On February 14, 2024, Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus hosted an outstanding celebration of Feb-Ibig and Arts Day that was certainly a feast for the senses. The compelling subject, “Hearts and Masterpieces: Harmony of Love and Art,” set the tone for a magical event that celebrated the confluence of love and artistic expression.

The campus was converted into a wonderland of love and creativity owing to diligent preparation and hard work by many university organizations. The Supreme Student Council, Education Department, and Tourism Department worked together to plan a fascinating assortment of events that suited every taste and interest.

From the magical appeal of the picture booth to the passionate exchanges at the love courier station, from the quirky words gracing Cupid’s message wall to the beautiful sounds of the Feb-Ibig radio, every corner exuded a sense of love and creativity. Attendees had the opportunity to tour a wedding booth, go on a blind date experience, and participate in the engaging symposium “True Love Waits,” which was exclusively organized for first year students. Dr. Concepcion Payao, the Officer-In-Charge of Student Affairs, offered a thought-provoking address dispelling the concept of love at first sight and delving into important themes such as teenage pregnancy, underscoring the benefits of waiting for genuine devotion.

The festival demonstrated the university’s dedication to developing not only academic brilliance but also emotional intelligence and creative appreciation. Delight L. Rosales, President of the SSC, stated, “We strive to foster a culture of love, positivity, and boundless creativity, enriching not only our own lives but also those around us.”

Furthermore, the event provided a platform for CNU-M students to demonstrate their exceptional talent through an awe-inspiring art gallery, which featured intriguing paintings and sketches that created a visual symphony of emotion. The art gallery was a spectacular showcase of the pupils’ abilities and ingenuity, demonstrating their capacity to communicate complicated emotions via painting. As the festivities came to a close, it was clear that love and art mingled flawlessly, leaving an indelible effect on those who were fortunate enough to attend this magical celebration. The festival served as a magnificent reminder of the transformative power of love and creativity.

Words by IAFMSU, Kristine Tumanot