Dr. Daniel Ariaso headed up his team to the province of Catmon for an important meeting with Municipality of Catmon on February 15, 2024. Their goal was to undertake a need assessment for the possible creation of a new CNU (Catmon) campus in the municipality. The team held in-depth discussions with local officials to better understand the educational landscape, demographic trends, and infrastructure requirements for the proposed school. With an emphasis on promoting accessible higher education possibilities, the delegation looked into collaboration potential and resource allocation strategies to guarantee the planned campus meets the needs and aspirations of the Catmon community.
The meeting was a critical milestone in the feasibility assessment process, as Dr. Ariaso and his team gained useful feedback from key parties. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, they hope to design the new CNU campus to solve specific educational deficiencies while also contributing to Catmon’s socioeconomic development. As conversations advance, stakeholders believe that this project will not only improve educational accessibility but also accelerate positive developments within the town, paving the way for a brighter future for its citizens.