The Federation of Cebu Normal University Alumni Associations Inc. plays an active role in achieving the association’s goal through a meaningful relationship with our Alma Mater. It is strengthening its ties among alumni all over the world.


What does it mean to be an alumni of CNU? It means every alumnus or alumna is an extension of CNU to the outside world. It is the opportunity to be a representative of what is CNU in the real world and its purpose of existence. Being graduates of CNU, we are her reflection, its character based on its vision and mission and the realization of the thrust; instruction, research, production and extension wrap into one.  Thus, the FCNUAAI nurtures this complimentary relationship through a wider participation of the ALUMNI here and abroad by sharing during the alumni homecoming.  This newsletter is a bridge of information between the alumni and the university.  The strengthening of the existing chapters and the continuing organization of new chapters especially outside Cebu is the concern of the association.

Let’s put our hands together and make FCNUAAI a strong association. Feel the breeze of CNU and FCNUAAI’s whispers and get involved!