Walang forever. But it seems like quarantine has been running for too long now and has posed a challenge to each one of us on how to make good use of the time while being confined at home.

The quarantine has never been easy for everyone since staying at a certain location at all times is not a usual and healthy routine for anyone. But then again, no one is spared from following the protocol set by government – to stay at home – just to be safe from the invisible enemy. 

There always comes a point where boredom starts to kick in, right? Especially when, by this time, you must have spent all your money on Shopee, or cleaned your room a million times, or memorized how many kinds of plants your mom has, or given up checking that number in your weighing scale if it would ever go down.

One could not help but wonder, “What else can I do?”, “Is there anything more I can do at home?” until one would reach a certain point and say, “The quarantine made me do this” because of the leeway of time it has provided. 

Were there things you have also done because of the quarantine? Here are some experiences from our stakeholders:

Dr. Noremay Perez, Integrated Laboratory School (ILS) faculty created a Youtube channel over the quarantine period that facilitates review for the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT) or commonly known as Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). 

Perez was a 5th Placer during the September 2011 LET. She said that initially, she had no plans of making a Youtube channel but the idea came up as a substitute to the LET review she usually conducts during the summer. 

She also admits that the Youtube channel is an answer to the call of new normal in education which is dependent on online learning.  

She said that the conduct of LET is uncertain this year, but she encourages LET reviewers to continue reviewing nonetheless.  

Armandave Ochia, BA Communication – Film Media 1 student shared that prior to the quarantine, he has mostly done song covers but during the quarantine, he explored making a few short films with random subjects.  

He said that his interests changed a lot throughout the period. He said that his interest started with cars and racing, but now he has gained interest in movies and movie analysis videos. He also got into film psychology and a little bit into film history.

Ochia also said that he has revisited his childhood during the quarantine period by watching professional wrestling.

He also rehashed his Korean bone this quarantine period: he was able to watch Korean dramas again after 2018; listened to Korean pop (K-pop) music; and watched Korean variety shows and Youtube documentaries about K-pop groups.

He also joined virtual singing contests last May and June and is waiting for the results. 

Erven Noval, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) personnel and a DPE student in the University said that he has maximized his time during the quarantine by reconnecting to his family and friends through social media.  

He said that he was not able to acquire new technical skills but had learned to cultivate the value of gratitude. He said that he has come to realize the true essence and significance of even the smallest things he has in life.

“Indeed, having a grateful heart makes a happy life,” Noval said. 

He also said that he has learned to inculcate in his mind the concept of work-life balance during this quarantine period.

The quarantine has also given us all a different summer kick vibe. Yes, it has still provided time but… more time than one could’ve imagined?

It has given a long extension to the usual summer break for some schools although the beach and travel are just not in the picture. Of course, one could not just relax while the virus is having a spreading spree, you see.

The power to choose what to do with our time truly lies within us. We can opt to do something productive and fun, or just stay idle until the quarantine is lifted.

One way or another, the quarantine has definitely given people time to reflect and realize some things in life that can be used as valuable lessons to remember for the years to come. (JDF)