The Cebu Normal University-Integrated Laboratory School (CNU-ILS) culminated the Science and Math (Sci-Math) Month highlighting the importance of Science and Math in combating the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) health crisis. 

CNU-ILS exhibited the activities and outputs of its learners that were done during the entire month of September virtually for the first time this year.

The annual Sci-Math Culminating Activity was streamed via the CNU Facebook page last September 30, 2020, with the theme Reinventing the Future: Advancing Communities through Science, Technology, and Innovations. 

Math Student Teaching Mentor, Mrs. Jo Ann Petancio, said that the Sci-Month is celebrated “to encourage the youth to step up and reinvent the future.”

She cited the achievements of two junior high school students who came up with innovations amidst the pandemic with the use of their knowledge and skills in Sci-Math. She associated the inventions in their young age as reasons to celebrate Sci-Math Month. 

These two boys Petancio was referring to are Marcus Chu, a 16-year-old boy from Manila, Philippines who was able to produce more than 80 face shields (which were later donated to medical front-liners) with the use of a 3D printer, and Avi Schiffmann, a 17-year-old boy from Seattle, USA who made a website that updates the spread of COVID-19 every minute which has been visited by 12 million people since it was launched in December. 

The Sci-Math Culminating Activity showcased the outputs of the CNU-ILS learners such as the: Milk Art Experiment, Paper Spiral Experiment, and Growing Togue of the pre-school to name a few; Sci-Math Jobs Vlogs Contest for Grades 1 to 3; Virtual Poster Making and Virtual Slogan Writing Contests for Grades 4 to 6; and Sci-Math Vid, Virtual Poster Making, and Virtual Slogan Writing Contests for Grades 7 to 10.

The contestants from the elementary and high school categories were then awarded e-certificates during the latter part of the program.

The winners of the different categories are as follows:  

Sci-Math Jobs Vlog 
1st Place: Vincent Prime Armecin, Grade 1
2nd Place: Merriamnemosyne Aharul, Grade 1
3rd Place: Avery Sky Deiparine, Grade 2

Virtual Slogan Making (Elementary Category)
1st Place: Stacie Louisse Ibones, Grade 4
2nd Place: Louiz Phillip Tecson, Grade 6
3rd Place: Rob Oswald Castillo, Grade 6

Virtual Poster Making (Elementary Category)
1st Place: Seth Johan Santino Misa, Grade 6
2nd Place: Deandre Chiz Lima, Grade 5
3rd Place: Maximus Rodriguez, Grade 4

Virtual Slogan Making (High School Category)
Champion: Mary Anne Gorrero, Grade 10
1st Runner-up: Akimah Ross Avendanio, Grade 10
2nd Runner-up: Ella Adrienne Bacalso, Grade 8 
3rd Runner-up: Athena Krystle Cordova, Grade 7

Virtual Poster Making (High School Category)
Champion: Marian Angelyn Labrador, Grade 8 
1st Runner-up: Azalea Gabrielle Mongaya, Grade 10
2nd Runner-up: Janna Tisha Revero, Grade 10
3rd Runner-up: Krystal Mae Anadia, Grade 7

Sci-Math Vid
Champion: Grade 9 Representatives
1st Runner-up: Grade 10 Representatives
2nd Runner-up: Grade 7 Representatives
3rd Runner-up: Grade 8 Representatives

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) Student Teaching Chair, Dr. Feleeh Enanoza, said that CNU-ILS is a creative community that will help reinvent the future by helping each of their students become the best they can be.

She then closed the program thanking all the students for their participation, the parents for their support to their children, and the mentors and student interns for constantly reminding the students to be at their best. (JDF)