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Admission Services (as of October 2018)




6th Revision (as of October 2017)






The CNU Citizen’s Charter is also true to all extension campuses (CNU Balamban and CNU Medellin)

Issueance of Scholastic Records


Window 1 Requesting Section
Fill-out the Client Logbook and Secure request form at Window 1 Requesting Section

Note: Those who transferred to another school, please oresent certifiction of No Objection from the school last attended


Window 1 Requesting Section
Fill-up the form & indicate the scholastic record desired.


Window 1 Requesting Section
Submit filled-up request for assessment & get Order of Payment at Window 1.


Accounting Office
Proceed to Accounting Office for payment of Fees & Other previous accountabilities & secure signature of the Accountant/Authorized Representatives.


University Library
Proceed to the University Library & secure signature of the Librarian.


Window 1 Requesting Section
Back to Window 1 Requesting Section and submit the fully accomplished request form with Official Receipt.


Processing of Rquested Scholastic Records Based on the Citizen’s Charter
The personnel process the following requested scholastic records as tipulated in the Citizens Charter:

  1. Transcript of Records(Domestic Purpose)
  2. Transcript of Records(International Purpose)
  3. Diploma
  4. Certificate of Proficiency(COP)
    • Certification of Graduation
    • Certificate of Transfer Eligibility
    • Certification of No Objection
    • Certified Machine True Copy of various scholastic records
    • Certification of Subjects Taken
    • Certificate of Registration/Enrollment
    • Certification/Authentication and Verification of Scholastic records (CAV)
  5. Correction of Name
  6. Change of Status
  7. Adding/Changing/Withdrawal/Dropping of Subjects
  8. Shifting of Degree Program of Specialization
  9. Completion of Requirements/Removal of NG Entry
  10. Records Verification/Compliant
  11. Records Evaluation
  12. Second Copy of Study Load
  13. Course Description
  14. Notice of Acceptance for admitted foreign students

Window 3 Releasing Section
Proceed to Window 3 Releasing Section and present Claim Slip and Valid I.D. (Claimants other than the owner please refer above for th requirements).

5th Revision (as of May 2017)

4th Revision (as of December 2015)

3rd Revision (as of August 2013)

2nd Revision (as of February 2012)

1st Revision (as of September 2011)