CEBU NORMAL UNIVERSITY (CNU) is in one with Civil Service Commission (CSC) as it opened the 119th Philippine Civil Service anniversary celebration this September.

CNU as both an academic and government institution commemorates CSC’s anniversary to be reminded on how to uphold the practices of a good public servant and to honor those who have contributed to nation building.

CSC celebrates its anniversary every September 19. This year’s CSC theme is Civil Service at 119: Upholding Integrity and Building a High-trust Society.

Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, CNU President speaks about honesty and integrity in public service as part of her message before she declares the opening of CSC month in CNU. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

Dr. Filomena Dayagbil, CNU President, mentioned that CSC anniversary is celebrated because “We want to recognize milestones. We want to remember very memorable events and we want to appreciate things that happen to our lives.” She also added that it is a milestone for government servants because of the many challenges in public service.

She also encourages all workers to have “the responsibility to make sure that as janitor, as faculty member, as clerk, or in everything that we do in the University, we make sure that we uphold the best interest of public service. We make sure that we do our responsibilities with utmost honesty and integrity.”

Dr. Dayagbil also reminded both faculty and non-teaching staff the perks of being a public servant in the university which is to have the chance to participate in the changing landscape of education in CNU and to be part of nation building.

“That’s precisely the reason why it is an honor to be a public servant,” she said.

Mrs. Mary Margaret Cornejo, CNU Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) Head shared the same views which she got from one of her HR mentors that she looks up to. She said that it is important to celebrate CSC month to recall the opportunity to serve the people, something not everybody is given the chance. As an HR practitioner, it is also an opportunity to send gentle reminders to her fellow workers about values, virtues, and what a true public servant is, she added.

Normalite community dances Zumba being conducted by the teachers from P.E. department. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

With the activities CSC has prepared for the entire month, CNU has also prepared and incorporated events for the CNU community including Sports fest (Table Tennis, Badminton Doubles for Men and Women, Volleyball for Men and Women, four Group Games), Arts and Cultural Competition (Solo Singing, Duet, and Folk Dance), Family Day (Playground Demonstration, Coronation of CNU King Earth and Queen Earth), and the awarding of loyalty awardees. (JDF)