Cebu Normal University spearheaded by the External Affairs and International Linkages Office unveiled its E-HELP Life Festival, which was participated by its own extension community partners-two barangays from Medellin- Caputatan Norte and Antipolo, Pulpogan, Consolacion, and Barangay Nangka in Balamban.

Present on the opening day were the Director of External Affairs, and International Linkages Office, Ms. Naila Beltran, the Vice-President for Research, Extension, and Publication, Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Gwendelina Villarante, the administrative council officials, and the Barangay Captains and Councilors of the 4 barangays.

This 2-day celebration showcased the project extension products feasible as livelihood programs for its partnered communities. The festivity and merriment continued with the “Festihaw” performed by the CNU Faculty Performing Arts and CNU Chorale.

Meanwhile, Hon. Raul Remulta, Barangay Captain of Caputatan Norte, Medellin uttered wonderful words of appreciation for the extension programs of the University. He took pride as he shared their lived experiences that create great waves of opportunities that turn a ripple of success.

The celebration did not just offer an avenue to celebrate its success but it also included informative lectures, engaging the minds and curiosity of the exhibitors. A plenary talk from Mr. Emmanuel Ng of Ai-Reen Designs brought the audience to different places by sharing his own experiences in handling business. The speaker shared tips to expand its services and answer the needs of its clientele.

Following was the lecture led by Engr. Joenero Bollozos enthralled the physical and online audience. He imparted his expertise in product licensing and registration.

True to its theme “Celebrating Success: Capacity Building and Innovation in Empowering Communities”, the first day of the festival has brought together the members of its partner communities to herald and celebrate.

The celebration of the 12th  anniversary of the E-HELP Program commences its 2nd day with the presence of the Regional Director of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Region VII, Hon. Shalaine Marie S. Lucero.

Today is a demonstration and engagement of how converenge works in the community,” said Hon. Lucero on acknowledging the efforts of the University in working hand-in-hand with the local and national government units in their service beyond the walls of the academe to provide a sustainable livelihood program.

8 booths were making the celebration more festive by bringing the best products, from lagundi juices, detergent soaps, delectable pastries, fresh vegetables, and recyclable handicrafts to handmade pieces of jewelry. Each booth was scrutinized and gained praise by our esteemed evaluators, the Education Supervisor Program Specialist of CHED Region VII, Dr. Josefino Ronquillo, and the Director of Extension Services of Cebu Technological University, Dr. Jorelyn Concepcion.

The booth of Caputatan Norte the Lagundi Ko, Kaayohan Ko (LakoKako), and My Skill, My Key, My Future. This was awarded as the Best Community Booth and DSWD Choice Award

The booth of Nangka National High School, Balamban, Cebu the PAN Alang sa Negosyo. This was awarded as Best in Innovation Award.

The booth of Pulpogan, Consolacion, Cebu the Chika Ta. This was awarded as the Best in AgriFood Product.
The booth of Antipolo, Medellin, Cebu the Germs Alis. This was awarded the Best Scientific Award and the CNU President’s Choice Award.
The booths of Nangka, Balamban, Cebu the Superwoman which was awarded the DTI Choice Award, Kwarta sa Di Malata as Best Educational Award, and One Bead at a Time as CHED Choice Award and Best in Entrepreneurship.

The exhibit showcased wonders from various walks of life. It also displayed the creativity and learnings of those who worked behind each project. In addition to highlighting the distinctive characteristics of each booth, the exhibit displayed the beauty of diverse barangay and municipalities through colorful images and mementos, aiming to empower communities’ capabilities.

Words by: Florelie Mae Datulayta, EAIL Staff

Photos by: CNU-PIO

International Virtual Students Leadership Program Module 3: My School Day

Enflamed with the strong desire to provide a network of opportunities for our student leaders, International Virtual Student Leadership Program’s third module continues. Last September 23, 2022, the training adopted the hybrid modality wherein some facilitators were physically present at Cebu Normal University whilst the delegates, and the other facilitators were attended via Zoom Communications.

The worthwhile and fun interaction between the Cebu Normal University (CNU) students and the local and international delegates from ASEAN countries started with the opening remarks from the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Gwendelina Villarante. She emphasized the vital role of working as a team. With this, the delegates entered each break-out room and shared insights about their respective schools.

Giddy faces were captured as the delegates took pride in sharing information about their school through telling testimonies and showing video presentations. The activity indeed enhanced the communication and camaraderie amongst delegates.

Verily, everything happens for a reason as Hon. Shella A. Carpina reaffirms in her closing remarks, “You are here because you have [a] purpose, you have a mission and a vision and you actually want to learn and to discover within yourself at the end of our 8 modules.” Everyone’s presence created a great impact on the success of the program. Third modules down, to more fruitful collaboration to come. Kudos to our young leaders!

Words by: Florelie Mae Datulayta

Photos by: CNU- Student Supreme Council

The training consists of synchronous sessions in which the resource speaker will deliver a presentation as well as provide linkage to open educational resources (OERs)

CNU fortifies its partnership with other State Universities through the National Field Exposure Study Trip (N-FEST)

For more than a century, we have witnessed a remarkably consistent effort of the University to maintain its prestige and excellence by yielding not only research-driven individuals but also devoted community builders and highly motivated educated persons. In line with this, Cebu Normal University (CNU) has designed this National Field Exposure Study Trip (N-FEST) to gather a collaborative model for internationalization, establish strong linkages, and build good partnerships with other SUCs.

Faculty members and staff, led by the Vice-President for Research, Extension, and Publication, Dr. Angeline M. Pogoy, Ms. Naila Y. Beltran, the Director of External Affairs, and International Linkages visited Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) and Tarlac State University (TSU).

This 3-day study trip bespeaks the University’s desire for internalization. The first day was highlighted with the presence of Dr. Christine N. Ferrer, the Director of International Affairs and Linkages of Tarlac Agricultural University. The delegates from Cebu Normal University were awed as she shared their University’s best practices, their local and international engagement, and most especially the stories of their ups and downs.

The Director of the International Affairs and Linkages Office of Tarlac State University, Dr. Jasper Jay N. Mendoza, valuably proceeded the second day with his gratifying wisdom about the Post Pandemic Approach to Education Engagement with International Partners and the SUC’s perspective on the Management of Internalization.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lea B. Milan from Tarlac State University- Extension Services and Management Office gave an overview of their extension modalities and approaches. The wisdom she imparted can create a great improvement in the extension services and internalization of our very own University.

The study trip was concluded with the extension and internalization planning development training with journal debriefing. Additionally, it served as a venue for the enumeration and finding the solutions to each challenge in the conduct of extension services. With this, Cebu Normal University continues to engage in community building through external services and broadening its local and international partnerships.

Words by: Florelie Mae C. Datulayta, EAIL Staff

CNU launches International Student Leadership Training in celebration of the ASEAN Month 2022

Envisioned for internalization, Cebu Normal University held a multi-social- educational program highlighting the integration of the ASEAN Celebration and the launching of International Virtual Student Leadership Training last August 12, 2022.

During the opening program, the Vice-President for Research, Extension, and Publication, Dr, Angelie M. Pogoy, highlighted in her welcome message, the significance of internalization to higher education in the global era. She further said, “Internalization of higher education involves cooperation among universities to advance knowledge frontiers in promoting social and cultural diversity.”

As one of the leading universities in the region, it puts a premium on providing a “phygital” learning environment to its students on virtual and physical platforms.

The Director of External Affairs and International Linkages Office, Naila Y. Beltran, faculty, and the key administrators of the University were present at the event.
The student and faculty scholars actively participate in the International Student Forum.

In the said event, the student and faculty scholars were given the chance to share their learning experiences, insights, and stories in their educational journey. The fruitful engagement was graced by the faculty scholars, to wit: Ms. Anelyn B. Tacuyan from the ACT-HEI, Ms. Baby Jane Uytico of the EME Program Training, TIEC graduates Dr, Maricel D. Rivera, and Dr. Carlou John S. Letigio. 

Indeed, CNU continues to pave the way for students and faculty to create a network of collaboration with universities abroad in the context of cross-cultural and professional development.

The program concluded with optimism to keep moving forward to fulfill the exigent demand in the international arena and to maintain the culture of excellence despite the escalating threat posed by the pandemic.

Passion for teaching ignites volunteer Professor

It feels great to be able to find one’s niche and do what you like most because it gives you satisfaction or gratification.

Dr. Kong Hwan Kim, even reaching the age of 70, still chooses to continue doing volunteer service in teaching after retiring from Ajou University College of Engineering in South Korea. He has been a professor for 35 years before retiring five years ago and has continually been active in volunteer work.

He has stayed in Cebu Normal University (CNU) as a volunteer Professor teaching Korean language for more than a month starting on January 21 until the last week of February 2020.

Prof. Kim said that he has done the volunteer work roughly 13 times in different countries like Mongolia, Thailand, Cambodia, but has frequented Nepal, Laos, and Vietnam four to five times during the last four years.

He does his volunteer work by sharing his knowledge in Korean language or his expertise in Engineering.

Dr. Kong Hwan Kim, Professor Emeritus at Ajou University, South Korea gives his words of appreciation to CNU after serving as volunteer Professor. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

“I decided to, you know spend the time more meaningfully rather than just fondly seeking life… so I decided to share what I know,” he said.

Prof. Kim said that he was first exposed to volunteer service back in 2005 after Ajou University started a program to send volunteer service teams overseas in which he was chosen as one of the Team Leaders.

“I was so inspired from the activity. I found the one I really like,” he said.  He said that after the experience he has continued participating in overseas volunteer work every time he had an opportunity.

“I cannot really stop anymore. I have to keep going like this, you know. I cannot think about anything else, yes, because you know, I feel more happier [sic] if I do teaching like this and I can see all the smiles from the students they show me, all the love…,” he said.

Prof. Kim said that he usually spends one month to six weeks of volunteer work using his own personal money coming from his pension and afterwards goes back home to Korea to recuperate. He said that his family is supportive with his decision.

Dr. Kong Hwan Kim, volunteer Professor at CNU teaches Korean language to the college students and non-teaching staff of CNU. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

Prof. Kim taught Korean language as part of the elective subject of some college students in CNU. He said that teaching them gives him a youthful vibe.

“I pick up more energy from them,” he said.

He has also provided more discussions on Korean language to interested students and non-teaching staff of CNU. Prof. Kim has also conducted a Lecture on Emerging Trends in Food Processing on February 15 which was attended by CNU graduate students.

As a way of gratitude for his selfless service, he was paid tribute and entertained through the performances of CNU Chorale and CNU Dance Troupe during the culmination of Language Learning for Global Understanding which took place last Friday, February 28 at the CNU Tandang Sora Hall that was organized by the External Affairs and International Linkages (EAIL) Office. (JDF)

Phil. Ambassador to Portugal visits CNU, discusses partnerships

Philippine Ambassador to the Portuguese Republic visited Cebu Normal University (CNU) for an exploratory talk for future partnerships.

Her Excellency Celia Anna Feria with her Education Attaché Dr. Angel Espiritu Jr. was welcomed last Tuesday, January 7 and discussed matters with the CNU Administrative Council at the Nursing Conference room.

The discussions involved how to better commemorate the 500th year anniversary of the first circumnavigation of the world which was led by Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese who died in the Philippines and was continued by Juan Sebastian de Elcano.

Feria shared her aims of promoting Magellan’s legacy to the Philippines and to propagate Philippine historians’ take on Magellan. She said that the goal is not only to honor Magellan but to put into narrative who Magellan was in Philippine history relative to Rajah Humabon, Lapu-Lapu, and the Sinulog.

Feria said that they have been creating ways to promote Magellan’s work across the globe including: Network of Magellan Cities – fostering relations to cities where Magellan and his comrades have visited during the expedition that includes Cebu; Magellan Network of Universities; and Agreement on Tourism Promotions.

CNU Director for External Affairs and International Linkages (EAIL) Naila Beltran shared the hopes of having opportunities for faculty exchange, staff exchange, increase of visiting scholars and lecturers, short courses, and research conferences among others after presenting CNU’s partnerships with other countries.

CNU President Dr. Filomena Dayagbil also shared the possibility of including the Portuguese language in the Tourism curriculum as an elective along with the existing Spanish and Korean, and to incorporate the relevance of Magellan in the Philippines’ history through art appreciation as suggested by Feria.

Feria said that she dreams to bring Sinulog to Lisbon, Portugal in 2021. (JDF)

Chinese studs visit CNU; engage in English session

A group of Chinese students experienced English-associated activities to develop their language skills yesterday in Teaching Arts Centrum Auditorium of Cebu Normal University (CNU).

The group was consisted of a few faculty members and a block of sophomore students majoring in English from Jiangsu Maritime Institute (JMI) in China.

According to Liu Zhulin, faculty member and in-charge of the English majors in JMI, the students had not yet taken courses related to their major last year and were anxious in speaking the language.

“As our activities went on, [the students] began to speak eventually. I think after this period of studying, they will improve a great deal, especially their courage to speak English,” she furthered.

During the English Learning Session, the students willingly participated and interacted with the student teachers who facilitated the event.

For starters, the students played Pick and Speak where each of them should pick a number with an unknown corresponding question and answer using English language.

To put their skills into practice, student teachers encouraged them as they continued with the activities Word Relay, Find and Speak, and Running Sentences.

The session was spearheaded by Dr. Vinchita Quinto, Aletheia University interns adviser, and was supported by the group of student interns who flew to Taiwan last summer to teach English.

Susie Wang, one of the students, shared that the activities were helpful for her and for the other students in learning English language.

Words by Mikaela Jane Dagani
Photos by Lou Adrian Paghasian

Extension Business Week: Empowering communities

Cebu Normal University (CNU) through its External Affairs and International Linkages (EAIL) office held its Extension Business Week to converge the academe, industry, and its community partners.

The two day event took place last October 25 and 26, 2019 at the CNU Teaching Arts Centrum (TAC) building.

The first day was attended by community partners of the University from different barangays and undergraduate students, while the second day was participated in by graduate students.

Virgilio Espeleta, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) President speaks about Industry 4.0: The Academe and Industry Connectivity as a keynote speaker. / Photo by John Paul Fajardo

Virgilio Espeleta, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) President, graced the event as a keynote speaker and talked about Industry 4.0: The Academe and Industry Connectivity. 

He shared that company-based learning is the key to address the challenging needs of the 4th industrial revolution in line with the idea of German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) Inc.

Learning should be continuous and should not stop after formal education, he said. Further, it is crucial for owners and employees in the industry to upscale themselves, he added. He also emphasized the strengthening of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in schools.

Hon. Ma. Teresa Chan (center), former Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) President and CNU Board of Regents member is looking over a livelihood project exhibit. / Photo by John Paul Fajardo

Exhibits from different community extension and livelihood projects done by CNU faculty extensionists also took place where community partners were able to share and sell their products on display.

Project Mentoring occurred afterwards where mentors in the persons of Hon. Ma. Teresa Chan, Donato Michael Busa, Prudencio Gesta, and Benedict Que assessed the different community partners’ project outcomes and deliverables.

Benedict Que (most left), Golden Prince Hotel and Suites President shares inputs during the Project Mentoring session to one of the CNU community partners. / Photo by John Paul Fajardo

Hon. Raul Remulta, Barangay Captain of Brgy. Caputatan Norte, Medellin said it is good that the University has conducted the event as it has given them the chance to share the community extension project of the College of Nursing (CN) professors entitled, “Lagundi ko, Kaayuhan ko” – the utilization of lagundi leaves as alternative remedy to control respiratory illnesses among residents of their barangay – to Que as their mentor who evaluated and shared entrepreneurial ideas on the project.

“Daghan kaayo’ng nakuha namo nga idea mahitungod sa pagsugod og negosyo (We gained many ideas on how to start a business),” Remulta said.

Maricel Rivera, Instructor from CNU Medellin said it is her first time to be involved in a community extension project and it was not easy at first.

“The process is never easy from creating the proposal all the way to implementing and monitoring, and evaluating the project,” but “when you see the beneficiaries, they are happy and you can feel that they really appreciate what you do then it’s really rewarding,” she said.

Their community extension project is entitled “Germs Alis, Income Kay Bilis” that makes use of germicide in making detergent powder and dishwashing liquid that aims to alleviate poverty conditions in Barangay Antipolo, Medellin.

According to Rivera, it was the barangay who first expressed their intention to partner with the school before educators immersed themselves in the community.

A community needs assessment was also conducted before proponents came up with a proposal for the community extension project using the budget from EAIL Office.

Stanley Go, Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) President shares about his personal and work experience about branding as a keynote speaker. / Photo by John Paul Fajardo

Stanley Go, Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) President also graced the event on its second day and talked about his personal and work experience about branding.

He encouraged the attendees to focus on establishing company’s image – the quality of product and people, and the increase in sales and market share will just follow.

Afterwards, podium presentations of three extension projects from CN, College of Teacher Education (CTE), and CNU Balamban who have full-blown evaluation reports followed. Josephine Belotindos, Dr. Elias Tecson, and Dr. Gregorio Cyrus Elejorde, were invited as reactors who were also present even during the project conceptualization of faculty members.

Naila Beltran, Director for External Affairs and International Linkages said that the gathering is a convergence of the academe, the industry, and partner communities.

She said that the occasion is a way of presenting projects done for the welfare of the community and a creative way of monitoring them. It is also an opportunity for schools’ community partners to engage and be mentored by those in the business industry.

Beltran said that there are a total of 47 projects in the university at present which are implemented in deprived, depressed, and underserved communities.

Dr. Filomena Dayagbil, CNU President acknowledges the faculty and all those who participated the event during her Closing Remarks. / Photo by John Paul Fajardo

Dr. Filomena Dayagbil, CNU President thanked all the people behind the success of the event. She also acknowledged the faculty who exhibited how multifaceted they are as instructors, researchers, and extensionists.

She said that extension is one deliverable of the University that promotes inclusive growth for its adoptive communities. Dayagbil also said that the development of essential and soft skills like collaboration, communication, and problem-solving brought about the success of extension projects.

“The essence is that we build bridges and when they know how to build bridges, then we collapse and allow our stakeholders to build bridges of their own,” Dayagbil said pertaining to empowering the community partners.

 “Rest if you must, but don’t you quit,” Dayagbil added to encourage faculty members to do more in research, publication, extension, and instruction.

“Yes, ‘more pa gyud, more pa gyud’ but at the end also of the things that you are doing, try to relax, wallow in the thought that you have helped people, that you have lifted the lives of people,” she said. (JDF)