Part two of the exploratory meeting between California State Polytechnic University – Humboldt (CAL Poly-Humboldt) and Cebu Normal University (CNU) was held over dinner hosted by Dr. Tom Jackson, the President of CAL Poly Humboldt on March 14, 2024 at Busay, Cebu City.
Together with CNU administrative officials led by Dr. Daniel Ariaso, the dinner meeting was set to further discuss the potential collaborative endeavors of the two institutions. The picturesque venue provided an ideal backdrop for discussing shared interests and forging partnerships aimed at advancing educational initiatives.
During the dinner meeting, both parties engaged in fruitful discussions covering various areas of mutual interest. Conversations included potential research projects, student exchange programs, and opportunities for faculty collaboration. The atmosphere was characterized by a spirit of camaraderie and a shared commitment to academic excellence. This laid the groundwork for future collaborative endeavors that could benefit both institutions and their respective communities.
As the evening progressed, there was a lot of optimism about the possibility of establishing a collaborative framework between CAL Poly Humboldt and CNU. President Tom Jackson expressed his excitement for the potential opportunities that lie ahead, emphasizing the ability of the universities to work together to drive innovation and exchange knowledge. With both university leaders showing a strong interest in building a long-lasting partnership, the exploratory talks set a promising tone for future collaborations aimed at pooling collective expertise for the betterment of academia and society as a whole.
Delegations from CAL Poly -Humboldt were Dr. Chrissy Holliday, VP for Enrollment and Student Programs, Ms. Cris Koczera, Asst VP, Logistics Coordinator, Professor Dr. Matthew Dean, and CAL Poly -Humboldt students.
Also present in the dinner meeting were Dr. Joseph Elvir Tubilan, Atty Lury Ed Marie Yray, Dr. Joseph Sol Galleon, Dr. Genara Pacana, Dr. Lelani Dapat from the administration and from the student sector, CNU SSC President Delight Rosales, CNU Main Campus SSC President Ella Nicole Mata and CNU Tourism Society Vice Mayor, Roschelle Danica Dibdib.