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  • Graduate of Mass Communication, Communication Arts, Journalism or any related courses
  • Mastery of English, Filipino in both oral and written communications.
  • 2-3 years of work experience with journalism (University publication experience is accepted)
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Job Hiring for Registered Nurses at Perpetual Help Placement Services International, Inc.

Greetings from perpetual Help Placement Services International Inc.!

Perpetual Help Placement Services International Inc. is primarily the international recruitment Arm for the University of Perpetual Help System with licensed no. 096-LB-062220-R accredited at Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)

They are currently deploying Registered Nurses and looking forward to deploy Registered Midwives this year.

In line with our goal to help Filipino people to have the opportunity to work abroad, we would like to share with CNU Alumni the opportunity to achieve their dream to work in the United Kingdom.

They will be conducting series of Special Recruitment Activities (online and face to face) in various provinces here in the Philippines

In this regard, we are inviting the alumni registered nurses and Midwives to be part of our recruitment events.

Grand Alumni Homecoming (BALIK CNU 2022)

Cebu Normal University through the Federation of Cebu Normal University Alumni
Associations Inc. (FCNUAAI) is calling all her alumni from Kindergarten, Elementary, High
College to Graduate School levels to a Grand Alumni Homecoming (BALIK CNU 2022)
with the Theme: “ Kagahapon Handumon, Kinabuhi Dasigon” on Saturday, November 19,
2022, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Samuel Mc Clintock Hall, CNU campus
. Registration starts at
8:00 a.m.
Due to COVID 19 pandemic since 2020, FCNUAAI did not hold the yearly alumni
homecoming, we are considering the Jubilarians covering three years from 2020 to 2022.
Calling the following Jubilarians within the specified class/batch to attend the Grand
Alumni Homecoming:

Diamond Jubilarians (60 yrs.) 1960 – 1962
Golden Jubilarians (50 yrs.) 1970 – 1972
Ruby Jubilarians (40 yrs.) 1980 – 1982
Jade Jubilarians ( 35 yrs.) 1985 – 1987
Pearl Jubilarians (30 yrs.) 1990 – 1992
Silver Jubilarians (25 yrs.) 1995 – 1997
Emerald Jubilarians ( 20 yrs.) 2000 – 2002


Homecoming tickets are available at FCNUAAI Alumni Office or from Class/Batch
Coordinators. For more details about the CNU Alumni Homecoming, please contact FCNUAAI
Vice President Dr. Porponio B. Lapa, Jr. through mobile phone No. 0917 2040138 or the
Presidential Assistant on Alumni Affairs Dr. Joseph Sol T. Galleon at Tel. No. (032) 254-6814 loc.

CNU alumni share insights on navigating the new normal

Insights on how to address uncharted challenges brought by the new normal were discussed by three Cebu Normal University (CNU) alumni in North America through a webinar on three distinct topics of their expertise. 

The session was called Navigating the New Normal (3Ns): A Virtual Colloquium which was live-streamed in the CNU Facebook page last Saturday, August 15.  

These CNU alumni are Dr. Rhigel Jay Tan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of iCarePsychiatry; Atty. Alberto Montefalcon Jr., Immigration Attorney of Montefalcon Law Offices in the USA and the Philippines; and Dr. Nerissa Linell Joie Calub, Founder and CEO of Pathways Education Consultancy. 

Tan talked about Emotional Resilience and Mental Wellness in a Global Pandemic, Montefalcon discussed on Real or Really Fake News: Navigating through the Social Media Pandemic, while Calub shared insights on The 21st Century Professionals in Extraordinary Disruptions. 

The webinar was brought by the Federation of Cebu Normal University Alumni Associations, Inc. (FCNUAAI) in collaboration with CNU and the CNU Alumni in North America.

FCNUAAI President Dr. Ramir Uytico said that CNU has produced brilliant individuals who are doing great in their respective fields of endeavor and the virtual colloquium emphasizes how the alumni care for the Normalite community as one big family. 

CNU President Dr. Filomena Dayagbil said that the University is faced with a great challenge on work-from-home and learning continuity, but what is so motivating in these not so ordinary times is the extraordinary responses in the academic community. 

“With the work combined forces, we are able to bring normalcy in all our operations,” she said.

Dayagbil said that although the alumni have gone their separate ways to pursue their dreams, their roots in this institution are deeply seated and entangled that is why they still connect, help, and serve the alma mater in any way they can.

Tan who shared about mental health stressed that depression is a real illness and it is not about lack of strength, lack of faith, or perhaps just a weak personality.

He said that people who undergo crisis have to undergo the different stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression or sadness, and acceptance to facilitate optimism.

He added that it is common during crises that a person’s emotion, behavior, way of thinking, and activities of daily living change. 

“These are normal reactions that normal people will experience in an abnormal event such as the pandemic,” Tan said. 

He said that people have the power and ability to be mentally resilient. People just have to practice and acknowledge it.

“We just don’t allow our crisis to cover us up and then forget what we can do.” he said. 

Montefalcon who discussed fake news distinguished it from opinion. He said that fake news can easily fall into the Revised Penal Code definition of a crime.

He shared that the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 expanded how libel may be committed by defining cyber libel as one done by way of a computer system.

Montefalcon said that checking faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation; identifying the news organization; looking for visual clues; identifying and knowing the reputation of the author are some ways to detect fake news. 

“Fake news encourages hatred, hatred breeds division,” he said.

Montefalcon advises verifying sources by searching other articles containing the subject matter. 

He also shared a bonus video afterward on virtual meeting etiquette. 

Calub, the last of the three presenters compiled uplifting words and videos stating that the 21st-century professionals are not on their own in dealing with the extraordinary disruptions.

“There is no way to escape the shift in perspective that the life-changing disruptions have brought in our midst. Let’s take advantage of what the crossroads can offer to us,” she said. 

“Do not doubt yourself. It is only you who can put premium in the value of your life in spite of the uncertainties,” she added.  

She encourages all to put meaning in what we do for ourselves, our families, friends, colleagues, communities, and the world.

She ended her presentation honoring all frontliners for their courage and will to serve their respective communities. 

“CNU leads and cultivates significance in the community that we serve and CNU remains steadfast in our commitment to quality, excellence, and relevance. Indeed, we have countless reasons to be proud of the University,” Dayagbil said.

“Human and community interaction is essential to one’s quality of life even if it is in the middle of the global pandemic. For this reason, I believe we’re all extremely blessed and grateful to have this virtual colloquium,” CNU Presidential Assistant for Alumni Affairs Dr. Glen Pesole said.

Dayagbil calls all CNU alumni to continue helping the mandate of the institution through their expertise and good work. She also asks for their support by helping the University connect with stakeholders, protecting the integrity of their alma mater, and by maintaining an attitude of gratitude. 

“In these volatile and uncertain times, we become stronger because we know that you are there to support our alma mater,” Dayagbil said to all CNU alumni. (JDF)

#ThankyouCNU: A tapestry of blissful memories

Cebu Normal University (CNU) celebrated its 118th founding anniversary and 22nd anniversary as a University, and as a way for its stakeholders to express their gratitude, they participated in the photo-posting activity dubbed as, #ThankyouCNU

#ThankyouCNU was launched during the opening salvo of the two-week foundation anniversary celebration last June 15. CNU alumni, students, teachers, employees, and other stakeholders were encouraged to post on their Facebook account their unforgettable memories of/in/about CNU using the said hashtag.  

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These posts were then compiled and presented during the 118th Foundation Celebration Closing Program that was live-streamed through the CNU Public Information Office (PIO) Facebook account last Saturday, June 27.

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Overflowing gratitude

Quality education and excellence-cultivation, made colorful by each stakeholder’s distinct experiences, were the general themes of #ThankyouCNU.

Alumni, former educators, and employees have grown and are now practicing in different fields. Their time spent with the University has also built lasting love and friendship among others. 

“I will never become who I am today if it is not for all the opportunities that CNU has provided me from the very beginning,” Joselito Tumulak Jr., CNU BS Chemistry-Physics alumnus (Batch 2017) said in his post. 

He said that it was in CNU that he met a lot of inspiring mentors that have changed his life for the better and where he met his lifelong friends. He also said that CNU has taught him the value of work and to be resourceful and creative.

Tumulak was a topnotcher (6th placer) in the October 2017 Chemical Technician Licensure Examination. He is now a practicing educator in a private institution. 

Julie May Maribojo-Gesta, CNU BSEd-Mathematics alumna (Batch 2009) said that she has a lot of memories in CNU for having studied 16 years in the institution since elementary.

She said that she has joined different extracurricular organizations including the Drums and Lyre Corps when she was in elementary. She also became a CAT officer in high school and a member and soloist of the CNU Chorale in college.

But she said that the most memorable memory she has with CNU is when she met her classmate, who became her boyfriend and now her husband.  

“I could never thank CNU enough for honing me to what I have become now… I am continually indebted for all the life lessons you have taught me,” Mary Grace Luna, CNU BSEd-English alumna (Batch 2007) said. 

Luna was the first Normalite who qualified for the Ayala Young Leaders Congress (AYLC) and became one of the 80 participants who made it to the final congress in 2006.

She was also the first Normalite chosen to become part of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) in Region 7 in 2007.

Mechelle Canoy, CNU Psychology alumna (Batch 2018) said that she considers herself blessed, thankful, and grateful for having served as a public servant through CNU. She is currently working at the Public Information Office of the University.

She said that she became a person who thrives hard to accomplish her deliverables, who takes the lead in upholding quality in whatever she does, and who always has the heart to serve her clients and colleagues. 

“As a teacher in Cebu Normal University for 15 years, I draw inspiration and strength from my students,” Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Dr. Daisy Palompon said.

She said that she learns from her students and strives to become a better person every single step of her journey. She said that she is grateful that CNU has provided her a home, a family with her students, colleagues, and friends.

A recording of all the events that took place during the 118th Foundation Celebration of CNU can be viewed at the CNU PIO official YouTube channel(JDF)

Former CNU educators embody the ‘Normalite’ excellence

Former Cebu Normal University (CNU) faculty members from across the globe shared their experiences and how they adapted to the new normal as they gathered virtually (for the first time in so many years) to commemorate the 118th founding anniversary of the institution.

A session called CNU Family Interaction featuring the former educators of CNU who are now based in different counties across three continents was live-streamed last Saturday, June 27 at the CNU Public Information Office (PIO) Facebook account.

The session was facilitated by Dr. Marita Nalam and Dr. Raul Rossell, and was participated in by Dr. Nancy Villanueva, Mrs. Elena Dumangas, Mr. Nixon Go, Mrs. Maria Lilibeth Abaquita, Dr. Rico Paja, Dr. Arlene Bachinela, Dr. Ernest Yu, Dr. Fides Ybanez, Dr. Amelianita Jugasan, Mr. Ramil Orbita, Dr. Patrocinio Malazarte Jr., Dr. Gil Baguio, Dr. Pops Singson, Dr. Gina Lopez, Dr. Editha Obejero, Mrs. Marivic Quiachon, and Mr. Arcelieto Quiachon.

“Cebu Normal University is a home for successful educators, a home for topnotchers, and it offers high-quality education that prepares students to be globally competent,” Villanueva said as something she will always remember about CNU.

She said that she is thankful to have worked with competent teachers who prepared her to be successful in her teaching career abroad. 

“I was very happy when I got the chance to become part of the faculty which is a way for me to give back to how CNU has shaped and molded me as a professional,” Nalam said. 

Nalam is also an alumna of the University where she finished her elementary, high school, and graduate studies. She is currently teaching in Manitoba, Canada. 

Lopez said that it was tenacity that made her survive for 15 years now in a foreign land. She said that she would have succumbed to pressure and would have easily gone back home had it not been because of her experiences in CNU. 

Lopez admitted feeling guilty for leaving the University and shared that she would join programs that are still connected to the country. She has now considered herself as part of those who helped float the economy of the Philippines. 

Dr. Bibiana Isok, CNU Faculty Association Incorporated (FAI) President, who convened the session said that had she been the administrator back then, she would have stopped the teachers from leaving. But she also said that it was also a way of giving chance to others which the former teachers agreed.

Adjustment to the ‘new normal’

Dumangas, who is a teacher now in South Korea said she does a lot of activities, homework, and assignments now that everybody has entered this ‘new normal’. She also shared that what is nice is that they have a system where they could just upload their lessons in video format for the students to watch.

Abaquita, who now teaches in Australia said they make use of web-based software also but are already back to the face-to-face mode of instructional delivery. 

Nalam said that it was not a difficult transition for them in Canada because they have already been practicing blended learning. She said that they have a portal where teachers can input their exams in different types.


Nalam said that CNU has exemplified “the real essence of brilliance, significance to community, and excellence” and for that she will remain proud as a Normalite.

Bachinela congratulates the University for keeping stronger each year through the numerous accomplishments it has achieved locally, regionally, and nationally. She said it looks like CNU is going international also. 

Gil said that everything he is right now – as an educator and as a person – he owes it to CNU. He said that it is a great pleasure to be a Normalite and to be a professor of CNU.

“You are indeed a capability-builder and all those times that we were there, you built us up. People all over the world always remember CNU and what we got from there,” Lopez said.

A recording of the CNU Family Interaction can also be viewed at the CNU PIO official YouTube channel(JDF)

CNU Alumni to the world: Testimonials of excellence

Crimson and gold, which signify excellence, inevitably become part of every Normalite’s identity after they graduate from Cebu Normal University (CNU).

This is proven true yet again as some CNU alumni who have already conquered various corners of the globe gave their testament on how they took excellence with them through the talk, CNU Alumni to the World and for the World which was live-streamed last Monday, June 22, at the CNU Public Information Office (PIO) Facebook account.

Alumni of then Cebu State College (CSC) now CNU shared how their formative years and growth in the institution has enabled and prepared them to be world-class educators, leaders, and advocates.   

Dr. Nerissa Linell Joie Tago Calub, CNU alumni, former Assistant Schools Division Superintendent of Department of Education (DepEd) Cebu Province Division, and now Education Administrator IV of the New York City Department of Education organized the talk called Conversations with the CNU alumni in North America that includes USA and Canada. 

“Your presence in the United States is contributory to that pride that Cebu Normal University is indeed successful in its mission to produce quality graduates…proving to the entire world that CNU alumni are always great,” Dr. Ramir Uytico, CNU Federation of Cebu Normal University Alumni Association Incorporated (FCNUAAI) President said.

The conversations was facilitated by Calub and was participated in by: Ms. JohJoh Seno Demol-Jenae, Mathematics Teacher of Bronx International High School in the New York City Department of Education; Dr. Amelianita Jugasan, Grade 1 Teacher of Prince George County Public Schools in Maryland, USA; Mr. Melvin Damaolao, Assistant Principal of Bronx International High School in the New York City Department of Education; Mr. Nixon Go, Assistant Nurse Manager of Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Walnut Creek Medical Center in California USA; Mr. Marcelo Inot, Math Teacher of New Utrecht High School in the New York City Department of Education; Atty. Alberto Montefalcon Jr., Immigration Attorney of Montefalcon Law Offices in USA and the Philippines; Atty. Rhigel Jay Tan, Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; and Atty. Marco Tomakin, Immigration Attorney of the Law Office of Marco FG Tomakin in Albany, New York, USA.

The talk was conducted as part of the 118th Foundation Celebration of the University and is the second portion of the discussion on how the University has been leading in the new normal in relevance to this year’s foundation anniversary theme, Thriving, Leading, and Serving in the New Normal. 

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“CNU has equipped me with the necessary tools to persevere and become productive in my teaching profession. This is because Cebu Normal University has instilled in me how to cope with the demands of my work and to balance with my responsibilities for my family,” Inot said. 

Inot has spent seven years as a classroom teacher, and eight years as an administrator in the country before he decided to migrate to a different country. He said he took the risk after he was offered a job in New York even if it means “back to square one” to provide a good life for his family. He said he took four licensure exams to be able to stay and be given a permanent teaching position in the US. 

He is the current President of the Association of Fil-Am Teachers of America Inc. or AFTA, the premier Filipino-American Teacher organization in the US.

Damaolao said that being resourceful, resilient, and adaptable are the significant learnings he has acquired as a Normalite.  

He said one must find out first what he or she loves to do and to work towards it to become successful. He encouraged Normalites to create doable and attainable goals. He also recommended that one must find balance in life, work hard and still have time for family and friends. He said one should also not be afraid to fail to succeed.

“Know what you want to do. Don’t just trust that chances will bring you there,” Dr. Tan also said.

“What you think is best for you and what you define life will be will get you there,” he also added.

Tan has spent 20 years at CNU as a student from kindergarten to graduate school. He claims the University to have instilled in him the passion for learning and the quest to be innovative and creative.

Jugasan also encouraged the Normalite community to never stop learning and to seize every opportunity to enrich oneself since learning continues as long as we live.

She reminded Normalites to enjoy the present moment still since tomorrow is never a promise to anybody. She also advised to wisely pick one’s battles in life because not all are worth fighting for. She said it is also a human need to be appreciated, so one should celebrate success also and pray hard.

Jugasan was a former Professor and Board Secretary of CNU before migrating to the US.

A recording of the CNU Alumni to the World and for the World can also be viewed at the CNU PIO official YouTube channel(JDF)

ILSAA Christmas Party

CNU Integrated Laboratory School Alumni Association (ILSAA) conducted its Alumni Christmas party to unite ILS graduates in celebration of the holiday season.

The event was held last Saturday, December 14, 2019 at the ILS Centennial Stage.

More than 30 alumni joined the celebration. An oathtaking was done by the new set of ILSAA officers.


CNU-Balamban’s 2nd Grand Alumni Homecoming

CNU Balamban Campus celebrated their 2nd Grand Alumni Homecoming.

The event took place last Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the CNU Balamban campus with the theme Bridging Diversity, Strengthening Solidarity.

CNU Balamban graduates from batch 2009 to 2018 attended the gathering. The occasion started with a mass followed by the program proper which included sharing of inspirational messages from the graduates and their different accomplishments. 

The Groovy Phoenix, CNU-B’s Dance Troupe, also performed during the said event.

Dr. Levi Atibula, CNU Balamban Campus Director, Dr. Glen Pesole, Presidential Assistant for Alumni Affairs, and the CNU-B Alumni Association officers also graced the event in support of the celebration.