College of Nursing (CN) held its 35th Nursing Capping, Badge Investiture, and Candle Lighting Ceremony for Batch 2022 at Samuel MacClintock Hall yesterday morning.

The ceremony began with a procession of the second year nursing students, followed by a eucharistic mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Jose Joey Belciña, and accompanied by Cebu Normal University (CNU) Chorale.

During the welcoming proper, Alain Kenneth Ragay, the event’s protocol officer, acknowledged the guests and congratulated the parents for supporting their children’s success

35th batch of Nursing students, ready to serve with care, queueing for their turn to be capped and badged.

Dr. Noemi Yntig, Dean of CN, presented the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Class of 2022 candidates to Dr. Angeline Pogoy, Vice President for Research, Extension, and Publication, who accepted in behalf of University President Dr. Filomena Dayagbil.

The capping and installation of badges proceeded as representatives Sylvia Gealon, Chief Nurse of Cebu City Medical Center; Zenaida Maningo, Assistant Chief Nurse of Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC); and Belinda Ducor, Supervisor of VSMMC, bestowed the nurse’s cap to the student nurses.

Dr. Evalyn E. Abalos, guest speaker, in her motivational speech during the Capping & Badging Ceremony of the College of Nursing at Samuel MacClintock Hall.

Guest speaker Dr. Evalyn E. Abalos, current member of the Technical Committee on Nursing Education (TCNE) of the Commission on Higher Education, presented the various technological advancements in the field of nursing, from wheelchairs that could be lifted by a single person to robot-supported surgeries, as proof that “contemporary technological growth isn’t linear but exponential.”

In her speech, Abalos said, “Dear students, I encourage you to embrace technology. Use it, for your good and for the good of others. The direction of transformation is for you to be adept with technology while maintaining your caring attributes. This is the competency needed for the fourth industrial revolution.”

In an interview with Ang Suga Publication, Stacey Villegas (BSN-II) shared her enthusiasm to the challenge posed by Abalos stating, “I think nga ang amoang mission as nurses kay dili na siya limited sa caring kay karon we are in the techno world and I think it’s part of our mission nga since technology is part of our lives, we have to balance caring and technology.”

The singing of the batch song “Leap of Faith” and the university hymn concluded the event.

“We got to leap, leap, to the best that we could be!”– Newly capped and badged Nursing students claim as they performed their batch song.

Words by Mika Filipino and Jojie Oga-ob
Photos by Aubrey Belle Ynot