Step 1: Open the CNU website at

Step 2: On the displayed menu, click Registrar’s Office and scroll down.

Step 3: Click “Enrollee Medical Certificate Upload”
(Shortcut to the link:

Step 4: Submit your Medical Certificate to the University Clinic thru the link.

Step 5: The CNU Clinic will send to your email the Clinic Endorsement Certificate. Give at least 1-2 days for the response.

Step 6: As soon as you get the Clinic Endorsement Certificate, go back to the CNU website at and from the displayed menu, click REGISTRAR’S OFFICE. Click Online Pre-Enrollment for New Students.
(Shortcut link:

Step 7: After the pre-enrollment, you will receive your Student ID Number from the official email of the CNU Registrar:

Step 8: Upon receipt of your ID number, proceed to Online Enrollment Proper on the scheduled date to be posted in the University website.

• Complete all the required documents as requested in the system.
• If you are not a qualifier for enrollment, you will not be able to proceed with the submission.
• Processing of pre-enrollment will only cater 100 applicants per day.

For inquiries, please call:

College of Teacher Education
Mobile number 0995-976-9382 | 0932-639-8715
Email address: /

College of Arts and Sciences
Mobile number: 0956-599-0256
Email address:

College of Nursing
College of Nursing (CN)
Mobile number: 0923-295-8851 | 0936-986-7469 | 0977-778-4637
Email address:

CNU Medellin
Mobile number: 0965-347-4841 | 0999-107-6105
Email address:

CNU Balamban
Mobile number: 0948-576-8976 | 0946-200-3819
Email address: