Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines, Inc. (AACCUP) conducted two visits in Cebu Normal University (CNU) to accredit two curricular programs of the College of Teacher Education (CTE).

AACCUP conducted its 3rd survey visit for the Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in Research and Evaluation (PhD RE) program and a preliminary survey visit (PSV) for the Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd) program. The accreditation commenced on September 30 and concluded on October 2.

The team of accreditors was headed by Dr. Evelyn Aguirre of Leyte Normal University (LNU) and consisted of Dr. Menchi Nayad and Prof. Erlinda Ayles both from Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU), and Dr. Josephine Adriatico from the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP).

The 10 areas which were reviewed included: Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives (VMGO); Faculty; Curriculum and Instruction; Support to Students; Research; Extension and Community Involvement; Library; Physical Plant and Facilities; Laboratories; and Administration.     

Dr. Evelyn Aguirre of Leyte Normal University (LNU), Team Leader of the Survey Visit shares her general impressions on the school. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

During the closing program, Aguirre commended the physical environment of the university; management of spaces, plants and trees; and the professionalism of its administrators, faculty and staff, and the students.

Dr. Ethel Abao, CTE Dean said that CNU as “primarily a teacher training institution, considers continuous quality improvement as a way of life and a potent way to sustain excellence.” She said that CTE takes responsibility to continually submit for quality assurance evaluation “to ensure that Cebu Normal University as an academic institution provides relevant education that is responsive to the local and global communities.”

Dr. Ethel Abao, CTE Dean gives her message and commitment to the accreditors to act on their recommendations with the CTE team. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

Abao recognized the AACCUP accreditors for their perusal of the accreditation documents and said that their recommendations “would serve as our guide to enhance our system, implementation, and outcome.” Abao also said as a commitment, “On behalf of the College of Teacher Education, I assure you and I commit that all the recommendations will be appropriately acted upon,” by the CTE team. She further thanked the university, the faculty, and the accreditors adding, “You have created an indelible mark in our college and that we promise to continually move forward.”

Dr. Daisy Palompon, Vice President for Academic Affairs conveys the Words of Wisdom on behalf of Dr. Filomena Dayagbil, CNU President. / Photo by Mechelle Canoy

On behalf of Dr. Filomena Dayagbil, CNU President, Dr. Daisy Palompon, Vice President for Academic Affairs motivated the college by saying, “The desire to excel should not be exclusive of whether someone appreciates it or not. Excellence is a drive from inside, not from outside. It is not for someone else to notice but for us, for our satisfaction and for our efficiency.” She said that the essence of all the accreditation activities that the university has been doing is for the Normalite community to appreciate what it has.

Palompon added, “We don’t need to climb a mountain with the intention that the world should see us, Cebu Normal University. But we climb the mountain with the intention of us seeing the world.” She further said, “We continue to strive to be better and to be best because we believe that if we talk about excellence it should never be accidentally found, but excellence is a choice for this University.” (JDF)