We all need a hero at some point in our lives, right? When we face difficulties or when we encounter terrible situations.

Most people would probably think of those working in the medical field: doctors, nurses, and the like as heroes without capes brought by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), which they really are. But like a plot in a hero’s story, there is this sidekick which we might fail to recognize and are heroes themselves.

A hero’s work could be accomplished at times with someone’s assistance for example, Robinhood in Batman, Olaf in Frozen, or in our very own Ding in Darna. It could also be done in a collaborative way; by a team as depicted in Justice League, Charlie’s Angels, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, and more. If one could do the work alone, a lot of people working together could even make it easier in a lot of situations. 

In the occurrence of COVID-19, doctors and nurses aid patients who are infected by the contagious disease. Presidents, mayors, governors, and those with authority create policies in their area of jurisdiction to curb the disease’s further spread. Security personnel or police officers oversee mandated laws for proper implementation of policies. Media practitioners provide latest news for the public’s awareness. Different persons, groups, or organizations share and contribute something.

Workforces from the security and maintenance department may sometimes have a little share of the limelight or are given less recognition but unknowingly are essential all the same. Security guards ensure safety, while maintenance keeps every place spick and span. And their work is heightened as the pandemic continues. Forehead thermometers and disinfectants are added to the security’s gadgets on top of the usual stick, flashlights, and handcuffs. Maintenance personnel especially those assigned in hospitals are also asked to sanitize more to avoid contamination of the disease.

As the pandemic heightens, the public is also called to act and to have a sense of urgency. The decisions made by government leaders would never suffice if its people would not adhere to the created measures.

We can actually opt not to wait for a hero, because by strictly following what is best implemented, we can save ourselves and others, thus becoming the hero ourselves. We must collaborate, cooperate, and try to do our part igniting the hero in each one of us which we will recognize when we look back in the future. (JDF)