A two-part series of capacity building training for Alternative Learning System (ALS) teachers and girl learners has just concluded. The first part took place from February 28 to March 3, 2024, and was aimed at capacitating ALS teachers in Cebu City in the use of ALS modules. During this training, the teachers received expert inputs on how to unpack these modules so that the learning concepts can be better understood by students. The CNU-College of Teacher Education (CTE) and DepEd ALS Team of mentors facilitated a walkthrough of the different parts of the modules. The first part of the training concluded with a return-demonstration of selected master teachers and ALS teachers in the Cebu City Division.

The second week of the training, from March 6 to March 10, 2024, involved interaction with ALS girl learners from the Cebu City Schools Division. DepEd Regional teacher-demonstrators were selected to join the girl learners in understanding and utilizing the modules that cover the different learning strands of the ALS curriculum. The training was completed with the sharing of experiences of these girl learners and a pledge of commitment and support for ALS with the tagline, “I LOVE ALS, ALL-In sa ALS.”

Dr. Daniel A. Ariaso, Sr. CESO II pledged his full support to the Department of Education’s ALS program at the conclusion of a two-part series.

Further he said, the collaboration between UNESCO-KOICA, CNU, and DepEd constitutes a significant opportunity to further the advancement of Alternative Learning Systems (ALS) and positively impact the lives of marginalized individuals. University President, Dr. Daniel Ariaso Sr.  thought of establishing a new unit such as a center for lifelong learning to facilitate a lifelong learning tailored to the specific needs of the ALS community. Such an initiative would enable Region 7 to spearhead a global drive towards the enhancement of ALS through the organization of an international congress on the subject.

To realize this vision, Dr. Ariaso expresses his plan to solicit the assistance of the UNESCO Jakarta Office through Mr. Remegio A. Alquitran of UNESCO Philippines  in his upcoming visit to Jakarta with the CNU Chorale. The exploration of the feasibility of organizing a world congress on ALS with the support of key stakeholders will be a priority.

Additionally, Dr. Ariaso proposed that CNU undertake the responsibility of conducting a tracer study within the ALS community to gain insight into the present condition and competencies of ALS graduates. The data garnered from this research will be instrumental in making informed decisions and implementing continuous improvement.

Further, he said the teachings of Dr. Eduardo Morato concerning self-mastery skills are pertinent to our mission of instilling critical thinking, intuition, and empathy in individuals. The cultivation of such attributes through learning and practical application facilitates self-discovery and personal transformation.

In a world characterized by rapid evolution, adaptation in education is a prerequisite for success. Schools must provide a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence, resilience, and leadership. Initiatives must be undertaken to strengthen the ALS community and pave the way for a more inclusive future.

A world congress will provide a platform for ALS stakeholders to share their insights, experiences, and stories. The information gleaned from these stakeholders will play a crucial role in shaping future programs and initiatives. This opportunity must be seized to turn impossible dreams into reality and empower individuals to thrive despite adversity.