and tears before the day of the examination schedule, she did not fail to think of ways to bloom successfully. She taught herself to use metacognitive strategies in studying. She believes one shall determine that study habit that suits one’s learning style. For herself, it was partly the help she received from Sir Melvin Buracho, who is also a product of Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus, and reviewing what she learned in her undergraduate studies before while practicing how to answer some LET questions to exercise her brain.

All the worries and pressures brought her turbulence, and challenged her even more as she was juggling her job and studies, resulting time and financial constraint, which is hard to deal with for her. She procrastinated or got distracted from studying at times, but she disallowed those to consume her, ensuring she was still in control of her dream, not letting it fall to oblivion.

She manifested her undeniable strenght to holding on because of her faith. As a Catholic devotee, she visited the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño –where she prayed and kneeled eagerly with sincerity.

When she felt proud of herself for blooming despite the rough days, she gladly offered all her ups and downs to her family, friends, teachers, and most especially her source of wisdom, God. The struggle and pressure she felt also came from the part wherein people who believed in her wanted her not just to pass but to top, but instead of taking it to her disadvantage, she told herself that what they expected from her was because they believed in her ability. A proud woman from CNU-Medellin who wants to inspire not just the majority but everyone to do their part if they dream, and God will do the rest.

Do you still feel the pressure? Well, it is normal for a dedicated student like me. Remember this short message from someone who bloomed beautifully despite the pressure, “Pressures make diamonds.”

Text by Baby Jasper Duazo | BANWAG

Lay-out by Stephany Escuña | BANWAG