Cebu Normal University (CNU) is one step closer to transforming its campuses into SMART ones.

The University submitted a P23.1M project proposal to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) seeking assistance to develop CNU’s campuses into SMART (Systems Management Automation and Related Technologies) campuses with specific priority areas on establishing a learning management system (LMS), a student information system (SIS), and a school management information system (SMIS).

The LMS would be the main tool in delivering engaging lessons synchronously and asynchronously, administering courses, tracking, and reporting which will feature student accounts, online examinations, grade books, virtual lockers, forums, built-in chat, teacher accounts, question bank, e-resources, attendance checker, and even guardian/parent accounts for them to monitor their sons’ and daughters’ progress.

The SMIS would include offsite enrollment module, admission and testing module, registrar’s module, and teaching-learning equipment and software (smart interactive whiteboard, control system, microphone, amplifier system, rich ports for external computer in an interactive education platform software bundled with e-learning solution with the use of different teaching tools such as text, 3D animation, video, audio, and virtual simulation).

Meanwhile, the establishment of the SIS would also create an accounting system, budget monitoring system, asset management system, procurement management system, records management system, and project monitoring system.

Mr. Omar Roma, the SMART project leader and the University’s Information and Communications Technology Officer (ICTO) said that the proposed project will result to an improved accessibility and efficiency of the institution’s academic and administrative operations since automation and advancement of the University system and ICT facilities provide secure and real time access to the its information system.

Dr. Filomena T. Dayagbil, the OIC of the Office of the President opined that the SMART project opens windows of opportunities to make the University globally competitive in its academic processes.

“Amidst and beyond the health crisis, the flexible learning modality is the best option for learning continuity. Thus, the major component of the SMART project is the development of a learning management system that is responsive to the needs of the students and the faculty for quality teaching and learning,” Dr. Dayagbil said.

She also expressed her gratitude to CHED through the leadership of Chair Popoy de Vera and the Chair of the CNU Board of Regents Dr. Perfecto A. Alibin for the support.

The 12-month SMART project includes pre-procurement, procurement of proposed learning management system and services, implementation, software development, pre-testing, data migration, end-user training, turn-over, and continuous quality improvement mechanism. – KFR