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Dr. Feleeh De Leon-Enanoza is the Supervisor of the Teaching Internship of Cebu Normal University since October 20,2023 until the present. Aside from the administrative position that she is having, she also served  as the Teaching Internship Mentor in the College of Teacher Education -Integrated Laboratory School. Prior  to her current designation, she was the Chair for Extension in the same college, and after which became the  Chair of the Teaching Internship. She is also an extensionist serving the project wholeheartedly in the  community and a researcher at the same time having presented researches in local, national and  international conferences and even published the same in a Scopus-indexed journals.  

Dr. Enanoza earned her Bachelor in Elementary Education major in General Science from Cebu State  College (former name of Cebu Normal University) in 1989, and in 2010 she finished her Master of Arts in  Education major in Administration and Supervision in the University of the Visayas-Main Campus. Her Doctor  of Education major in Educational Management was earned in 2013 which she was also given the recognition  for the Best Dissertation Award in Cebu Normal University.  

Prior to her employment at Cebu Normal University in 2013, she was connected at the Department of  Education for 21 solid years and in the private schools for 3 years respectively. Being a Master Teacher and  a School Head in the Department of Education, she received recognitions and awards for her exemplary  performances and contributions in the Division and in the Region VII in terms of her exemplary performance  which made significantly influenced the Division’s Rank 1 achievement in the region. She also received the  recognition for her leadership in the actual implementation of the Values Framework of the school where she  was assigned as the school head as Per Executive Order No. 225 issued by her Excellency Gloria  Macapagal-Arroyo which reflected the charismatic leadership she has manifested in the entire community of  Pangdan Elementary School, Naga 1. Of her excellent leadership, she also received an award in  implementing the program for sports and physical fitness in the same division, City of Naga, Division. Aside  from the recognitions and awards, Dr. Enanoza served as a Trainor and Resource Speaker during the In Service Trainings for teachers, seminars, and other related activities of the school and in the division as well.